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Youth Sports Advertising: Concepts and Strategies to Consider

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Imagine a little league baseball game. Or a peewee football team’s last game of the season. It can be any youth sports league’s event, for that matter.

Now imagine the countless people who attend these events. Sure, there are lots of young athletes and sports team coaches who are focused on the game. But for every participant, consider the adults on the sidelines.

Youth sports events are a fantastic opportunity for advertisers. From captive audiences to recurring event schedules, consider the possibilities. There are countless reasons why advertising at a youth sporting event is worth its weight in gold. But simply slapping advertisements near a sports field doesn’t equate to effective youth sport advertising strategies.

So what can you do to activate your youth sports marketing campaign? Read below for considerations on how to advertise at youth sports events.

The 5 P’s of Marketing (and Their Relation to Youth Sports Marketing)

The 5 P’s of marketing are a cornerstone concept for all marketers and advertisers. But while the 5 P’s often get associated with tech or consumer goods, there’s good news. They can be just as effective (and are essentially the same) when promoting services too.

So what are the 5 P’s of a marketing plan? And how should you think about them for your youth sports advertising strategy? Read on to find out.

1. Product

This is the most basic marketing question your campaign is trying to answer. In the case of youth sports advertising, keep it relevant. You should offer something that is conceivably relevant to the people who would find themselves at a youth sporting event.

2. People

Did you notice our sly mention of the audience above? That is the second P: the people who see your ad. Rather than marketing to a general audience, consider the kinds of people who attend youth sports. It’s usually children and their families.

First, identify the broadest segment of your target audience. Adjust for pipeline considerations. Then, finally, tailor your targeted message specifically to them.

3. Price

You can have the most compelling product or service, feature a great ad design, and be audience targeted. But the inevitable question your audience will wonder is: “How much is this going to cost?” Instead of burying the lead, feature pricing (or even estimated pricing) in your ad to keep questions to a minimum.

4. Place

If you only serve a specific geographic region, mention that in your ad. Or if you understand something specific about local culture, reference it! These strategies will help personalize the ad for your audience.

It will also show you understand the region and the people who call it home. This helps differentiate you from big conglomerates. They are more likely to slap a city name into their ad and call it “localized.” And everyone knows that doesn’t pass the localization smell test.

5. Promotion

Nothing is likelier to move the needle than a promotion intended to spark customer FOMO. Feature a percentage off of the total cost of your product or service. Reference a time-sensitive promo. Whatever method you choose, feature it to help your ad go from “awareness” to push marketing.

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Effective Advertising Strategies

With that in mind, you’re likely wondering how to advertise youth sports effectively. This campaign can be like any other (with a few tweaks). Consider these strategies regarding advertising ideas for youth sports events.

Season-long Campaigning

A sports season is long, often covering months. Don’t just design one billboard and call it a day. Change up your creativity.

New designs, messaging, or promotions are more likely to be noticed than a stale design. So delight your audience and they are sure to respond accordingly.

Easy-to-Read Content

Unlike some other OOH marketing efforts, youth sporting events typically feature a large distance between the audience ad placement. Think of the ads along any given outfield baseball wall and how far they are from the bleachers.

So consider your audience when laying out your design. Tiny social media icons, scannable QR codes, and more should be left at the door. Your audience shouldn’t have to squint to read your tagline or make out your URL.

Connect it Home

If you can tug at your audience’s heartstrings, consider that a win for potential sales.

Call out the home team. Show your support for their season. Or even reference past victories within the context of your campaign. With this, you’ll create a connection between your brand and the event that’s unfolding in real time.

Partner With a Trusted OOH Marketing Resource

Your next youth sports advertising strategies need a strategic partner. At AllOver Media, our expertise in bringing successful out-of-home advertising strategies to market simply can’t be matched. And this includes youth sports advertising ideas.
Looking for some help with Youth Sports Advertising? See how AllOver Media can help!

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