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Selena Gomez Uses Hand-Painted Wall Ahead of AMAs to Promote New Single

Leading into the American Music Awards on November 19, Selena Gomez is using our wallscape at Sunset & Stanley in Los Angeles to promote her new single Wolves. She’ll be performing the song live for the first time during the show. Fans can take pics in front of this unique hand-painted mural and share on social media with the tag #SELENAxAMAs to show their support.

Selena shared this message with her followers on Twitter:

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Opt for Size and Impact with Truckside Advertising [VIDEO]

Truckside Ads are high impact, large format ads that are placed as billboards on localized delivery trucks. These trucks deliver your message within a specified Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) or Designated Market Area (DMA) and provide effective billboard coverage in areas where traditional out-of-home advertising is restricted or limited.
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Truck Advertising: Changing our Perception of Billboards [VIDEO]

Traditional billboards do a great job at delivering impact to passerby due to their large size. But their reach is limited because of their static nature. Enter a billboard solution on wheels – truck advertising. These mobile ads can boost your existing billboard advertising campaign and produce a higher reach in the areas where your ideal audience hangs out and shops, or fill in where traditional billboards aren’t available.

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How 2nd Wind Partnered with AllOver Media to Grow Their Business [VIDEO]

In 1992, Dick Enrico founded 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment when he saw an opportunity in the market to sell and rent exercise equipment. Shortly thereafter, he began advertising in restrooms with AllOver Media’s indoor advertising products to help spread the word about his new company. Back then, it was one of his best advertising platforms because of its affordability and effectiveness to instill top-of-mind awareness of his business.

Today, 2nd Wind has used every media platform that AllOver Media offers from door hangers to gas pumps. Dick has found all of the products to be successful and measurable, with truck advertising standing out for effectively driving business.
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Multicultural Advertising: Capture the Attention of Your Desired Audience [VIDEO]

When looking at the makeup of our country, the United States is both ethnically and racially diverse. While this gives us a great variety of cultures, languages, and delicious cuisines, it also poses a challenge for marketers trying to reach these various audiences. As a result, multicultural advertising has now become a key component to many successful advertising campaigns. So how do you capture the attention of your multicultural audience?

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Outdoor Advertising: How to Capture Your Consumers’ Attention [VIDEO]

From trucksides to bar coasters, our outdoor advertising platforms will help you reach your target audience at multiple points throughout their day. Our media platforms allow you to tie together a visual message with another platform like a radio campaign, allowing the two ads to work together cohesively.

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