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Reach the “Public” in Your Public Service Announcements

PSA for Seatbelts

With all the ever changing information in our world today, there’s a reason why public service announcements are gaining traction. Have an important message that needs to be shared with others around the world?  At AllOver Media, we want to help ensure your public service or government ad campaigns are getting to the eyes and ears who need it most! 

So, what do you need to reach the “public” in your public service announcements? Here are some tips to consider as you build your campaign. 

A Focused Message

Regardless of what medium you choose to publish your public service ad campaign, create a message that is focused. If it’s too broad, overwhelming, or confusing, for instance, it’ll be harder for you to keep and retain the focus of your intended audience (and remember, you definitely want their attention!). 

Make sure your message is short and to the point! Once you’ve hooked your audience in with clear messaging, you can expand and add in the finer details. 

What Does Each Media Outlet Want? 

When it comes to public service announcement advertising, the media outlets you choose to work with will have unique specifications of how they want information packaged. Research their requirements first—you’ll save a lot of time and energy by presenting your messaging in their preferred format. 

Top Notch Materials 

High quality materials are likely to be given more exposure so ensure your public service announcement looks and sounds professional and engaging. You’ll be competing with other PSAs, so you’ll want materials exceptionally put together, so they stand out and receive plenty of air time. 

Steer clear of more controversial topics, which often aren’t given as much air time or exposure.

Timing is Key 

Organizing different campaign elements and setting up communication takes time, so plan your public service ad campaign with a projected “go live” date in mind. If you have an end date for your announcement, ensure your media contact is aware of it (and highlight it in your materials). 

Keep in mind: an end date can add a sense of urgency to your messaging, so if it’s appropriate, include it in your advertising. 

Update Your Digital Content

Keep in mind that in 2020, online presence is key. Keep your website and social media pages up to date so that they reflect (and maybe expand upon) your public service announcement advertising! 

A consistent color palette and messaging, for example, will help your audience track the information you’re presenting. And don’t forget, a picture can pack a punch, too, so consider adding an image or infographic to your materials. 

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