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4 Creative Gas Station Advertising Ideas

Gas station pump with a gas station topper advertisement

Gas stations make a great marketing opportunity for your business. Fuel is a necessity for consumers, especially in the U.S., as they rely on modes of transportation to get them from point A to point B, whether it’s for work, school, fun, or relaxation.  

With nearly 40 million people filling their tanks in the U.S. on a daily basis, it’s wise to take advantage of marketing and gas station advertising opportunities that can help you expand your reach, cater to a wider audience, and grow your business. 

Research shows that 44% of people who purchase fuel at a particular gas station also go inside the store to see what else they have to offer, and over 33% end up making another purchase of snacks or drinks after using the pump. This means that if you’re making moves to advertise your products and services at a gas station that stocks your goods, you may have a good chance of making sales. 

Likewise, even if your brand name isn’t on the shelves at the gas station, there’s still an opportunity to reach more consumers who have an interest in what you have to offer. 

Here are a few gas station advertising ideas to consider:

1. Showcase a Contest

Advertising at a gas station means you’re interested in their customers. If you want to encourage the gas station’s loyal customers to inquire about your brand, hold a contest and put your efforts on display in the gas station. Contests can be easy to plan around the holidays, upcoming events specific to your town, or a new product release. 

You can even plan a contest or giveaway solely on creating brand awareness – this creates the perfect opportunity to expand your reach and cater to those who may not have seen your brand name otherwise.  

You can have fun with this idea and present it however you like, but if you’re looking for guidance, consider the following ideas for quarterly contests:

  • Encourage customers to purchase specific items as a way to get rid of inventory in exchange for a chance to win discounted products or services from your brand. 
  • Invite consumers to browse your social media, follow your accounts, and like your posts to win one of your products or services

These are just a few examples of the ways you can incentivize what your brand can offer. Creative signage with your social media handles and contact information makes it simple to get your name out there in a way that intrigues gas station visitors without asking them to commit to anything on the spot. 

Colorful gas pumps in line

2. Market Your Social Media Presence on One Sheet Posters 

Searching for gas station promotion ideas to increase your social media presence? Designing fun and straightforward sheet posters to hang at a gas station can be a simple and effective way to inform more people about your business. 

With as many as 4.48 billion people on social media across the globe, it’s important to take advantage of the wide net of consumers who may be interested in your brand. In some cases, you may not even need to have a partnership or strong working relationship with a gas station to hang up your posters. However, if you want to meet customers, the best placement would be at gas station pumps or inside the convenience store. Make sure to discuss this opportunity with the gas station before making your tag posters and putting them on display. 

3. Create Mini Ads for Gas Pump Tops

If you’re searching for a way to catch the consumer’s attention if they’re not searching for an advertisement, consider mini gas station ads at the top of the pump. Gas pump topper advertisements offer a subtle yet effective approach to getting your name out there without being too forceful. 

It’s difficult for customers to avoid advertisements at the pump – placing ads at eye-level increases awareness about your products and services, whether they can browse your brand name inside the convenience store or travel nearby to find you. If you do happen to sell your goods within the store, gas pump ads can be that final teaser to encourage consumers to enter the store, even if they had zero intentions of doing so in the first place. 

4. Work with AllOver Media for Your OOH Advertising Needs 

Gas station marketing, no matter where you put it on display, is likely to get noticed. It’s all about finding the right gas advertisement options that encourage customers to inquire within or take the next step to learn more about your brand.

If you’re looking for creative ways to reach your target audience and get them to buy your products or services when they’re visiting a gas station, AllOver Media can help.

Gas pump advertisements offer a simple way to engage with customers that may not be aware of your brand, ultimately expanding your reach and creating brand awareness for consumers who can turn into potential customers.

With visually appealing, well-placed out-of-home advertisements, you can take advantage of meeting your customers in a creative way that intrigues them to learn more about what you have to offer.

Looking for some help with gas station advertising? See what AllOver Media can do for you! Request more information today to start planning your gas pump topper advertising campaign.


Person looking at a gas pump ad.

Gas station advertising is one of the best ways to show off your brand. Gas stations are highly trafficked areas, attracting nearly every demographic of customers. And thanks to captive audience times at the pump, there are countless reasons why these cost effective marketing spots are ideal.

When it comes to reaching folks, gas pump ads via gas station video advertising are especially effective. As customers wait for their car to fill up, they act as a captive audience for your advertising. This means the perfect amount of dwell time for your ad!

These ads don’t often take up a lot of space. They are also positioned on gas pump advertising displays and gas station advertising signs that are ideally placed. These ads sit right at eye level at the pump. This means that they are hard to miss, and can easily sway a viewer to make a purchase!

When creating gas pump advertising for your brand, it is important to create a campaign that makes an impression. Gas stations have lots of ads — it’s important to make yours unique. Read on for gas station promotion ideas.

Gas Station Advertising Ideas: How to Make Your Gas Pump Ad Stand Out

1. Get To The Point

As mentioned, gas station advertising screens are often not very big, so it’s important to make your words count.

Keep it simple. Choose a very focused and specific message and stick to it. Your target audience will thank you for an ad that doesn’t overburden them with needless info. Plus, an efficient ad is a cost effective one.

2. Choose Colors Carefully

Look, there is often a lot going on at gas stations. Mini billboards, convenience store guests coming and going, and nearby traffic are sure to serve as audience distractions.

Try to pick colors for your advertisements that stand out from the average atmosphere. For example, lots of gas stations use red, white, and blue in their logos or ads. If you know that you are advertising at one such location, avoid those colors.

3.  Make The Situation Fun

Though lots of people put fuel in their cars every day, few people look forward to it. All in all, it is a fairly mundane situation, so generate novel gas station advertising ideas and make your ad fun!

Try to make the viewer laugh. Give them something to think about. Or tempt them with great photos of your product (food, especially). You want to evoke a positive emotion that can intrigue and even entertain the viewer.

4. Offer A Reward

Customers love an opportunity to take advantage of an immediate benefit. By offering the opportunity to earn a reward or activate a sale, you can drive up the likelihood of a purchase. Consider creating a unique sale or promotion especially for your gas pump advertising. This allows you to track how many people are inspired to act  based on this particular campaign! 

5. Be Clever

A great way to stand out in the gas pump advertising displays game is to make your ad clever. You can refer to timely social media trends or memes. Or even break the fourth wall. Call attention to the fact that you know your audience is currently watching their gas pump topper’s digital display.

Saying something witty helps viewers remember your brand long after they’ve pulled out of the station. Even though they have left your gas station advertising screens behind them, your innovative content will stay top of mind.

AllOver Media Crafts Impactful Gas Station Advertising 

If you are struggling to create gas pump ads that resonate and generate business, it’s time to hire AllOver Media. We are pros in gas station advertising and beyond. And we have partnered with countless clients promoting all kinds of products or services.

With our expertise in digital gas pump advertising, we can help you bring your brand to the next level. Contact us to learn more about our innovative gas station promotion ideas.

See what we do, get started on a project, or ask a question today!

Gas Pump Advertising Do’s and Don’ts

Gas station advertising is an effective way to engage with current and potential customers as they go through their daily routine, and have a few undistracted moments. AllOver Media is here to get you pumped about gas pump advertising with our tips and tricks. 

Whether you’re advertising on a gas pump nozzle, a topper, or a one-sheet poster, using research, engaging visuals, authenticity, and call-to-action language will put your advertisements a head above the rest

Do your research 

Because consumers typically stop to fill their tanks 1-2 miles from where they live, it’s easier than ever to use consumer profiling to reach your ideal audience. You can also take a look at the most common purchases people make at rest stops to strategize about what product or service makes the most sense to advertise. Plus, the average person fills their gas tank 5-7 times per month, so there are plenty of opportunities for repeat advertising, which is a necessity for convincing new customers to give you a chance. 

Don’t assume you know what your audience wants without the research to back it up. 

Engaging visuals 

Most gas pump ads are right at eye-level, which are the perfect place to be noticed. However, to ensure they really pay attention, use engaging visuals. According to Xerox, “Colors in advertising increases readers’ attention span and recall by 82%”. Combining that with a clean layout and punchy copy is such to make an impact. By putting together content with engaging visuals and audio, you can easily attract the attention of folks filling up their gas tank. 

Don’t skip on the colors or visual layout when assembling your designs. 

Authenticity is key 

In today’s world we are inundated with messaging and because of that, studies show that people tend to tune out advertising that doesn’t feel real or relatable. Authentic storytelling in your advertising will make a genuine connection with your audience. As you put together your content for your gas station advertising, make sure there’s a clear message that represents your brand values in a genuine way. 

Don’t use language that feels artificial or salesy. 

Use call-to-action language 

Sometimes the best way to get people to engage with your product is to tell them explicitly what you want them to do. Whether it’s to give your business a phone call, schedule an appointment, or try your new product, meaningful call-to-action language gives consumers a tangible way to engage with your brand. 

Don’t use generalized language that can’t be acted upon. 

Get ready to make an impact

By utilizing and implementing our tips and tricks, you’re sure to make an impact this year. And we’re here to help! AllOver Media is ready to build up your brand with engaging and attractive gas station advertising to help you grow your business. 

Reach Your New Year’s Advertising Goals

As we witnessed in 2020, sometimes, it’s necessary to pivot your ad campaigns and messaging to suit the current situation and your customers’ needs. When it comes to marketing your business, however, one fact has proven itself to be true time and again: print is not dead. 

In fact, print is experiencing a major revival, and this actually started happening in 2020. Amazon, for instance, came out with a printed holiday catalogue that helped spark nostalgia in customers who remember the “good ole days” of receiving their seasonal Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalogs in their mailboxes. You may have also noticed an increase in mailers with advertisements and special promos to use at local restaurants, books stores, and other small businesses in your community.

Why the push to print from digital? Well, it’s clear digital is here to stay, but the cultural changes mentioned below suggest print isn’t going anywhere either:

  • The average time Americans spend online (i.e., via laptop, smartphone, tablets) has significantly increased as many people are still either working from home, practicing at-home learning, or connecting to loved ones outside of their household. And this added screen time has developed what many refer to as “digital burnout.”   
  • Because the competition of attracting the attention of users across digital media is so high, brands are discovering that what their customers really want are personalized experiences, hence the push for promotional mailers that arrive in physical, not Gmail, inboxes. In fact, since most of the physical mail we receive are bills, and an unfortunately high number of spam, receiving an authentic, well designed ad from your local merchant is well received and much appreciated. 
  • Print is tangible. This means you can hold it in your hands, and it doesn’t change. Digital, on the other hand, is abstract. It can change depending on the situation and other influences. Though sometimes, this is a great benefit, especially as we saw with the pandemic and businesses needing to inform their customers of new policies and hours of operation, when something isn’t concrete, it can feel fake or inauthentic to your users. But print, on the other hand, helps mark a moment in time that cannot be deleted or erased from public view. 

2021 Predictions in OOH Ads

It’s clear that print and Out of Home (OOH) advertising are going to be big this year.  With businesses beginning to open back up to the public, and customers looking for more personalized experiences from brands, now is the time to regroup on your current marketing efforts to get your voice heard and engage a larger audience.

Depending on your advertising goals, we recommend the following OOH ad campaigns:

Gas Pump Ads

As more Americans are heading back to work, and those who have postponed travel are now resuming their plans, you can expect more traffic (literally) at convenience stores in 2021. To learn more about the benefits of gas pumps ads, and the options available to you (i.e., gas nozzle, gas toppers, ice boxes, etc.), read our article.

Truckside Advertising

We’ve always believed in the power of truckside advertising to get your brand messaging to more people in less time. As consumers take to the streets and roads, it’s important to invest in marketing tactics that bring your advertisements directly to the customers, which then leads them right to your stores to complete a purchase. To learn more about the benefits of truckside advertising, read about our service offering

Door Hanger Ads

If you already know where your target demographic lives, consider the benefits of door hanger ads for your outdoor advertising campaigns. Door hanger ads allow you to get your brand directly in front of potential buyers, as well as spread the word about a new product launch or sale via store coupons, loyalty discounts, or promotional codes. This also allows you to combine your digital and print efforts together. For instance, customers can receive a special promo in the mail (personalized experience) and use it to shop online at your eCommerce store. To learn more about the benefits of door hanger ads, read our article

Get Connected with AllOver Media in 2021

The type of outdoor advertising you choose will depend on how you define success: Are you looking to attract more customers, convert larger sales, generate new leads, or a combination of the three?

To get started ramping up your 2021 marketing ads, contact AllOver Media. Our team has the experience, industry knowledge, and services you need to really gain traction on your 2021 ad campaigns. 

Fuel Up Your Gas Pump Ads

Gas pump ads for hot sauce.

As temperatures continue to dip and Frank Sinatra starts crooning on the radio, that can only mean one thing: the holidays are approaching fast. Now, with everyone desperate for a change of scenery, an increase in travel is expected. 

More people hitting the road (and inevitably stopping for gas) means there’s no better time to utilize gas station advertising. Trust AllOver Media to get your ads noticed!

Why Gas Pump Advertising is So Effective 

The average person stops at a gas station 5-7 times a month, and with holiday road trips on the horizon, that number is bound to increase. By targeting consumers with a gas pump ad, you have a unique opportunity to reach them in a “distraction free zone”, where they don’t have much to do besides pay attention to the advertisements on the gas pump or nozzle. 

By reaching your audience when they’re less distracted, you have a higher chance of sticking in their minds once their tank is full.

Gas Pump Toppers

These types of signs sit on top of the gas pump, strategically placed at eye level. By investing in a bold image situated in a highly visible area, you have the unique opportunity to catch the eye of whoever is tasked with filling up the tank, which can take anywhere from 2-3 undistracted minutes

Plus, these gas pump advertisements bring the customer straight to your messaging, which means it’s less invasive than other ad campaigns. 

Gas Nozzle Advertisements 

You’ve probably noticed these advertisements placed right on the gas nozzle when you’ve filled up your own tank. In addition to being placed in an ideal spot for an undistracted consumer to take in, this placement can generate 116,000 impressions per month per gas station. 

That’s a lot of eyes on your unique messaging! 

Proximity to Home/Work

Most people visit gas stations that are 1-2 miles from their home or workplace (although these days that might be the same place!) This will help you target your audience with even higher accuracy, helping you put the ideal messaging in front of your intended demographic. 

Gas pump advertisements are ideal if you’re looking to pack a better punch without taking a big hit to your wallet. Whether you choose to place your advertisement on top of the gas pump, or on the gas nozzle, these gems are a cost-effective way to place your product right in the eye of the consumer. 

Get Connected with AllOver Media

Ready to start enjoying the benefits of gas pump advertisements? Great! Contact us at AllOver Media and let’s get your product, service, or message to your customers. 

4 Benefits of OOH Media

Mobile billboard truck.

Most of us are familiar with the term Out of Home Advertising. But what many people don’t realize is how this platform has (and continues to) take over the digital landscape. Out of Home (OOH) media, like OOH advertising, allows businesses to showcase their brand’s products, personas, and messaging to customers in larger geographic areas, where they’re more inclined to make a point of purchase. 

Think about seeing a giant billboard advertisement on the side of a building. It’s showcasing a happy couple enjoying a refreshing caffeinated drink. Having this billboard advertisement strategically placed near major retail centers may entice pedestrians to stop in and grab the same beverage on the way to their next destination.

Now, imagine seeing this same advertisement but rather than it staying in one place, it’s able to move along with you and span a larger area, creating more brand impressions than you ever thought possible. This is how OOH advertising has evolved into OOH media, or more simply put, digital advertising on the go!

Digital Billboard Trucks, C-Store Advertising, Bar Media, and More!

These days there are countless media platforms you can utilize to promote your products and connect more customers to your brand. At AllOver Media, we specialize in helping businesses find effective marketing solutions using creative OOH media advertising, such as:

Digital Billboard Trucks: Plan for higher customer engagement with LED billboard trucks. From playing videos to displaying animated art or static images, our mobile digital billboard trucks offer more custom options and keep your brand messaging on the move, so you reach more neighborhoods around your targeted areas. 

C-Store Advertising: Gas station advertising has revolutionized the way brands market to their customers. From gas pump and nozzle displays to ice box ads, if you’re looking to test your marketing campaigns in higher trafficked areas, c-store advertising creates a central hub, where you’re able to capture your customers’ attention longer to build better brand awareness.  

Bar Media: Believe it or not, those branded coasters you set your beer glass on at restaurants are another clever form of OOH media. Consider this: have you ever “not” noticed the logo or promotions printed on the coaster label? It’s hard to miss brand messaging that’s literally sitting right in front of you, and because most patrons like to take their time while dining out, there’s a much greater chance that the brand printed on that coaster is getting more positive exposure. 

Remember, people go out to enjoy an evening with close friends, good food, and entertainment. What better place to showcase your brand than a setting where customers are having a good time and are likely to stay longer in the same place? 

Other types of bar media we offer, include:

  • Indoor Posters
  • Table Tents
  • Coasters
  • Door & Mirror Clings
  • Branded Items

Digital Indoor Ads: Whether you’ve attended a restaurant, sports bar, shopping center, or airport, you’ve likely had your attention captured by digital indoor ads. These types of OOH media allow you to showcase your brand with vibrant static messages or positive videos, all strategically placed in distraction-free areas to deliver each message directly to your consumers.

To recap, let’s breakdown the top 4 benefits of OOH Media from the examples listed above:

  1. Better Customer Engagement
  2. More Brand Exposure (i.e. impressions)
  3. Greater Flexibility
  4. More Customization

Experience the Benefits of OOH Media

The realm of OOH is constantly changing, but with help from AllOver Media, you’ll know exactly which platforms and ad campaigns will give you the greatest return on investment. We’ve helped many brands and industry leaders make a bigger impact by getting their message to customers where they are and when they need it. 

To get started planning your brand marketing strategy, contact AllOver Media.

The Growing Value of Gas Station Advertising Amidst COVID19

gas station advertising

Despite many Americans being encouraged to stay at home during this time, gas stations are one of the essential services still in business. Even as store fronts close and people work from home, gas stations are continuing to operate as usual to serve the needs of their communities. Because of this, gas station advertising poses a unique opportunity to reach customers effectively during this time. 

It’s reported that the average person stops at a gas station to refuel their vehicle at least 5–7 times per month. While this statistic may be lower during this time, drivers that are filling up remain static (i.e. stand idle at the gas pump) for at least 3 minutes. This affords you an uninterrupted time slot to advertise your products and engage more customers with your unique brand messaging.

In a previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of Convenience Store Advertising and lightly touched on which platforms help boost better brand recognition and point of purchase sales, including gas pump advertising. Here, we’ll dive a little deeper on the different types of gas pump ads and how they can help you connect more customers, in less time and in more areas, to your brand.

Types of Gas Pump Advertising

Gas Pump Toppers: Gas pump toppers sit conveniently at eye level of potential customers. Drivers see your ad the first time, when approaching the pump to insert their credit card before refueling, and they see it again while they stand there waiting for the nozzle to let them know their tank is full. This type of brand exposure is so effective because it positions your ad to be seen multiple times throughout a single transaction, and it brings the customer directly to you, making it less invasive than other ad campaigns.

Gas-Nozzle Advertising: An increasingly popular method for advertising your company, gas-nozzle ads get you even closer to your target audience. Through engaging brand messaging and creative visual elements, you can instantly attract the attention of customers and keep their focus on you throughout the entire refueling process. In fact, this type of gas pump advertising can generate up to 116,000 impressions per month, per gas station, which means you’ll reach more customers across each location.

Other Creative Options: A unique aspect to gas station advertising is the option to be creative with each location’s specific layout. For example, an advertising banner placed on a gas station’s ice chest may be a great option to get in front of shoppers while they fill up. Floor decals, door tags, and other in-store advertising are effective ways to ensure your brand gets noticed near the point of sale. Be sure to ask your advertising representative about all the options available at a gas station. You may uncover some truly creative opportunities!

Getting Started with Gas Pump Advertising

According to, “The first step in advertising at local gas stations requires knowing everything possible about your target market…” At AllOver Media, we’ll work with you to identify your customer’s C-store personas and habits, so you can utilize gas pump advertising in either rural, metropolitan, local areas, or a combination of all three. One of the best things about this type of OOH advertising is that the majority of drivers visit gas stations that are approximately 1-2 miles away from where they live or work. This single fact allows us to help you profile target consumers with higher accuracy to ensure you bring your message to the right demographic in the right location.

To start planning and designing your gas pump advertising campaign, connect with us today for a consultation!

C-Store Advertising: Reach Your Customers Where They Live and Work

C-Store Advertising

Convenience stores and gas pumps offer a central hubspot for spreading the word about your brand to more customers on the go. According to the National Association of Convenience & Fuel Retailing, “Convenience stores are intensely local businesses that offer an ever-growing range of products and services. Most of all, they sell convenience, allowing customers to quickly buy what they need and get on with their day.”

With more than 1,400 transactions a day, and over 83% of all in-store merchandise consumed within the first hour of purchase (per NACS Convenience Tracking Program data), convenience stores can help you sell your products fast and more frequently.

Benefits of Convenience Store Marketing

More Convenience: On average, the majority of c-shoppers live and work within a two mile radius of convenience stores. This allows you to target your primary audience across multiple geos and in heavily populated areas.

More Engagement: Marketing your brand in distraction-free zones, like gas pumps, creates invaluable opportunities for your brand to successfully enhance experiences, drive awareness, and inspire more point-of-purchases, as your customers only need to walk inside a convenience store to complete their shopper’s journey.

Types of Convenience Store Ads

  • Gas Pump Advertising: Gas pump topper ads help target potential customers in both metropolitan and rural areas. Positioned at eye level, these types of convenience store ads easily engage customers while they’re left standing in place, filling their gas tanks. By creating a fun, engaging ad that showcases your products or new promotion, you have their full attention and are more likely to influence their transaction.
  • Gas Nozzle Advertising: Put your brand message right into the hands of your customers. As daily commuters grab the nozzle to fill up, your ad will instantly draw their attention. And because customers spend an average of 3-5 minutes at the gas pump, you have their undivided attention to promote a product or increase brand awareness.
  • One Sheet Posters: Branded poster sheets are typically located at or near the point-of-sale of your product. These types of convenience store ads have the ability to influence your customers’ behaviors at the most meaningful stage in the buying cycle.
  • Ice Box Advertising: Visually striking, ice box wraps are viewed multiple times, creating increased brand impressions and influence.

If you’re considering or already running c-store advertisements, a great supplement to this is geo-fencing mobile advertising. Geo-fencing geographically targets your brand’s advertisements to the phones of potential customers near your OOH advertising placement. This unique ad targeting paired with close proximity to additional advertisements is a powerful combination for generating fast awareness among your target consumer base.

Plan Your Convenience Store Ads with AllOver Media

Convenience stores represent high traffic areas, where the majority of consumers visit regularly and are more likely to buy at the point-of-purchase. To learn more about the benefits of convenience store marketing, contact AllOver Media to get started with your campaign.

Ready to get noticed? Discover AllOver Media’s suite of advertising solutions.

Convenience Store Advertising: What Can It Do For Your Business?

Many businesses benefit from convenience store advertising (C-Stores) because we can successfully reach the right audience for you. We can help you get a mass amount of visibility out into a market very quickly and communicate a promotion or brand message to the people you need to influence. The average consumer stops within 1-2 miles of where they live and work. We use this location information to target your ads by age, income, ethnicity, and more.

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The Great Holiday Road Trip?

How do you get to grandmother’s house? Over the river, through the woods… and likely in a car. The upcoming holidays are prime time for travel as people reconnect with family both near and far. In fact, the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s holiday periods are two of the busiest times of year for long-distance travel. (1)

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