One Poster, Unlimited Brand Impressions

One sheet posters position your brand on the exterior walls of gas stations, convenience stores and bodegas in high density areas. Because of their placement at or near the point-of-sale, these types of ads are capable of influencing consumer behavior at the most meaningful stage in the buying cycle.

  • Gas station ad space is more affordable than print, radio, and television
  • Easily viewed by retail location traffic as well as pedestrian and automobile traffic
  • Gas station posters feature an easy-to-digest one-page design that can be viewed at a glance
  • Can target neighborhoods where other forms of outdoor advertising do not exist

Why Advertise with One-Sheet Posters?

  • 74% of people find posters the friendliest form of advertising
  • Almost 100% of consumers are reached by outdoor advertising
  • Close to 70% of consumers travel to make purchase decisions

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