Branding That Doesn’t Take a Break

Digital poster advertising strategically placed in distraction-free areas such as public restrooms can present your brand messaging to audiences in ways that are considered welcome rather than bothersome.

  • Easily targeted to men or women, metro or rural, and low-income or affluent audiences
  • Indoor digital signage options such as stall doors, above urinals, and on bathroom walls
  • Nationwide placement opportunities in bars, nightclubs, hotels, theaters and more

Intelligent Digital Solutions

Why Digital Indoor Advertising?

  • 64% of washroom visitors remember seeing one or more ads
  • 98% of consumers displayed a positive attitude towards restroom advertisements
  • On average 75% of bar or nightclub patrons reported using the restroom three times per visit

Building a Brand Experience

AllOver Media builds brand experiences that work alone or paired with traditional advertising media to drive awareness and influence consumer behavior. With imaginative ad placements, proven targeting methods, and nationwide coverage we can reach your customers at any part of their day to leave a lasting impression.

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