How to Use Gas Station Advertising to Your Advantage

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According to data from NACS, nearly 40 million Americans fill up their vehicles at gas stations each day. 44% of those gas station customers have shopping on the brain, stepping inside convenience stores to make a purchase. While they pump their gas, these consumers become a captive audience. They are ready to receive engaging brand messaging that informs their decision-making. 

That’s why gas station advertising has become one of the top marketing mediums in America. Pump ads put messaging directly in a customer’s line of sight. A single customer might interact with a gas pump ad and ads in the convenience store window on a single visit. With strategic implementation, you can easily catch consumers’ eyes and ensure your brand is front and center.   

Are you ready to capture the attention of your demographic while they’re on the go and ready to spend? Keep reading to learn more about the subtle power of gas station advertising. 

How to Utilize Gas Station Advertising 

Today, many major gas chains use gas pumps with screens. Often, these screens are interactive, allowing consumers to engage with content and make active choices about what they see. These gas station advertising displays pair video, animation, messaging, and sound to create a compelling, immersive experience. 

With that said, traditional static advertising, such as posters or pump ads, can effectively reach audiences without exorbitant overhead costs. Leads don’t necessarily need to be standing up and pumping gas to interact with your brand. A well-designed, eye-catching poster is visible from the street, the gas station parking lot, and even nearby businesses. A bold enough ad might entice consumers to visit the convenience store, even if they weren’t planning to stop for gas that day.  

If you do want to catch consumers at the pump, consider gas nozzle ads. These smaller signs attach directly to the gas pump nozzle, ensuring every customer sees them while pumping gas. Your captive audience will have no choice but to engage with your message. Paired with other static options, such as pump toppers and one sheet poster ads, you can tell a complete and compelling story right at the pump.   

Understanding the Gas Station Audience 


Advertising at gas stations allows you to reach a diverse audience of adults. Per the Federal Highway Administration, drivers span in age from teenagers through senior citizens. The majority of drivers are between the ages of 35 and 50 years old.  

Both local gas stations and highway gas stations have their benefits. Local gas stations in suburban areas can help you reach a higher-income demographic. In contrast, high traffic highway stations are often where you can attract families with household incomes.  

Consider that, by advertising near major highways where other advertising is scant, you will reach rural populations. This ensures you’ll have the right eyes on your branding and develop the ideal leads for your products or services.  

Effective Gas Station Advertising Strategies 

Whatever gas station advertising ideas you have in mind, they must be compelling. The more you know about the local demographic, the better you can target your messaging to reach your audience. Consider leveraging specificity to attract interest and attention, incorporating local references, landmarks, and slang. Your storytelling will feel more personal, drawing eyes and interest. Are you interested in leveraging the power of gas station advertising? Learn how AllOver Media can help tell your story. Learn more about gas station and convenience store advertising and begin your next campaign.