Your ideal audience might be hungry for new dining experiences. Or perhaps they are planning for a career change. Or maybe they simply want to embark on a life-changing adventure. Whatever their need, your indoor marketing strategy can speak to it.

What Is Indoor Media?

Indoor media is any form of advertising inside a building or confined space. It leverages digital screens and traditional media in unconventional locations. The goal of indoor media is to reach captive audiences who are ready to engage and spend. AllOver Media’s creative indoor advertising solutions take center stage in bars, breweries, restaurants, and even nightclubs.

Our goal? Align the right message with the right audience at the right time.

That’s why we’ve crafted innovative solutions for advertising indoors. As a result, we know exactly where your audience sees your messaging. From there, it’s easy to focus our communications and achieve optimal results.

This unique advertising method is driven by creating top-of-mind brand relationships. Each one rests on your tailor-made messaging.

Our indoor digital advertising is also dynamic and flexible. Adjust messaging seasonally, based on new products, or whenever you have something new to say.

With top-of-mind awareness building, the name of the game is to stay ahead of the curve.

Types of Indoor Advertising Media


The truth is the media landscape has shifted and will continue to evolve. Consumers have more power than ever before in choosing when, how, and even if they view ad media.

AllOver Media’s engaging indoor advertising tactics can seamlessly weave your brand into consumers lives. It also serves up your brand messaging when your target audience is in the mood to receive them. Compelling copy adds value to their experience, which leads to a higher retention rate.

The best indoor advertising strategies can:

  • Enhance Experiences
  • Boost Your Brand Engagement and Awareness
  • Talk to an Engaged Audience 
  • Utilize Strategic Targeting Opportunities 
  • Showcase Your Brand Creatively 
  • Inspire Action Through Direct, Compelling Messaging


What if your brand had a media outlet that consumers actually wanted to see? In an overcrowded marketplace, outdoor advertising can get drowned out. Our indoor advertising  options build lasting connections because we’re mindful of our audience’s mindset and needs. We deliver messages they want to hear when they’re ready to listen to them.

Now, that’s building a better brand experience.


Indoor advertising is an eye-catching, innovative approach to advertising. We place our indoor billboards and posters strategically in locations like public restrooms. These ads live with your audience without distraction. Reach a captive audience through indoor experiences when they can be focused on your message.

Bathroom Media

By building awareness and seamlessly weaving messages into unexpected spaces, you can reach your audience with originality. Bathroom stall advertising is unique and targeted. Restroom advertising also offers several benefits for your advertising reaching and impacting consumers:

  • 84% of restroom visitors recall seeing one or more ads
  • 88% of those recall at least four selling points
  • 98% of consumers display a positive attitude toward restroom advertisements 

You can trust AllOver Media to create a memorable and cost-effective brand experience for your business.

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