Out-of-Home Advertising Examples

City advertising illustration. Vector background. Cityscape with white blank digital billboards and banners.

We’ve all seen myriad ad spaces that, for lack of a better term, seem phoned in. A phone number, a smiling person, and maybe an obvious tagline come together to form something truly generic. Blah. 

But what if out-of-home advertising could be more? There are countless ways to rise above the competition and deliver a memorable outdoor advertising campaign to market. Above all else, OOH media must be clever, memorable, and results-driven. 

Here are just a few of the most eye-catching and unique out-of-home advertising examples to grace our eyeballs this past year. 

The Best OOH Advertising Examples and Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Examples of 2023

Think Pink

Barbie was one of the biggest films of the year. So why wouldn’t it have one of the biggest out-of-home advertising examples to match? 

Rather than feature a hum drum row of celebrity headshots, the film’s billboard campaign was decidedly more… minimalistic. In addition to some other rather clever ideas, the film’s pre-launch featured a humble billboard. A splash of signature pink and the film’s release date were all that was needed to set the moviegoing world ablaze. 

Size Matters

Okay, technically this one hit the streets in December 2022. But it’s so clever, who could blame us for including it on the list? 

Americans might be forgiven for not knowing the Swedish car brand Škoda. But their tiny billboards campaign is sure to turn that around. Placed strategically around Stockholm, this innovative campaign might have been easy to miss. Until it wasn’t. 

The car company deployed tiny billboards placed at backup camera height so that drivers would see them when parking. Škoda knew the secret to great OOH advertising. When you can’t be the biggest, you at the very least need to be the smartest. 

More Than a Mural

Oatly has been on a tear lately. Their high-end milk alternative products are not only delicious. They’re also a stunning example of how to inject personality into a brand. Just look at their oat milk carton

But it was the Swedish oat milk brand’s graffiti-inspired Parisian murals this past year that had us talking. The campaign brings in the company’s signature font, cheeky copy, and provocative rhetorical questions directed at the consumer. Blend with that some truck signage and content ripe for social media and there’s no doubt Oatly deserved our attention this year. 

Eye-Popping 3D

3D digital billboards might be relatively new technology. But there is something that tells us it will be a concept that stays around for a while. And with examples like Nike’s Air Max campaign in Tokyo, Japan, we’re glad to see more of this novel concept! 

It’s a stunning use of technology. And one that crafts one of the best digital out-of-home advertising examples we’ve seen in a long time. 

The product beauty shot is not exactly new. But when beautiful animation, dynamic transitions, and more combine with immersive 3D, the result is just stunning. Good on you, Nike. 

Memorable Content

Did social media get any more memorable content than it did in 2023? We don’t think so, and this brilliant and hilarious out-of-home ad’s examples from Maybelline are exactly why. Social media couldn’t help but share videos of trains and buses in London getting a glow-up. All thanks to a ridiculously sized mascara brush and the brilliant OOH team that thought of it. 

One moment on TikTok was all it took for the ad to go viral. Soon, Maybelline was basking in the free advertising that followed. Of everything on our list, this was one of the examples of out-of-home advertising that has us talking all year. 

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