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Bus Graphic Ideas To Promote Your Business

With so many Americans on the road, bus wrap advertising is an ideal way to reach potential customers when they’re at their least distracted. This increasingly popular outdoor advertising strategy works well paired with a billboard campaign or on its own. It offers the opportunity for repeat exposure, and (thankfully) cannot be simply scrolled through. Ready to dive in? AllOver Media has ideas to inspire your next bus wrap design. 

Why Bus Wrap Advertising 

This OOH advertising provides an opportunity to connect with a wider audience. As we’ve previously noted, individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions. There’s a lot of potential out there, if you know the right way to showcase your brand and messaging. 

Colorful & Concise 

When it comes to your bus graphic, bold colors combined with a clear concise message make the biggest impact. Without much time to grab and hold your audience’s attention, it’s time to prioritize what’s important to communicate. Think about what you are trying to say, and how few words get the job done. 

A bold colorful bus wrap design helps you stand out and catch your audience’s attention. And by tying in your brand colors you can optimize a colorful design while connecting to your brand identity. This type of attention to detail will really pay off.

Brand Consistency 

With this larger canvas, pull in the aspects that make your brand unique. Whether it’s a certain color palette or slogan, now is the time to showcase your brand identity. Bus wraps are ideal for boosting brand awareness, so make sure what you’re portraying matches your in-store and digital brand presence.

Keep It Simple

Keeping your design simple and minimizing copy helps your bus wrap design make an impact. Negative space can work to draw the eye towards the relevant information, so don’t worry about filling up the entire space. By keeping the overall bus wrap design simple, your messaging will be read loud and clear. That being said…

Think Outside the Box

Outdoor advertising is successful when you think outside the box. Can you showcase a product on a larger than life scale? Is there a pun relevant to your product or brand? Utilizing humor can be a great attention getter, as can graphics that play with the shape of the bus.

Incorporate a Call to Action

A straightforward call to action helps your audience engage with your brand in a tangible way. Display your phone number inviting folks to call, or showcase your website with a reason to visit. Any action taken by a potential customer increases your chances of turning them into a loyal one. 

AllOver Media Brings Your Vision to Life

At AllOver Media, outdoor advertising is what we do. If you have a bus wrap design idea we’d love to hear about it. When a well-designed and well-executed bus advertisement reaches your target audience, you’ll love the results. Contact us to get started, to ask questions, to jump into this wonderful world of bus wrap advertising. 

Why Bus Advertising Works

Between the size of buses, the breadth at which they travel, and the desire for bus riders and nearby drivers to engage with anything visually stimulating, bus advertising is a productive use of your marketing budget.  

At AllOver Media, we’re here to answer all of your transit advertising questions, and get you started on the path to bigger, better consumer engagement. 

So, Why Does Bus Advertising Work? 

The simple truth is that busses are hard to miss. Whether you’re in traffic or a stop light, a bus ad is sure to catch your eye. Buses travel on the road somewhere between 10 and 18 hours a day, usually seven days a week, which is ample time for your ad to be seen by many potential consumers. 

Repeated Exposure Works 

Buses give your audience the opportunity to see your message repeatedly, which gets ingrained in their minds. This means you’re more likely to come to mind when a consumer is looking to make a point of purchase! Plus, by traveling around different areas, it’s the perfect way to boost brand awareness, helping a wider and more diverse audience engage with your ad. In fact, individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicle impressions.

External Advertising 

As you plan your transit advertising, you can choose to advertise on the front, sides or the back of the bus. Advertisements on the side of a bus are called King and Queen Signs, while those on the back are known as Tail Signs

Want to go even bigger? AllOver Media can help you rev up your Out of Home (OOH) advertising campaign with a full bus wrap solution

Placing your brand’s advertising on all sides of a passenger bus will effectively capture more attention, as it cannot be muted, flipped, or looked past. These larger-than-life advertisements cut through the ad clutter, so your message stays ahead of the competition as it is seen and shared with thousands. 

Let’s also not forget that having a full bus wrap makes it easier for pedestrians and drivers to grasp the purpose and message of your ad campaign in seconds, rather than having to lean in for a closer look, especially if your ad is on one side or on the back of the bus. Instead, you’ll be front and center and at the top of everyone’s mind. 

Quick Tips for Creating Engaging Transit Ads

When choosing the design for your external bus advertising, your best bet is to go with attractive visuals with concise messaging, as this is sure to capture and retain your audience’s attention. 

  • Too wordy or murky and you risk losing your audience. 
  • Creativity, bold colors, and easy-to-read fonts are going to help your advertising dollars go far.

Bus advertisements are a great way to reach more people, increase brand awareness, and get your message out to the masses! Have a message to share? AllOver Media would love to help you put it all out there. 

Contact us to learn how we can help!  

5 Creative Billboard Ads to Get You Inspired

mobile billboard truck ads

In an age of constant stimulus, we’re always on the lookout for better ways to engage more customers. And because folks are staying home these days, billboard advertising may not have crossed your mind. But it should! 

Billboards are a great way to efficiently connect consumers with your products, services, and standards. On average, 71% of Americans report that they “consciously” look at billboards, and over 50% report to being highly engaged by a billboard ad they’ve seen in the last month. 

Whether it’s on a daily train commute, a road trip, or an evening jaunt, billboards have the capacity to influence a point of purchase in real-time. 

With so much advertising happening, creative billboards ads are more likely to get and keep your audience’s attention. Luckily, there are tons of ways to get creative with your Out of Home (OOH) advertising, and AllOver Media is here to help! We’ve pulled together five of the best billboard ad ideas to help you get inspired!

5 Creative Billboard Ad Ideas

  1. Think Outside the Box – Go beyond the four corners of your billboard ad display and imagine ways you can incorporate a stronger brand message in fewer words. You may choose to use a stunning image as a focus point to draw viewers in for a closer look.  A great example of this is Mike Sicam’s Pond’s Facial Wash OOH campaign in 2007. The message is clear, and the visuals help demonstrate that billboards no longer need to be two dimensional. 
  1. Always Keep the Message Simple – Using a strong visual to help convey your brand’s unique selling point is much more effective than cluttering your ad campaign with distracting words. Check out the simplicity of Penline Stationery: Strong Tape. The message is simple and the only words on the ad are the company’s logo, which is strategically placed, so it never takes away from the powerful impact of the display. 
  1. Consider the Color – Using bright colors can help catch (and keep) your audience’s attention. In areas where the scenery is often green (highways, rural areas, etc.), take advantage of oranges, yellows, reds, and even pinks. In the reverse situation, where buildings are brick, metal, or glass, try using colors that contrast with these materials. We love the example of Leo Burnett’s “Fresh Salads” in 2008. The vibrant greens bring life and excitement to the dreary backdrop of buildings surrounding this popular Chicago billboard.  
  1. Don’t Be Afraid of a Little Humor: Everyone can always use a good laugh, especially these days. By infusing humor into your billboard ad campaign, you can create an instant and memorable connection with your audience. The 2008 Cadbury ad campaign is a great example. We all love chocolate. Some of us so much that we’d climb on top of a giant chocolate bar ad to get a piece of the chewy goodness inside. This playful ad demonstrates that having a little fun can still get your message across! 
  1. Keep Your Message Moving: Did you know mobile billboards receive 2.5x more attention than static billboards? By adding mobility, your creative billboard ad will get more people excited about what you have to offer. Digital truck billboards provide you more opportunities to get a better bang for your buck, as it helps you market multiple messages and reach more people in more places, in less time! At AllOver Media, we specialize in mobile truck advertising and digital billboard trucks. These forms of OOH ads offer more flexibility and allow you to incorporate all the creative billboard ad ideas we’ve listed above—and then some! Because rather than settling for static images, digital billboard trucks use LED technology to play videos, showcase animated art, and so much more! 

To see our trucks in action, check out our portfolio of work!

Hit the Road with Your Billboard Advertising

Ready to create a stunningly simple ad campaign to catch even the busiest eye. Partner with AllOver Media to get the message you want delivered to the right audience at the best time with mobile digital billboards! Together, we’ll help you create an effective ad campaign to engage customers…even the ones late for work!

Creative Strategies for Bus Wrap Advertising in the Twin Cities

Planning to launch a new product? Or need help positioning your brand, so it’s always right in front of all the action? Bus wrap advertising is an effective marketing solution to help you grab the attention of commuters, busy shoppers, pedestrians, and tourists in more places and in less time.

Bus wrap advertising has been around since the early 1900s, beginning with Milton Hershey of the Hershey Chocolate Company. Hershey was considered the first businessman to paint his company’s logo on the side of his vehicle, allowing other motorists and pedestrians to see his brand and think, “chocolate!” Since then, mobile billboard advertising has evolved and appeared on transit buses, metro trains, semi-trucks, and more to help businesses promote their products on the go. 

Why is Bus Wrap Advertising so Effective?

As with many Out of Home (OOH) advertising strategies, bus wrap advertising helps bring your brand directly to customers, where they’re more likely to engage (i.e. complete a purchase). 

For example, let’s say you’re planning to launch a new energy drink, and you want to get the word out to more people, specifically in targeted areas (metropolitan cities), where customers have a shorter distance to make a transaction. Having a mobile, visual representation of your product on display ensures more people see your advertisement and feel the urge to find out more (i.e. go to their local retailer to learn more or potentially make a final point of purchase).

Other benefits of bus advertising include:

  • Because we live in a world of instant gratification, there are many other brands also competing for your customers’ attention. Bus wrap advertising allows you to seamlessly broadcast your products and services, using strong visuals and clear messaging, to engage more people on the spot, meaning you send the right message at the most opportune time for better engagement. 
  • Let’s not forget that while walking or driving, customers are also more aware of their surroundings and are trying to concentrate on what’s moving in front of them. When they see your banner moving along the Metro area, they will instantly recognize your brand and form a connection.
  • It’s estimated that individual vehicle advertising can generate anywhere between 30,000 to 70,000 vehicle impressions a day. Therefore, having your advertisement wrapped partially or completely around a bus can ensure that more people see your message and that you leave a lasting impression with them for the rest of the day. 

Creative Strategies for Bus Wrap Advertising

As mentioned, bus wrap advertising continues to grow and evolve in major metropolitan areas, meaning you have more creative options to consider when planning the design, layout, and implementation of your banner. 

Here are some of our favorite creative strategies to inspire your design:

Utilize Surroundings: This strategy is especially popular in Europe, where brands often utilize the places around the bus (e.g. doorways, tires, back windows, articulation joints, etc.) to creatively drive their message to the viewer. An example may include having the bus’ doorways create two separate images: one when they open to let passengers on and off and another when the doors close. This helps create excitement and more engagement for your brand that people can’t help but pay attention to. 

Clear, Simple Messaging: Though bus wrap advertising allows you to reach more customers in a broader area, you do have limited time to get your message across. Bus wraps with more graphical elements and less wording tend to engage customers more, as they only need to look at the advertisement for a few short seconds to make the connection to your brand and to the products/services you are advertising. 

Keep it Local: Another creative strategy might be to hone in on the local Twin Cities look and feel. When people see an advertisement that includes images or messaging related to their local area, they are more likely to connect with the advertisement immediately, as they already share something in common with your brand. This might include having verbiage that includes, “Minnesota’s top choice for…” or “The Best…in the Twin Cities.” 

Is Bus Advertising Right for Your Brand?

Having a larger-than-life advertisement can help you cut through the ad clutter and instantly connect customers to your brand. To learn more about the benefits of bus advertising, truckside advertising, mobile digital billboards for trucks, and more, contact AllOver Media today. 

As experienced OOH advertisers in the Twin Cities, we’ll help you build better brand awareness and ensure your message gets to the right people at the right time. 

5 Advantages of Digital Billboard Truck Advertising for Brands

Digital Billboard Truck Advertising

We live in a world of instant gratification. If a song, podcast, or digital ad shows up on our smart devices, we simply hit select or swipe away to something we like better. For the customer, this is a convenient feature, but if you’re a brand or business trying to promote your products, it is often easy to get lost in the mix. 

A simple (and effective) solution to ensuring your brand attracts new and recurring customers is digital truck billboard advertising!

The truth is that most people are more familiar with this type of OOH (out of home) advertising than any other ad type. While sitting in traffic waiting for the light to turn green or parked outside your favorite retailer, you’ll likely come across a mobile digital billboard on the side of a truck or bus line, which, more often than not, will entice you to engage further with that brand or even purchase that product before heading home for the day.

Top 5 Reasons Why Digital Mobile Truck Advertising Works

  1. More Brand Recognition: Digital truck advertising on the side of trucks helps get your brand’s message to more people, in less time. Let’s face it; it’s hard to ignore a 15 ft mobile billboard headed in your direction with your favorite brand promoting its new product. Mobile billboards on trucks allow more people to see your brand, more often, thereby improving brand awareness and recognition in more places.
  2. More Advertising Options: Thanks to new advances in technology, mobile advertising doesn’t mean static mobile billboards. Now, you have the option of choosing LED mobile billboards that can feature videos, images, gifs—you name it; giving you more creative freedom to promote your brand and engage your shoppers!
  3. More “Foot” Traffic: Digital mobile advertising is all about targeting your customers at the right time. In most cases, they’re already en route to their next destination. But if they see one of your digital mobile billboards parked outside your store’s entrance or cruising near a local retailer that sells your brand, the point-of-purchase experience increases exponentially!
  4. More Control: One of the greatest advantages of digital mobile billboards is having the control of where and when you want your trucks to show up. This allows you to put all that digital marketing strategy to better use. If you know your target audiences’ age, demographic, and location, you’re better equipped to advertise in the right places, drawing in even more customers. And if a location becomes sparse throughout the day, you can quickly reroute your truck to hit denser areas where you’re sure to engage more customers!
  5. More Reward: More research and studies on the impact of digital mobile billboards continues to demonstrate that this type of OOH ad campaign strategy is an effective, cost-savings solution for brands to promote their products and services. Referring back to the example of using other ad campaigns, such as digital ads for smartphones and devices that can get ignored or easily swiped away, mobile billboards offer a higher reward and return on your investment.

Partner with the Best in LED Mobile Billboards

Looking for a trusted partner with a strong portfolio of successful digital mobile solutions? AllOver Media has the ad campaign and strategy you need to promote brand awareness and get more customers to your products. Contact us to learn more!

What is Digital Mobile Billboard Advertising?

From your local metro area to interstate highways, you’ve probably seen your fair share of digital mobile billboard advertising while commuting to work or traveling out of town for the weekend.

What is Mobile Billboard Advertising?

Mobile billboards are an effective platform used for out of home (OOH) advertising. These ad displays are traditionally wrapped around the sides of trucks, providing greater visibility of a brand and custom messaging to passing drivers, pedestrians, and daily commuters.

If you’re just getting started in the world of digital mobile billboard advertising, you may have certain questions about how it works, why it’s effective, and whether this marketing approach is best for your business.

To help you learn the basics of truckside advertising, here are the answers to three commonly asked questions:

Why Are OOH Truck Ads Better for Certain Brand Advertising?

There are multiple mediums that can benefit your brand’s OOH advertising campaigns, including wallscapes and murals, door hangers, posters, and much more. Truck advertising can become most effective in targeting new leads (and/or current customers) when launching new products or store locations, or advertising special discounts or price cuts. Truck ads create a sense of urgency, as well, and provide a clear messaging while your customers are nearby to help draw them into your stores faster. Research shows that truck ads also create familiarity with your brand, encouraging shoppers to choose your products over your competitors.

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on a Digital Mobile Billboard Truck?

Digital mobile billboard rates can range based on how many trucks you plan to advertise on and whether you choose truck wraps or digital advertising displays. LED billboard trucks, for example, can include video streaming, animated art, static images, and other digital components to help attract larger audiences with a unique, one-of-a-kind display that showcases your brand’s identity. To learn more about digital mobile billboard trucks or to get an accurate estimate on how much it would cost to invest in truck advertising, contact AllOver Media for a consultation today!

Is Digital Mobile Billboard Advertising Worth the Investment?

It shouldn’t surprise us that digital mobile truck advertising generates 2.5 times more customer awareness than a static billboard display. Though a billboard may grab your customers’ attention for a passing second, there are many other displays and attractions competing for their attention. Mobile billboard advertising, in comparison, helps you target customers wherever they are and wherever they’re headed next. They’re also easy to view from a distance and sit above traffic to ensure maximum exposure for your brand’s messaging. In fact, studies indicate that digital mobile billboard advertising can generate anywhere between 30,000 to 70,000 vehicle impressions a day!

Enhance Your Brand with Truck Advertising

If you’re ready to engage your customers and increase word of mouth about your brand, contact AllOver Media today. From digital billboard truck advertising to bus wraps, wallscapes , and more, our experienced team will work with you to find the best marketing solutions that complements your brand and provide a better ROI.

AllOver Media Partners With Minnesota Valley Transit Authority To Offer Bus Advertising

AllOver Media is excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA) to offer premium external bus wraps and transit station advertising in the Twin Cities. The MVTA serves over 2.9 million riders a year on 164 buses with routes traveling to and from seven southern Twin Cities suburbs to highly desirable locations including downtown Minneapolis, downtown St. Paul, the University of Minnesota, and the Mall of America.

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Truckside Billboards and Bus Wraps: Two Alternatives to Mobile Billboards

Transit Ads_Allover-Media-Coke.jpg

Truckside billboards and bus wraps, are two different yet creative and effective mobile billboard alternatives to reach your targeted audiences. Both are becoming increasingly attractive as media audiences get splintered across more channels. So why do truckside billboards and bus wraps matter and how do you use them?

Out Where the Customers Are

Truckside billboards and bus wraps work so well because they appear in many areas of your customers’ daily lives — on the commute to work, where they shop and congregate, where they travel — providing large format, high-impact coverage all day, every day. Read More…