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Should You Use Geofencing in Your OOH Marketing?

Mobile Advertising

Thanks to smartphones, we now have information at our fingertips at all times. With so much media going digital these days, how does a business best advertise to their target audience? How do you catch a consumer’s attention when pop-up ads and email blasts can so easily be ignored, silenced, or deleted? One ingenious digital marketing technique that continues to grow in popularity is geofencing. 

What is Geofencing & How Does it Work? 

Geofencing uses GPS, RFID, or IP technology to set up a virtual boundary around a geographical location. An app or software triggers a pre-programmed action when a mobile device or RFID tag enters or exits the location. This could be anything from a text message or targeted ad on social media, to security monitoring or tracking of data. Businesses ranging from retail to hospitality have all started using geofencing to engage with consumers. 

Geofencing can target users with alerts, promotions, or coupon offers, based on their proximity to a specific location or event. Some retailers even use it against competitors, urging customers to consider their business instead.

So, Should I Use Geofencing in my OOH marketing campaigns?

From our team, it’s a resounding YES! We’re seeing more and more industries beginning to rely more heavily on a “phygital strategy” to reach target audiences. The name is just as it implies—ads and marketing material that exist both physically and digitally, and that offer personalized, interactive experiences for consumers. Geofencing is a particularly advantageous phygital strategy for out-of-home (OOH) marketing. That’s because it grabs a consumer’s attention in a relevant way, based on the consumer’s real-time location and behavior. 

The Advantages of Geofencing for Digital OOH Marketing 

  • Alerts & Promotions: A popular way for retailers to deliver in-store promotions as customers enter the store, geofencing also helps businesses target ads to a specific audience, based on users’ location-data. 
  • Social Media Interaction: Location-based promoted filters, stickers, and other share-able content on social media networks all use the virtual boundaries of geofencing. 
  • Audience Engagement: By knowing more about your audience, you can provide them with specific, compelling advertising. For example, concert, festival, or fair organizers might use geofencing to engage with the audience via crowdsourcing social media posts or delivering information about the event or venue. 

Here’s the bottom line: when a consumer is presented with an ad they find relevant and useful, it’s more likely that they’ll engage with it. And effective audience engagement means improved brand awareness, a higher ROI, and ultimately a lift in sales.

Build Geofencing With AllOver Media 

At the end of the day, it’s about delivering the right message at the right time to the right person. At AllOver Media, we strive to reach people in ways that add to their daily experience, instead of interrupting it. We work to build compelling campaigns that are impossible to ignore, including mobile advertising.

If you’re looking to build or improve your own marketing strategy, our expert team is here to listen and help. Shoot us a message—let’s connect. 

Recruit New Talent with OOH Advertising

Looking to expand your team with talented individuals who share your company’s passion? You might be tempted to rely on job posting sites or social media to advertise new job openings. But finding qualified candidates can be difficult and time consuming—especially since online job postings don’t leave much room for creativity. 

In fact, cookie cutter online listings often yield cookie cutter applicants.

Try These 3 Creative Job Posting Ideas

If you want creative ways to engage and recruit a broader pool of skilled employees, AllOver Media has a solution for you! Using our out-of-home (OOH) advertising options, you’ll quickly discover that running your next recruitment campaign is both easy and effective. 

Here are three OOH advertising ideas you may want to consider:

Mobile Billboards

Advertising on the side of trucks is an effective way to reach your target audience. In fact, Marketing Dive states that mobile billboards yield 4.5 times the amount of results as online postings. 

Putting your now hiring ads on a large scale moving truck can widen your talent pool tremendously, as well. Think of it this way: as employees slowly migrate from home to the office, the amount of commuters is steadily increasing. Mobile billboards will be on route with these same individuals, who may not be actively looking for a job (i.e., searing online job postings), but interested in exploring new career opportunities.

For example, if you’re looking for pizza delivery drivers for your restaurant, advertising on mobile billboards puts your messaging in front of individuals already on the road. If you list your rates and hours, you may even steal a few employees from other food delivery services who were unknowingly making much less than you offer.

Pizza Box Ads 

Speaking of pizza, pizza flyers are another great way to get the word out about your job posting. No matter what your industry is, you can access a large amount of people through a pizza flyer. 

According to Fortune, pizza delivery increased between 28% and 55% last year, depending on the restaurant. This means that putting your job posting on a pizza box is reaching 28-55% more people than it previously would have. 

Creating a simple, eye-catching ad to arrive with a pizza delivery box is a subtle, yet powerful move. As the family gathers to eat, or the pizza box sits on the table, your ad will remain in view. 

Door Hangers 

Standard mail advertisements can get lost in the shuffle. Door hangers give you the unique opportunity to put your information right at the fingertips of your audience. As they reach for their doorknob, they’ll run right into your door hanger ad. 

Using creative and unique designs to your advantage, you can also advertise the perks and benefits of joining your team. Grabbing customer attention with the appealing parts of the job make them all the more likely to apply. 

Attract the Best Candidates with AllOver Media

Are you ready to start a recruitment campaign that really works? Get in contact with our team! We’ll work to understand your goals and target audience so that we can build a strategy that offers the best ROI.

No matter what your advertising needs may be, AllOver Media is here to ensure it reaches the right audience and makes the biggest impact.

Contact us today to get your project rolling! 

Planning Your Out-of-Home Marketing Strategies for 2022

Calendar that reads January 2022

According to marketing predictions, 2022 is slated to be a huge year for out-of-home advertising. And at AllOver Media, we continue to see more companies investing in and planning out OOH advertising. As people are getting comfortable being out and about, there are evolving opportunities to reach people where they are. 

If you’re looking to make the new year your biggest marketing year yet, guess what? It’s already time to start planning! 

Why Are We Planning Out Of Home Advertising For 2022 Now?

Whether you feel ready or not, 2022 is fast approaching. In the marketing and advertising worlds, planning ahead by a few months is completely normal. This is a great way to make sure you have time to plan and execute.

However, as we all know 2021 has not been a normal year. A limited supply of paper has caused hiccups in many print campaigns. Printers are overloaded and often in short supply. 

This has lengthened turnaround times for advertising across the board. Whereas campaigns could previously be developed in two or three weeks, we find it best to plan months ahead. This especially applies if you want prime OOH advertising real estate!

Planning ahead isn’t a bad thing, though. Taking time and care to create your campaign gives you an advantage over the competition. You truly have the space to be creative and revolutionary with next year’s marketing endeavors. 

Types Of Out Of Home Advertising

Out of home advertising is a wide arena that can reach so many people when they’re ready to hear your messaging. And there are many different ways you can execute it, depending on your unique needs and goals. Some of the most effective types include:

Using multiple types of out of home advertising makes your campaign even more impactful. Plus, it catches individuals when they are in the headspace to buy your product or service. The right message + the right time + the right audience = success! 

Digital Mobile Billboard truck in city

Jump Into Action With AllOver Media 

Plotting out your 2022 ads can’t wait much longer. The process to create a killer campaign takes time, so starting now is a must!

Want to ensure that your business is ready for the new year? Shoot us a message. We are here to help develop an effective, compelling out of home advertising campaign that boosts your business and highlights what you do best. Let’s take this new year by storm!  

Dive Into Resort Advertising This Season

As the days grow shorter and the weather begins to cool, it is time to start thinking about your company’s winter advertising. The efficacy of marketing tactics often changes with the seasons, and it’s important to keep up!

Last winter saw 59 million skier visits in the United States. This winter that number is predicted to be just as high as people look to get out of the house! That’s right — it’s time to take your out-of-home advertising to the slopes. 

Skiing advertisements are a fantastic option for the colder months, allowing you to reach people enjoying their winter getaways! 

Why Advertise at a Ski Resort?

While highway billboards and gas station ads attract cabin-goers and vacationers in the summer, ski resorts offer similar benefits in the winter. 

With chairlift campaigns, your ad appears right next to the trail map on the ski lift’s comfort bar. This gives your ad a captive audience as skiers ride to the top of the slopes. On average, the chairlift ride lasts for 8 minutes, giving your ad viewing time well above the standard. (Plus, not many people dare to scroll on their phone while going up a ski lift!) 

By tailoring an advertisement to this audience, you grab their attention and make a lasting impression for your brand. When you create a personalized, ski-related advertisement, there is a more significant chance that riders will remember your company and become patrons.

Developing Resort Advertising Ideas

It can be tricky to create a tailored, impactful ad specifically for a ski resort. Many products and services might seem unrelated to this location, making it feel impossible to draw a connection that will make an impression.

If this resonates with you, never fear! Here at AllOver Media, we specialize in ski resort advertising and can help your company create compelling and effective resort advertising ideas. In fact, our services are exclusive, and provide our customers with top spots at the best ski resorts in the country. 

Our Resort Ads Can:

  • Tie your product or service into the resort aesthetic and lifestyle.
  • Help your product stand out using color psychology, specialized typefaces, and appealing graphics.
  • Place your ad in a location where it’s most likely to be effective.
  • Provide vital information to ski lift riders in a way that sticks with them long after they’ve dismounted!

With over 11,000 chairs at 25 different ski resorts, you are giving your brand an excellent chance of being seen (and remembered) in out-of-home methods during those colder months.

Hit the Slopes With AllOver Media

Believe it or not, now is the time to begin your winter advertising campaigns. The longer we have to develop a tactic, the stronger your ad will be. 

Let’s go! Contact AllOver Media today. 

3 Benefits of Renting Marketing Space

Gas pump advertisement that reads "Fuel Your Legend".

Owning and operating a building or venue is a lot of work. A significant amount of time and effort goes into maintaining the property and keeping it looking good for your customers.

It’s no secret that the past year and a half has been difficult for businesses of all kinds. Many places have had to get creative with the way they operate, and many are facing tight budgets and cutbacks.

Whether you are looking to boost your revenue, spruce up your space, or simply create a great business to business connection, venue marketing is an incredible option. 

In case you need some extra convincing, we’ve assembled our top three reasons to rent out your space for marketing. 

1. Increased Revenue

Right now, there are several unadorned places within your building that people access every single day. Selling venue advertising in these spaces allows you to bring in an income without doing anything at all. Other companies will pay to put their ads in your spaces — all you have to do is sit back and take the money. 

This type of advertising doesn’t take away from your business either. We never use competing companies or brands to advertise in your space, so you don’t have to worry about losing business to the other guys. We steer clear of your industry, and focus on non-related products and services that your demographic may enjoy. 

2. Better Looking Spaces

Our advertising options add sleek, creative decor to your space. We have several options for venue advertising, and we can make sure you love the style and design of the ads coming into your space.

Plus, you always have control over what gets advertised in your building. You can refuse any of our ideas and campaigns with absolutely no hard feelings. It is your building, after all, you should like what goes in it.

3. We Do All The Work

When you engage in this type of venue advertising, you really are just selling your space. Beyond that, you do not have to worry about a thing. We handle the installation, takedown, swap out, and whatever else may need to be done. This means that you get added revenue and attractive, nonintrusive decor without having to lift a finger (except maybe to cash the check).

What Type Of Venue Partners Is AllOver Media Looking For? 

Great question! Here are the spaces we’re looking to partner with: 

Have an idea in mind? We’d love to hear it

Rent Out Your Space for Additional Income 

At AllOver Media, we love finding new spaces to advertise in and new partners to work with. For more information about renting out your venue’s unused space, check out our Venue Partners page. Then, when you’re ready to pursue a partnership with us, drop us a line and let’s connect! 

5 Tips to Make Your Gas Pump Advertising Stand Out

Person looking at a gas pump ad.

Gas station advertising is one of the best ways to show off your brand. Gas stations are highly trafficked areas, attracting nearly every demographic of customers.

When it comes to reaching folks, gas pump ads are especially effective. As customers wait for their car to fill up, they act as a captive audience for your advertising. These ads don’t often take up a lot of space, and they are positioned right at eye level at the pump. This means that they are hard to miss, and can easily sway a viewer to make a purchase!

When creating gas pump advertising for your brand, it is important to create a campaign that makes an impression. Gas stations have lots of ads — it’s important to make yours unique. 

How to Make Your Gas Pump Ad Stand Out

1. Get To The Point

As mentioned, these ads are often not very big, so it’s important to make your words count. Choose a very focused and specific message and stick to it.

2. Choose Colors Carefully

Look, there is often a lot going on at gas stations. Try to pick colors for your advertisements that stand out from the average atmosphere. For example, lots of gas stations use red, white, and blue in their logos or ads. If you know that you are advertising at one such location, avoid those colors.

3.  Make The Situation Fun

Though lots of people put fuel in their cars every day, few people look forward to it. All in all, it is a fairly mundane situation, so make your ad fun! Try to make the viewer laugh, give them something to think about, or tempt them with great photos of your product (food, especially). You want to evoke a positive emotion that can intrigue and even entertain the viewer.

4. Offer A Reward

If you give the viewer the option to earn a reward or take advantage of a sale, they are more likely to act on your advertisement. Consider creating a unique sale or promotion especially for your gas pump advertising. This allows you to track how many people are inspired to act  based on this particular campaign! 

5. Be Clever

A great way to stand out in the gas pump advertising game is to make your ad clever. Saying something witty helps viewers remember your brand long after they’ve pulled out of the station. 

AllOver Media Crafts Impactful Gas Station Advertising 

If you are struggling to create gas pump ads that resonate and generate business, it’s time to hire AllOver Media. We are pros in gas station advertising and beyond, and can help you bring your brand to the next level. See what we do, get started on a project, or ask a question today!

Defining the Target Audience for Your Next Campaign Pt. 2

Crowd of people

Defining your target audience is one of the most important parts of marketing. In Part 1 of this series, we offered up a few tips and tricks to help you hone in on your key client base. However, our fountain of knowledge didn’t end there. We’re back with more suggestions about identifying your target audience when creating a new marketing campaign.

Be Specific About Your Current Target Audience

You may have heeded our advice to look at your current client base, but now is the time to get more specific than ever. Break your key audience demographics into subgenres, so that you can better utilize a micro marketing approach for your next campaign! 

For example, if you know women are your key demographic, learn about what your female customers like outside of your product. This includes psychographics, which encompass the mental state and general outlook of your audience. This specificity will give you an idea of who you are currently serving and who is missing from your client pool. 

Use Brand Analysis 

Take a good, hard look at what your brand conveys to your customers. You’ve likely spent years creating a cohesive appearance and feel to your company. Let’s be sure that the right messaging is making it across. 

Not sure where to start? Ask your employees and current customers to analyze how things are going. In what ways are you potentially missing key audiences with your current branding or strategy? Often those closest to you can offer key insights. 

Survey Your Methods

Double check your work by putting out surveys to get a general idea of how you’re being perceived. If you see low enthusiasm or engagement from a particular group, you’ll know who to target during your next campaign. 

There is no one rule for how to find your target audience, but discovering who is unimpressed with your current advertising can be a good indication of where you are falling short, and the group of people you can focus on going forward. 

In General, Be Specific

We know, we know — this feels like a contradictory statement. But whenever you feel stuck with a marketing campaign, it’s best to get more specific with your message, your idea, and your audience. Generalizations are often boring to viewers. You have the opportunity to make lasting connections when you’re more specific with your marketing. 

Jumpstart Your Marketing With AllOver Media

Now that you have more tips on how to find your target audience, what are you waiting for? Our team at AllOver Media is ready to hit the ground running with you.  From gas pump convenience store ads to large-scale messaging on walls & murals, we do it all. We’re here to help you reach your next customer with messaging that really captures your brand identity. 

Check out our services.
Peek at our portfolio.
Contact us to begin! 

Beat the Heat with Ice Box Advertising

Ice box advertising is a great way to encourage impulse shopping!

Summer is ramping up which can only mean one thing: it’s time to party. As people head to cabins and backyards for heartfelt reunions over barbecues and beer, many of them will be stopping along the way to pick up extra ice.

When it comes to ooh advertising trends, few locations receive more consistent, reliable traffic than an ice box, making them prime locations for advertising. These bright ads wrap around the surface of gas station ice boxes, so even if your customers don’t purchase ice on their stop, they’ll see your ad from their car or the pump. There is simply no better place to suggest a little bit of impulse shopping. 

Catch Customers On The Move

Ice box advertising can help your messaging stand out on a hot summer's day!

Even though we often don’t notice ice when it’s there, we absolutely notice when it’s gone. It is a necessity when it comes to summer fun, and gas station ice boxes see constant traffic when the weather is warm. Though you may not be able to predict where your customers will roam this summer, you can be sure that they’ll need ice. Using gas station advertising such as ice box ads is a great way to catch customers on the move.

Make Your Ice Box Advertising Stand Out

Even though ice box advertising gets great traffic, it is still important to make sure that your ad stands out. Some ways to do so include:

  • Use short, catchy phrasing that will get stuck in customers’ heads. If you can create a slogan that rhymes, all the better!

  • Pick bold, unique colors that aren’t normally seen in a gas station. Avoid the normal gas station palettes that include red, blue, navy, etc.

  • Show off your product. Some products, especially food-related ones, are great advertisements for themselves. Plastering a high-res picture of your famous fries on the side of an ice box will make it very difficult for customers to avoid stopping by.

  • Use the 3D nature of the ice box to your advantage. Remember that your customers will be able to see all sides of the ice box, so get creative with your design! Turning the ice box into a giant version of your product, for example, is something that audiences will likely remember. 

Brainstorm Summer Advertising Ideas With AllOver Media

If you’re ready to make your ice box advertising dreams a reality, AllOver Media has your back. We can help you maximize your marketing projects, to make sure you follow your customers wherever they go this summer. Want to get started? Check out our ice box advertising page and contact us today!

Mobile Billboard Advertising For Your Restaurant

A packed restaurant is so exciting! Fill your restaurant by using digital mobile billboards.

Summer is finally here, and with it comes the rush of activities that always accompany the warmer months. Families around the country have swapped their winter coats for flip flops, and are headed into the great outdoors.

For the restaurants, summer can bring a lull in business. As people flock outside, less customers are looking to sit inside and eat, and opt for their grills and campfire meals. Fortunately, there are ways to push back against this seasonal slump, and boost business before the air turns crisp again.

Digital mobile advertising is one such method, and a highly effective one at that. If you are looking for some extra exposure for your restaurant or business, a mobile digital billboard should be at the top of your to-do list. 

Digital Mobile Advertising: The Basics

You have undoubtedly seen a truckside advertisement, the giant company ad on the longside of a semi-truck. Because these advertisements move, they provide more exposure and attention than traditional billboards. At AllOver Media, we take it a step further by digitizing these ads, allowing you to add more information and into the same space. 

Our digital truckside billboards give your ooh advertising an extra twist. Your truckside ads aren’t limited to a single image. Instead, you can create graphics that are sure to pull in customers.

Perks Of a Mobile Digital Billboard

Truckside advertisements are incredibly effective. A whopping 98% of drivers say that they notice them on the road. Couple this audience with great graphics and a personalized route and your ad is unstoppable. 

Though a static billboard catches some attention when it’s released, it quickly fades into the background. With mobile advertising, you get 2.5 times more attention than static billboards, meaning that your marketing budget can go further for your restaurant.

Timing your route gives you added control over your audience, and ensures you’re getting the right viewers. 

Restaurant Advertising

When it comes to restaurants, there is no better enticement to stop in than the food itself. Digital mobile advertising allows you to showcase pictures and videos of your food on the go, so you can catch people at their hungriest. Imagine driving home from a long beach day and seeing a photo of a delicious, locally-made burger. Who could resist stopping in? No one, that’s who.

Happy hours and specials are another pull for restaurants, and with a mobile digital billboard you can highlight your unique specials and deals in real time. Catch the business crowd as they come out of work looking for a way to wind down. Happy hour at your restaurant? Don’t mind if they do. 

AllOver Media Is Your Digital Mobile Advertising Expert

At AllOver Media, we’re here to bring your messages to life. For mobile digital billboards that pack a punch (and your restaurant), touch base with us today! 

Out-of-Home Summer Marketing Ideas

Wallscapes can be an effective form of out-of-home advertising.

For most of us, the past year and a half has been about remaining at home, keeping healthy, and staying as far away from other people as possible. This introvert’s paradise has changed the way our world operates in a lot of ways. 

The marketing industry is no exception. Advertisers have had to get more creative than usual in order to reach their target demographics. And, this is especially true with Out-of-Home Advertising. 

Luckily, it looks like many people are taking advantage of summer 2021.

Here are a few OOH summer marketing ideas to take advantage of as the world opens up and things return to (a new form of) normal. 

Local Ads

Local advertising is paramount to a successful marketing campaign. Though more people are traveling, many are staying local. Highlighting local products and connections will be key, no matter where you choose to place the ads.

Highlight Outdoor Spaces

Place your OOH ads strategically. As you plan out your marketing, consider targeting:

It’s likely that these locations will be relatively busy in the coming months no matter where people stand on the caution spectrum. They provide fantastic opportunities for creative outdoor advertising that will reach a large number of people.

Want to go bold? Consider investing in a wallscape or hand painted mural for your summer marketing campaign. 

Highway To….Profits

Focus on roads of all kinds when considering ad placement. Road trips will likely be extremely popular this summer which means that highways and gas stations can provide excellent audiences for your outdoor advertising. 

Crafted truckside advertising and bus wraps are also a great way to get your brand in front of your target audience! Summer traffic (or a never-ending red light) provides the perfect opportunity for drivers to see your ad and soak in its messaging. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Digital 

Digital out-of-home advertising can help cut through the noise of the summer and really make the kind of impact you’re looking for. With our help, create a digital outdoor ad that showcases your brand’s story with bold visuals and spot-on messaging so you can make a splash!

AllOver Media is Your Creative Outdoor Advertising Expert

Ready to dive in? Check out our portfolio to see our work in action! Our passionate AllOver team works relentlessly to ensure that your marketing efforts create the maximum impact in your industry. 

For questions about bringing your summer marketing ideas to life, drop us a line. This season, when it comes to outdoor advertising, we’ve got you covered.