Lift Your Brand to New Heights

For brands looking to target the luxury crowd, it’s difficult to maintain a captive audience for more than a few seconds. With ski resort advertising, your brand can effectively target the top 2.8% of high income households for a full 8 minutes, something unheard of with traditional advertising methods. These ads catch your target audience on their way up the slopes for uninterrupted time with your brand.

  • Gain your audience’s undivided attention
  • Promote your brand with an exclusive consumer base
  • Get placement in the nation’s top ski resort destinations

Why Use Resort Advertising Services?

  • Highly targeted for affluent households
  • Maintain audience attention for an astronomical 8 minutes, compared to 2 seconds with traditional print ads
  • Network of partner ski resorts accounts for 25% of all annual U.S. ski resort visits

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