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7 Creative Advertising Ideas For Your Next Campaign

Creative burger ad

Creativity is the main component found in successful advertising for creative ads. Creative advertising ideas for a small business can help engage your intended audience and draw attention to your brand or product. 

They contain elements that are different from a basic ad you might see in a magazine or on a billboard. Instead, these ads can help your audience shift their attention to your product. 

1. Truckside Advertising 

Truckside ads can reach a wide audience by traveling to different locations and attracting attention through eye-catching designs and high-quality graphics.

These are versatile ads that are cost-effective and great for drawing attention and promoting action. This means brand recognition all over a market, state, and even a country. 

Best of all, mobile billboards gain 2.5 times more attention than static options. This is a professional and unique piece of creative advertising designed to get people to notice your business. 

2. Wallscapes 

A vinyl wallscape can take your brand and drop it right in front of your audience to make a lasting impact. 

Wallscape ads can be designed in various shapes and sizes, and often feature colorful and attention-grabbing images, messages, or branding. They are typically located in high-traffic areas of cities and can be used to promote a variety of products or services. 

When put in the right place with enough foot and vehicle traffic, you’re sure to draw attention and guarantee that people remember your brand. 

3. Gas Pump Ads

We’ve all seen an ad on a gas pump nozzle and screen but at All Over Media, we believe that this type of advertising literally puts your business in the hands of the consumer. Consumers spend between 3-8 minutes at a gas station so it’s a great place to get attention while they relax and recharge. 

Creative ads on gas pumps also allow you to target your audience. Advertisers can choose to display their ads in gas stations located in specific areas or neighborhoods, ensuring that their message is reaching the intended audience.

4: Misdirection

An easy way to grab your audience’s attention is by creating misdirected creative ads. For example, creating a billboard or social media ad with a picture of a woman in a bikini will direct much attention to the ad. 

However, once they read what is in the ad, they will realize it is for something else. 

The picture in the ad is attention-grabbing, which causes the person seeing the ad to continue reading. Some companies that have successfully used misdirection ads include Petco, StopVEO, Snickers, and Selvera. 

5. Nostalgic Ads

A nostalgic ad is a unique way to create attention toward your brand. Depending on your brand, you can choose a theme from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, or 2010s. The nostalgia of the video or pictures will likely grab the attention of a specific age group. 

When marketing typically focuses mainly on the future, it is nice to bring the audience back to a simpler time in their lives. 

Some companies that have created some of the best nostalgic ads include Nintendo, Spotify, Oikos, Nike, Microsoft, McDonald’s, and Motorola. Nostalgia marketing is almost equivalent to comfort food, especially for millennials. 

6. Street Art

Street art is often an overlooked form of creative advertising. These types of creative advertisements can also be known as “guerilla advertising” in the form of stickers, graffiti, or chalk art. Street art makes the audience stop and notice what is before them. 

It is designed to engage the audience from the first look, both in person and online. An example of influential street art is a hand-painted mural highlighting your brand or your company’s message while the audience can take a picture with the mural. 

Some companies with the best street art creative ads include Adidas, Axe, Nike, Playstation, Durex, Converse, and HP. 

7. Sanitizer Ads 

If you’re trying to build brand awareness, hand sanitizer ads are a great way to get attention in places other people might not think about. With a wall mounted or free standing sanitizer stand ad, you can put your business right in front of the ideal consumer. 

There are a number of ways to do this and it provides you with a great way to get a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Website marketing templates and designs

How do you get creative ideas for advertising?

You can get creative ideas for advertising by looking at what your competitors are doing for their advertisements. 

Look at other companies to see what they do for their ads, or check out the social media pages of some of your favorite companies to try to understand how they like to advertise. Use your humor or creativity to direct the ads specifically to your audience.

What are 4 examples of advertising?

Four examples of advertising are display, video, mobile, and native advertising. Display advertising consists of digital billboards, websites, or blog posts. 

Video advertising consists of video ads, and mobile advertising is on a mobile device or billboard. Native advertising is considered non-disruptive and is typically sponsored content and comes in the form of videos, photos, or blog posts.

See How AllOver Media Can Help

Creative ads are the best way to draw attention to your brand. Whether you are looking for your small business to take off or are trying to find a better way of advertising your current business, creative ads can help your company get the attention you are looking for. 

Looking for some help with OOH advertising? See how AllOver Media can help!

What are Transit Ads and What are the Benefits?

As a business owner, you know that advertising is one of the most important aspects of your company’s ability to grow and thrive. Social media has made it easier than ever to get your name out there, and as long as you’re managing it on your own, it’s typically free. But if you want to get the most out of your social media efforts, you need to invest in social media marketing.

Instead of putting all of your money into a social strategy, you may consider alternative options for marketing your business. Transit ads, for example, are a great option for out-of-home advertising. It’s an opportunity to spread awareness about your brand without shoving it in consumers’ faces; instead, they’ll notice your ads on their way to work, while they wait for the bus, or while they’re out and about with family on a Sunday morning.

But what exactly is transit advertising, and what are its benefits? Let’s take a closer look.  

Transit Advertising Definition

Transit advertising is a style of out-of-home advertising that helps companies create brand awareness and market their products to consumers by placing an ad on a source of public transportation. Some of the most common public transit options to include transit advertising include:

  • Sides of buses, trains, and taxis
  • Inside subway cars, subway stations, bus stations,
  • On train platforms or bus shelters. 

If you’ve ever seen a bus wrap advertising a local news station, a subway ad for a national bank, or a digital ad for a nearby restaurant inside of a taxi cab, you’ve come in contact with different types of transit advertising. These transit advertising examples are designed to catch the attention of daily commuters in hopes of turning them into customers. 

The Benefits of Advertising in Transit Media

Transit advertisement at the subway station

If you’re having a difficult time reaching your target audience, voicing your brand message, or putting your name out there in a cost-effective way, consider a transit advertising campaign. Here are some of the benefits of trying this non-traditional advertising method: 

1. Enhance the Advertising Experience

With transit advertising, you can improve the visibility of your brand and create an advertisement that looks great out in public. It’s hard for consumers to ignore ads that pop out during their commute, which makes their trip to work or the grocery store more exciting (and it makes your advertising awareness goals more achievable, too.)

2. Increase Your Exposure

Transit ads are highly effective for brands when it comes to maximizing the amount of time the ad can exist. When a consumer sees your ad on a bus ride, it’s more than a quick glance. They’re sitting with your ad for the extent of their commute, which can keep your name at top of mind. 

And think about the number of people who will get on that bus, or the ones who simply see your name on the side of the bus as they ride to work. This frequency and exposure can be the difference between reaching new members of your target audience or sticking with the same customers. 

3. Maximize Brand Awareness

What’s one of the biggest advantages that comes with transit advertising? It’s unavoidable media. Consumers are going to see your ads while they’re commuting, and there’s not an on/off switch like their television. 

They can’t swipe away from your advertisement like they could with their smartphones. Instead, they see your ad frequently. This allows you to increase the number of people who see your ads, notice your brand, and hopefully, make a move to learn more about what your company has to offer. This can be a huge benefit for large, medium, and small businesses alike.  

4. Drive Action and Engagement

When you increase brand awareness about your company, you’re pushing to get more people interested in what products or services you can provide. Taxi and bus advertisements allow you to meet consumers where they are and encourage them to inquire about you. 

In fact, research by the Neuron explains that 42% of consumers notice digital ads like taxi top advertisements “all” or “most” of the time, and 59% of viewers took action after seeing the ad.  

Consider Transit Advertising with AllOver Media 

Traditional advertising methods, such as television and radio ads, are outdated. Finding ways to reach your target audience without disturbing their everyday flow is essential if you want to increase brand awareness and leave consumers with a good taste in their mouths. That’s what makes transit advertising so essential, and AllOver Media can help you meet your marketing goals.

We can help you identify the best distraction-free locations to put your brand and products on display so they can interact with your brand in a subtle and convenient way.

From bus wrap advertising to truckside ads, we can help you grab potential customers’ attention when they’re on-the-go, whether it’s on their way to work or running errands with the family. 

Looking for some help with OOH advertising? See how AllOver Media can help!

5 Best Truck-Side Advertisements of All Time

Truck with blank side for advertising

The best truck advertising would be campaigns that create a wide impact on consumers. Mobile billboard trucks present a unique opportunity to gain massive exposure to a wide demographic, making it a worthwhile investment.

5 Best Truck Advertising Campaigns

Using advertising trucks to create mobile ads isn’t new, but it can be effective when done right. Here’s a list of the best advertising on trucks.

1. Coca-Cola: Christmas Caravans

When it comes to iconic truck advertisements, Coca-Cola takes the cake. Trucks with advertising have been a critical part of the Coca-Cola brand since 1995. Since then, they have continuously been publishing ads around the holidays with festive campaigns to end the year on a bright note. 

They are famously known for having red trucks that are full of lights parading through towns. These are special for one main reason: they resonate with audiences with their personal and heartfelt messaging. These annual campaigns are meant to tug at heartstrings, especially because they are launched during the holiday season. This is what makes them effective. 

For many, seeing Coca-Cola’s bright red brigade of trucks is the official start of the holidays. Coca-Cola effectively used its branding and made it synonymous with Christmas. It’s hard to separate the two when December rolls around. 

Their campaign is one of the most notable because they were able to build on it over the years with most people being familiar with their truck advertising. Marketing campaigns like theirs set the bar for other companies, making it one of the best truck advertising campaigns. 

2.  Budweiser and Jim Beam: Repeal Day

Budweiser is no stranger to iconic advertising. They decided to partner with Jim Beam to celebrate a holiday of their own—Repeal Day. On December 5th, 1933 Prohibition was repealed, allowing alcohol to be freely consumed. 

Budweiser and Jim Beam decided to share the celebration with their competitors by parking advertising trucks just outside their competitors’ offices, inviting them to take a drink in celebration.

This a clever ad campaign because it not only targeted consumers, but it also made other brands involved. Having the mobile advertising trucks parked directly outside the competitors’ offices is a bold move and it surely paid off. They were able to get supporters of all the brands on board with celebrating Repeal Day. 

The fact that they were able to leverage their brand and the following of other brands during their campaign makes it stand out as one of the best truck advertising campaigns. They targeted Miller, Sam Adams, Heineken, Yuengling—just to make a few.  

3. Venmo: Mobile Pop-Up Shop

Venmo might not be the first brand to think of when it comes to OOH advertising, but their unique mobile pop-up shop truck advertising was certainly a new spin on things. The mobile pop-up shop made its way to NYU’s campus where students flocked to have selfies taken. 

Venmo’s pop-up experience was a pleasant surprise complete with confetti and balloons to celebrate. This campaign kicked off the launch of their new debit card feature which targeted millennials as their potential customers.

The Venmo debit card would be available in a multitude of colors so they made sure it would be reflected in the design of the truck advertising. They created a candy-colored truck that was designed to look appealing on social media. 

The main idea behind the Insta-friendly truck advertising was to bring a youthful and vibrant edge that would be shareable on social media which was on trend for their millennial demographic. 

The external design of the truck simply had the Venmo brand name and logo and was more focused on building awareness. This simple campaign created a mobile billboard that was completely interactive. Students were invited in and would receive free stuff from the brand as well. 

This wasn’t a mobile billboard that students could easily ignore or one that would become part of the scenery—it was made to stand out.

4. Knix: Stop Trashing Your Period

Knix didn’t want to go the traditional route with their truck advertisements for this advertising campaign. They decided to use dumpster trucks to launch their Super Leakproof underwear. This definitely makes a statement about the waste produced from the use of disposable feminine hygiene products. According to the brand, six billion tampons fill landfill every year. 

Combined with the slogan “stop trashing your period,” this is a powerful message, making it one of the best truck advertising campaigns. This message for these truck ads build brand awareness and bring to light the environmentally conscious aspects of the brand. 

This was a risky move given that this OOH campaign was launched during the pandemic when advertising was trying to target consumers in their homes. However, the message resonated because of the garbage truck, the slogan, and consumers’ readiness for an environmentally-friendly approach to feminine hygiene products. 

5. T-Mobile: verHIDEzon

T-Mobile and Verizon are two mobile telecommunication companies with a rivalry and To-Mobile decided to make a playful attack with their verHIDEzon campaign. This is one of the best truck advertising campaigns because it highlights one of their competitor’s main flaws and directly confronts them. 

Unlike Budweiser and Jim Beam who called on competitors to celebrate, T-Mobile directly confronts Verizon with a clever punchline about their questionable 5G rollout. Verizon had recently launched its 5G coverage but charged users more for this access without letting them know where exactly would get this coverage. 

The advertising truck surely turned heads as it made its way to Verizon’s Manhattan location and parked right next to it. The campaign was so successful that it sent social media abuzz. They also used this opportunity to explain their own 5G offering.

This was a great move to target Verizon’s existing customers and their potential customers. Verizon’s existing customers would be tempted to make the switch to T-mobile while potential customers might be tempted to join T-Mobile. 

Make Your Business Visible

Mobile billboards are effective because they allow you to directly connect to your audience when they’re on the go. By being able to physically present an ad in the right location, you can deliver your message with impact. All you need is the right partner to help you get the job done. 

Looking for some help with OOH advertising? See how AllOver Media can help!

Boost Your Rebrand with Digital Billboards

A cityscape with a fast moving bus.Use mobile billboards to communicate a rebrand.

Rebranding a business is sometimes a necessary part of running a company. As industries evolve, you want your branding to keep up. But, planning such a substantial change might lead to reservations: What about loyal customers with certain expectations? Or the brand recognition you’ve worked hard to establish over the years? 

Don’t worry. Digital billboards have the unique capacity to effectively communicate to existing and potential customers. 

Why Would a Business Want to Rebrand?

The main reason businesses rebrand is to stay relevant and competitive in their respective markets. Other motivations might include:

  • Your current branding, such as your logo, tagline, or even name, doesn’t reflect your offerings.

  • You’re expanding into a related industry, and your current assets don’t reflect your full capabilities.

  • Your branding isn’t communicating enough about what makes your business unique, and the data shows that you’re losing out to the competition.

  • Your original mission has changed, and your brand assets need to reflect that.

If one – or more – of those things are happening to you, it might be time to invest in a substantial revamp of your branding! 

A prime example is the Dunkin’ Donuts rebrand that took place back in 2108. As this established breakfast spot looked to capture more of the competitive coffee market, they dropped the word “Donuts” from their name. The change was considered a massive success in the marketing industry and a beacon of hope to those in similar positions! 

But once you’ve decided rebranding is the right choice, how do you communicate it?

Executing a Successful Rebrand 

The main thing you need to do is show and tell customers about your updates. In addition to sharing your rebrand with the local press, you’ll want to invest in effective out-of-home advertising, 

With digital billboards, you reach people where they are instead of crossing your fingers that they’ll stumble across your ads online. According to an OOH study, close to 100% of audiences in cars indicate they’ve paid attention to these moving advertisements. 

Embrace the Power of Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboard vesus static billboards.

Well-executed assets support you in rebranding your business by: 

Featuring Your New Logo or Slogan. If you’re changing certain aspects of your branding, a digital billboard is a perfect canvas to showcase your new look. Your audience will start to connect your new branding with your familiar, slightly altered, or completely updated name! 

Showing Clients You’re Still the Same. Branding on the side of a digital billboard reassures your audience that you’re just as trustworthy and beloved as always, just with a new look. 

Connecting with a New Audience. While you may worry about losing existing customers, think about the potential to reach new ones! Mobile billboards ensure maximum exposure for your messaging. 

Crisis averted! You can effectively traverse this change by investing in OOH advertising strategies to communicate your rebrand. 

Rebranding a Business With Mobile Billboards 

Investing in a successful rebrand can feel overwhelming. We are here to help you navigate this transitional time. At AllOver Media, we strategically use mobile billboards to spread the word! 

Contact our experienced and passionate team today to begin!

Mobile Billboard Advertising For Your Restaurant

A packed restaurant is so exciting! Fill your restaurant by using digital mobile billboards.

Summer is finally here, and with it comes the rush of activities that always accompany the warmer months. Families around the country have swapped their winter coats for flip flops, and are headed into the great outdoors.

For the restaurants, summer can bring a lull in business. As people flock outside, less customers are looking to sit inside and eat, and opt for their grills and campfire meals. Fortunately, there are ways to push back against this seasonal slump, and boost business before the air turns crisp again.

Digital mobile advertising is one such method, and a highly effective one at that. If you are looking for some extra exposure for your restaurant or business, a mobile digital billboard should be at the top of your to-do list. 

Digital Mobile Advertising: The Basics

You have undoubtedly seen a truckside advertisement, the giant company ad on the longside of a semi-truck. Because these advertisements move, they provide more exposure and attention than traditional billboards. At AllOver Media, we take it a step further by digitizing these ads, allowing you to add more information and into the same space. 

Our digital truckside billboards give your ooh advertising an extra twist. Your truckside ads aren’t limited to a single image. Instead, you can create graphics that are sure to pull in customers.

Perks Of a Mobile Digital Billboard

Truckside advertisements are incredibly effective. A whopping 98% of drivers say that they notice them on the road. Couple this audience with great graphics and a personalized route and your ad is unstoppable. 

Though a static billboard catches some attention when it’s released, it quickly fades into the background. With mobile advertising, you get 2.5 times more attention than static billboards, meaning that your marketing budget can go further for your restaurant.

Timing your route gives you added control over your audience, and ensures you’re getting the right viewers. 

Restaurant Advertising

When it comes to restaurants, there is no better enticement to stop in than the food itself. Digital mobile advertising allows you to showcase pictures and videos of your food on the go, so you can catch people at their hungriest. Imagine driving home from a long beach day and seeing a photo of a delicious, locally-made burger. Who could resist stopping in? No one, that’s who.

Happy hours and specials are another pull for restaurants, and with a mobile digital billboard you can highlight your unique specials and deals in real time. Catch the business crowd as they come out of work looking for a way to wind down. Happy hour at your restaurant? Don’t mind if they do. 

AllOver Media Is Your Digital Mobile Advertising Expert

At AllOver Media, we’re here to bring your messages to life. For mobile digital billboards that pack a punch (and your restaurant), touch base with us today! 

Truckside Advertising in 2021

Customers all over the country are starting to venture outside and pick up where they left off on their travel plans, post shutdown. The question now is as schools slowly open up and parents begin to head back to the office, is your outdoor advertising ready for business?

At AllOver Media, our specialty is helping brands share their message with customers who are on the go. And though we offer a variety of products and services—such as convenience store and gas pump advertising—to help you expand your customer reach, our truckside advertising services continue to lead the way in creative Out of Home (OOH) ad campaigns

The Wonderful World of OOH Advertising

Back in June 2020, the Washington Post published an article on the “noticeable” increase in commuter traffic (up 90% since COVID-19 shutdowns). And this past holiday, USA Today, announced that airlines reported a surge in travel bookings, which experts believed was a direct result of “pandemic fatigue.” Let’s also not forget that last summer, there was an increase in outdoor sports, which makes it even more likely that winter activities like snowboarding and skiing will be just (if not more) popular at the beginning of 2021. 

So, what does all this mean for your business? Customers are ready to experience the great outdoors again, which means if you want to get your brand noticed and stand out from the competition, it’s time to take your advertising out in the open! 

Why Truckside Advertising Works

When you invest in truckside advertising, you can expect to generate between 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicle impressions, as well as attract at least 2.5 times more attention than if you were using static billboards. 

When you partner with AllOver Media, you have the options of truck advertising wraps, mobile billboards wrapped around the visible sides of local delivery trucks, and/or digital billboard trucks, LED mobile billboards that can play video, animated art, or static images.

Imagine having your company’s message and special promotions moving forward with traffic vs. staying behind. This allows you more exposure and the ability to target certain demographics, leading to increased points of purchase and greater sales conversions. 

To learn more about the benefits or truckside advertising, reach out to our team today. We’ll help you plan, design, and implement an effective truckside wrap campaign that puts your brand in the center of all the action! 

Ready to reach more customers in 2021? Contact us today to get started! 

Reach Your New Year’s Advertising Goals

As we witnessed in 2020, sometimes, it’s necessary to pivot your ad campaigns and messaging to suit the current situation and your customers’ needs. When it comes to marketing your business, however, one fact has proven itself to be true time and again: print is not dead. 

In fact, print is experiencing a major revival, and this actually started happening in 2020. Amazon, for instance, came out with a printed holiday catalogue that helped spark nostalgia in customers who remember the “good ole days” of receiving their seasonal Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalogs in their mailboxes. You may have also noticed an increase in mailers with advertisements and special promos to use at local restaurants, books stores, and other small businesses in your community.

Why the push to print from digital? Well, it’s clear digital is here to stay, but the cultural changes mentioned below suggest print isn’t going anywhere either:

  • The average time Americans spend online (i.e., via laptop, smartphone, tablets) has significantly increased as many people are still either working from home, practicing at-home learning, or connecting to loved ones outside of their household. And this added screen time has developed what many refer to as “digital burnout.”   
  • Because the competition of attracting the attention of users across digital media is so high, brands are discovering that what their customers really want are personalized experiences, hence the push for promotional mailers that arrive in physical, not Gmail, inboxes. In fact, since most of the physical mail we receive are bills, and an unfortunately high number of spam, receiving an authentic, well designed ad from your local merchant is well received and much appreciated. 
  • Print is tangible. This means you can hold it in your hands, and it doesn’t change. Digital, on the other hand, is abstract. It can change depending on the situation and other influences. Though sometimes, this is a great benefit, especially as we saw with the pandemic and businesses needing to inform their customers of new policies and hours of operation, when something isn’t concrete, it can feel fake or inauthentic to your users. But print, on the other hand, helps mark a moment in time that cannot be deleted or erased from public view. 

2021 Predictions in OOH Ads

It’s clear that print and Out of Home (OOH) advertising are going to be big this year.  With businesses beginning to open back up to the public, and customers looking for more personalized experiences from brands, now is the time to regroup on your current marketing efforts to get your voice heard and engage a larger audience.

Depending on your advertising goals, we recommend the following OOH ad campaigns:

Gas Pump Ads

As more Americans are heading back to work, and those who have postponed travel are now resuming their plans, you can expect more traffic (literally) at convenience stores in 2021. To learn more about the benefits of gas pumps ads, and the options available to you (i.e., gas nozzle, gas toppers, ice boxes, etc.), read our article.

Truckside Advertising

We’ve always believed in the power of truckside advertising to get your brand messaging to more people in less time. As consumers take to the streets and roads, it’s important to invest in marketing tactics that bring your advertisements directly to the customers, which then leads them right to your stores to complete a purchase. To learn more about the benefits of truckside advertising, read about our service offering

Door Hanger Ads

If you already know where your target demographic lives, consider the benefits of door hanger ads for your outdoor advertising campaigns. Door hanger ads allow you to get your brand directly in front of potential buyers, as well as spread the word about a new product launch or sale via store coupons, loyalty discounts, or promotional codes. This also allows you to combine your digital and print efforts together. For instance, customers can receive a special promo in the mail (personalized experience) and use it to shop online at your eCommerce store. To learn more about the benefits of door hanger ads, read our article

Get Connected with AllOver Media in 2021

The type of outdoor advertising you choose will depend on how you define success: Are you looking to attract more customers, convert larger sales, generate new leads, or a combination of the three?

To get started ramping up your 2021 marketing ads, contact AllOver Media. Our team has the experience, industry knowledge, and services you need to really gain traction on your 2021 ad campaigns. 

2021 Out of Home Advertising Goals

Pink calendar for 2021

With a new year on the horizon, it’s time to plan for advertising in 2021. According to a recent study, Out of Home (OOH) ad spending is set to grow by 8.5% in 2020. This is the biggest leap in over a decade! 

At AllOver Media, we’re sharing what we consider the top 5 new OOH ad trends you need to know about to help efficiently grow your marketing campaign and connect with more customers in 2021. 

Stay Focused

Gone are the days when companies would cast a wide net, cross their fingers, and hope to reach their target audiences. Due to an increase in data analysis, it’s easy to get deeper insights into “who” specifically responds most to your out of home advertisements. 

More analysis—both retrospective and predictive—means you can focus on customers who are more likely to engage with your brand. This type of efficiency is great news for both your budgets and marketers, as you begin a targeted strategy to attract your ideal audience!  

The Rise of AI 

Who is most likely to help with this increase in data and analysis? You guessed it. With AI on the rise, algorithms are able to predict traffic patterns and purchasing behavior. Because AI is remarkably proficient at relationship-building with customers, your marketing will be even more memorable for the consumer, which in turn will lead to a deeper connection to your brand and more engagement in what you have to offer. 

It’s All about Branding 

In 2021, branding will be everything. And keeping your branding consistent across multiple channels and ad platforms will help create a more cohesive experience for customers. Consumers across the board crave a unique experience when shopping, and by using a thoughtful and layered out of home marketing approach, you can give them what they’re looking for.

Don’t Forget about Digital Billboards

The time is now to invest in digital billboards so you can engage with more customers in 2021. In recent years, OOH digital billboards have increased by 43%. Not only do digital billboards give you an advantage over more traditional models, but by analyzing data from connected cars, they also provide an avalanche of data you can use to target your target audience (see point 1!). We think this is a bandwagon well worth jumping on! 


In 2021, experts are anticipating an increase of storytelling in OOH advertisements. Traditionally, ad storylines utilize a central, relatable character with a problem or wish, and pair that with the featured brand saving the day. 

Compelling and authentic storylines stick in a consumer’s mind and help them retain information about your product, good, or service! Just be sure to generate creative ideas, as a consumer can spot a manufactured story easily and won’t engage as deeply with something they feel is forced or inauthentic. 

Plan Your Marketing Campaign with AllOver Media

The year 2021 is just around the corner, so if you want to get your advertising campaigns spruced up and ready to roll out, it’s time to get some support from the experts in OOH ads. 

Let our team at AllOver Media help you get ahead of the curve and start the New Year off right with your out of home advertising goals!

Where to Advertise During the Winter

Days are getting colder, nights are getting longer, and customers are now swapping out their ice coffees for pumpkin spice lattes. Like it or not, the winter months are just around the corner. But that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize winter weather to your marketing advantage! 

Winter advertising is a hidden gem, and AllOver Media is here to help you discover why. 

Go the Distance

Mobile truck advertising offers brands a competitive advantage, no matter the season. Instead of staying stagnant, you can literally go where your customers are. Big game in town? Park outside the arena! A holiday lights festival in a popular downtown neighborhood? Set up your mobile billboard truck across the street. By investing in mobile truck advertising, you’ll always be centrally located in the middle of all the action. 

And by strategically placing your mobile billboard truck in a high traffic area, you can be there for consumers at the point of purchase. Plus, mobile billboard advertising generates between 30,00 and 70,000 vehicle impressions daily. Now, that’s a lot of attention!

Get Illuminated!

LED Mobile Billboard trucks are perfect for winter days as their dazzling light cut through the season’s dreariness. Imagine you’re just leaving the big game, exhilarated because your team won, and an LED mobile billboard truck catches your eye, advertising a cold beer. The weather’s not bad today, and you’re already out: why not stop on your way home? 

By being strategically placed and attention grabbing, your LED mobile billboard truck has influenced a brand new customer’s journey. 

Lean into the Cold 

It’s easy to think cold weather means everyone is hunkering down, but remember, customers have been cooped up most of the spring and summer this year, which means they’re looking for every opportunity possible this winter to get out of the house. For Minnesota, this is a bit of a reverse situation, but for brands looking to advertise this winter, it’s a win win. And let’s not forget that colder days mean it’s finally time for winter sports, including ice hockey, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, and even tubing. 

According to the Washington Post, spring and summer sports like golf dramatically increased during COVID-19, as people were desperate to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air and activity. It’s a fair guess that the same will happen this winter. 

Targeting consumers who are already out of the house is the best way to impact their future decision making, so be sure to place your ad campaigns where the action is. Plus, integrating winter weather images into your ads means you have a clean, crisp, white background to showcase your products.

Tap into the Warmth

After about a week of snowshoes and sweaters, most of us are ready for sandals and sunscreen again. During your winter advertising, break the mold and tap into your consumer’s dreams of sunny, sandy vacations. Colorful imagery and text will grab the attention of those passing by who are desperate to escape the season’s freezing temperatures. And by presenting an opposing image to the current climate, your message is sure to stand out! 

Winter is Coming. Are your Ad Campaigns Ready? 

Regardless of which direction you’d like to go with your winter advertising efforts, AllOver Media is here to help build an effective campaign that’s right for you, and most importantly, is engaging to your target audience. 

No longer is winter a time of hibernation. Most people have had their fill of that. Instead, it’s the perfect time to get your products, services, and brand messaging out in front of a new audience. And with our digital mobile billboard trucks, you have the power to light up even the darkest of nights!

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5 Creative Billboard Ads to Get You Inspired

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In an age of constant stimulus, we’re always on the lookout for better ways to engage more customers. And because folks are staying home these days, billboard advertising may not have crossed your mind. But it should! 

Billboards are a great way to efficiently connect consumers with your products, services, and standards. On average, 71% of Americans report that they “consciously” look at billboards, and over 50% report to being highly engaged by a billboard ad they’ve seen in the last month. 

Whether it’s on a daily train commute, a road trip, or an evening jaunt, billboards have the capacity to influence a point of purchase in real-time. 

With so much advertising happening, creative billboards ads are more likely to get and keep your audience’s attention. Luckily, there are tons of ways to get creative with your Out of Home (OOH) advertising, and AllOver Media is here to help! We’ve pulled together five of the best billboard ad ideas to help you get inspired!

5 Creative Billboard Ad Ideas

  1. Think Outside the Box – Go beyond the four corners of your billboard ad display and imagine ways you can incorporate a stronger brand message in fewer words. You may choose to use a stunning image as a focus point to draw viewers in for a closer look.  A great example of this is Mike Sicam’s Pond’s Facial Wash OOH campaign in 2007. The message is clear, and the visuals help demonstrate that billboards no longer need to be two dimensional. 
  1. Always Keep the Message Simple – Using a strong visual to help convey your brand’s unique selling point is much more effective than cluttering your ad campaign with distracting words. Check out the simplicity of Penline Stationery: Strong Tape. The message is simple and the only words on the ad are the company’s logo, which is strategically placed, so it never takes away from the powerful impact of the display. 
  1. Consider the Color – Using bright colors can help catch (and keep) your audience’s attention. In areas where the scenery is often green (highways, rural areas, etc.), take advantage of oranges, yellows, reds, and even pinks. In the reverse situation, where buildings are brick, metal, or glass, try using colors that contrast with these materials. We love the example of Leo Burnett’s “Fresh Salads” in 2008. The vibrant greens bring life and excitement to the dreary backdrop of buildings surrounding this popular Chicago billboard.  
  1. Don’t Be Afraid of a Little Humor: Everyone can always use a good laugh, especially these days. By infusing humor into your billboard ad campaign, you can create an instant and memorable connection with your audience. The 2008 Cadbury ad campaign is a great example. We all love chocolate. Some of us so much that we’d climb on top of a giant chocolate bar ad to get a piece of the chewy goodness inside. This playful ad demonstrates that having a little fun can still get your message across! 
  1. Keep Your Message Moving: Did you know mobile billboards receive 2.5x more attention than static billboards? By adding mobility, your creative billboard ad will get more people excited about what you have to offer. Digital truck billboards provide you more opportunities to get a better bang for your buck, as it helps you market multiple messages and reach more people in more places, in less time! At AllOver Media, we specialize in mobile truck advertising and digital billboard trucks. These forms of OOH ads offer more flexibility and allow you to incorporate all the creative billboard ad ideas we’ve listed above—and then some! Because rather than settling for static images, digital billboard trucks use LED technology to play videos, showcase animated art, and so much more! 

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Hit the Road with Your Billboard Advertising

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