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How to Make an Impact with Door Hangers

When it comes to marketing, sometimes a direct strategy is exactly what you need. Door hangers, or door tags put your messaging straight into the hands of potential customers. More cost effective than direct-mail, they add a surprising new element to your marketing endeavors.  

But how do you get the biggest bang for your buck and really make an impact? With all the advertising that’s out there, how do you make your door hangers stand out? Well, AllOver Media has ideas and inspiration for you, so your door hanger advertising can produce real results. 

Personalize It 

Custom door hangers catch your audience’s attention. By researching local demographics, you can add a unique touch and make your messaging stand out. Personalizing makes a difference: according to new Epsilon research, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences.

By calling upon local references, humor, or cultural touchstones, you can create an advertising campaign that people will be sure to talk about and remember. 

Test Your Theory 

Do you have two ideas for a door hanger? Curious whether a red or blue background reaps different results? Try both! Varying your marketing tactics or design allows you to see specifically what people respond to, which is invaluable information for your future marketing endeavors. Make sure you change one variable at a time, so you can tell exactly which element was more effective. 

The FOMO Effect 

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, adds an urgency to your messaging that inspires action. Use your door hanger advertising to let your consumers know there’s limited time or supplies, so they’ll need to act fast if they’re interested in your offerings. Scarcity is a motivating factor and you can use it to your advantage when advertising. 

Make it Interactive

Interactive door hanger advertisements add a bonus level of fun! Scratch offs, QR codes, or tear off elements encourage folks to physically engage with your messaging. Not sure what to do with this added feature? We recommend promoting any discounts available. 67% of consumers say they’ve made a purchase they weren’t originally planning to make, solely based on getting a coupon or discount! 

Need some inspiration to get started? Here are a few interactive print ads to get your marketing wheels turning. (Our favorite is #13). 

AllOver Media is Here to Help! 

At AllOver Media, we love using door hangers to boost your brand’s visibility, and get your messaging straight into the hands of potential customers. Contact us to put your ideas to work, and get yourself out there! 

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Reach Your New Year’s Advertising Goals

As we witnessed in 2020, sometimes, it’s necessary to pivot your ad campaigns and messaging to suit the current situation and your customers’ needs. When it comes to marketing your business, however, one fact has proven itself to be true time and again: print is not dead. 

In fact, print is experiencing a major revival, and this actually started happening in 2020. Amazon, for instance, came out with a printed holiday catalogue that helped spark nostalgia in customers who remember the “good ole days” of receiving their seasonal Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalogs in their mailboxes. You may have also noticed an increase in mailers with advertisements and special promos to use at local restaurants, books stores, and other small businesses in your community.

Why the push to print from digital? Well, it’s clear digital is here to stay, but the cultural changes mentioned below suggest print isn’t going anywhere either:

  • The average time Americans spend online (i.e., via laptop, smartphone, tablets) has significantly increased as many people are still either working from home, practicing at-home learning, or connecting to loved ones outside of their household. And this added screen time has developed what many refer to as “digital burnout.”   
  • Because the competition of attracting the attention of users across digital media is so high, brands are discovering that what their customers really want are personalized experiences, hence the push for promotional mailers that arrive in physical, not Gmail, inboxes. In fact, since most of the physical mail we receive are bills, and an unfortunately high number of spam, receiving an authentic, well designed ad from your local merchant is well received and much appreciated. 
  • Print is tangible. This means you can hold it in your hands, and it doesn’t change. Digital, on the other hand, is abstract. It can change depending on the situation and other influences. Though sometimes, this is a great benefit, especially as we saw with the pandemic and businesses needing to inform their customers of new policies and hours of operation, when something isn’t concrete, it can feel fake or inauthentic to your users. But print, on the other hand, helps mark a moment in time that cannot be deleted or erased from public view. 

2021 Predictions in OOH Ads

It’s clear that print and Out of Home (OOH) advertising are going to be big this year.  With businesses beginning to open back up to the public, and customers looking for more personalized experiences from brands, now is the time to regroup on your current marketing efforts to get your voice heard and engage a larger audience.

Depending on your advertising goals, we recommend the following OOH ad campaigns:

Gas Pump Ads

As more Americans are heading back to work, and those who have postponed travel are now resuming their plans, you can expect more traffic (literally) at convenience stores in 2021. To learn more about the benefits of gas pumps ads, and the options available to you (i.e., gas nozzle, gas toppers, ice boxes, etc.), read our article.

Truckside Advertising

We’ve always believed in the power of truckside advertising to get your brand messaging to more people in less time. As consumers take to the streets and roads, it’s important to invest in marketing tactics that bring your advertisements directly to the customers, which then leads them right to your stores to complete a purchase. To learn more about the benefits of truckside advertising, read about our service offering

Door Hanger Ads

If you already know where your target demographic lives, consider the benefits of door hanger ads for your outdoor advertising campaigns. Door hanger ads allow you to get your brand directly in front of potential buyers, as well as spread the word about a new product launch or sale via store coupons, loyalty discounts, or promotional codes. This also allows you to combine your digital and print efforts together. For instance, customers can receive a special promo in the mail (personalized experience) and use it to shop online at your eCommerce store. To learn more about the benefits of door hanger ads, read our article

Get Connected with AllOver Media in 2021

The type of outdoor advertising you choose will depend on how you define success: Are you looking to attract more customers, convert larger sales, generate new leads, or a combination of the three?

To get started ramping up your 2021 marketing ads, contact AllOver Media. Our team has the experience, industry knowledge, and services you need to really gain traction on your 2021 ad campaigns. 

Boost Your Holiday and Christmas Advertising

Christmas tree with ornament

The jack-o-lanterns are put away, temperatures continue to drop, and now holiday displays are popping up everywhere. 

Tis’ the season to bring your holiday advertising to life! And with the average American spending $906 on Christmas gifts each year, this is the perfect time to use your ads to boost sales before the ball drops on New Year’s. 

Curious how you can improve your Christmas and holiday advertising campaigns? Check out some inspirational ideas to help you build excitement for your products and attract new customers this year!

Branded Holiday Hashtags

Branded holiday hashtags are a great way to create and build social media engagement. Studies show that exactly seven hashtags generate the most likes on an Instagram post. But instead of simply using generic hashtags like #MerryChristmas, a branded hashtag has the potential to start an interactive campaign. 

Think about REI’s #OptOutside campaign. The hashtag that inspired people to spend Black Friday outdoors with loved ones grew and strengthens their brand awareness every holiday season! 

Interactive Social Media Campaigns 

Use interactive social media content to your advantage as you plan your holiday advertising. Interactive content helps boost engagement, and most folks have opinions about the holidays. 

You can choose to create an online quiz to help customers select gifts for their loved ones; post an Instagram poll asking customers whether Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie or not (spoiler: it is); or create a Facebook post asking readers about their favorite holiday decorations. Not only will this drive engagement on your page, but it will also trickle out to other social media users who may not be aware of your brand! 

While you’re thinking about social media, take some time to update your profile with a holiday overhaul, too, so it’s also celebrating the season. 


Surveys confirm that people are more likely to make a purchase based on emotions rather than fact and data, and the holidays are the perfect time to imbue your advertisements with emotion. A combination of nostalgia and joy will warm a customer’s heart and get them excited by your holiday advertising. 

There are multiple ways you can get this sentimental message across to your customers, including mobile truckside advertising and digital mobile truckside advertising. Both platforms allow you to advertise your products and services to multiple people, at more places, in less time. And with digital truckside advertising, you can even play video, animated art, or static images that are reminiscent of the holiday season! 

Get Creative 

Get creative with your Christmas and holiday advertising. If you find you’ve used the same style of content, try switching it up this year! 

Why not create a cozy video, or a hilarious meme, that will get your brand trending? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or give irony a shot.

Another idea may be to invest in a door hanger ad campaign. This may sound old school to some, but we bet you’ve noticed more mailers and door hanger ads popping up in neighborhoods near you recently. 

What’s the reason brands are rediscovering their love of print media? As most Americans are still working from home, the internet and the time we spend staring at our screens is on maximum overdrive, and quite frankly, most customers are already maxed out. What that means is older trends are starting to reemerge, like print (did you see Amazon’s holiday catalog this year?). And these trends are offering customers a much-needed break from digital media.

Think of it this way: It might be much more refreshing for a customer to receive a door hanger advertising your new product launch or promotion than seeing it on the internet. It will come as a delightful surprise, much like a gift under the tree. Plus, they’re more likely to hold onto it vs. deleting an exclusive offer that might end up in their spam folder. 

Let’s Create Magic This Season

Ready to get into the holiday spirit? From digital truckside ads to door hangers and other creative Out of Home (OOH) Advertising ideas, we can help you get your holiday and Christmas advertising to the masses.

Contact us to get started! 

Door Hanger Marketing Benefits

Door hanger advertising for homes

Looking for creative ways to reach more customers where they live? Door hanger marketing may be the strategy for you.

We all know there are many benefits to Out of Home (OOH) Advertising, as these types of ad campaigns leave lasting impressions with a wider pool of audiences on the go. But did you know there’s another unique advertising solution that gets your brand even closer to your target audience? Right up to their doorstep, in fact. Door hanger marketing.

Though door hanger advertising has been around the block for decades, its ability to engage target audiences and drive more sales makes it an invaluable marketing tool for any size business. But how does door hanger advertising work, and is it even effective? In this blog, we’ll uncover the biggest door hanger advertising benefits and why you should consider it for your marketing strategy.

What Are the Benefits of Door Hangers for Marketing?

Door hanger advertising strategies involve creating door hangers to promote your brand and encourage community members to learn more about your products or services.

Door hanger marketing benefits range far and wide, from helping you localize your marketing strategy to promoting a new product or upcoming sale. Marketing door hangers offer the opportunity to meet your target audience where they already are, in the comfort of their own homes.

Here are some of the biggest door hanger advertising advantages to consider.

Target Audience by Zip Code:

Identifying who your target audience is by demographic will allow you to know exactly which neighborhoods and communities to focus your door hanger marketing campaign on for better conversions. You may also decide to use neighborhoods in close proximity to your brick-and-mortar building or nearby a local retailer who supplies your brand’s products.

Make a Bigger Impact:

Though smaller in size when compared to other popular types of OOH Advertising, including digital mobile billboards or truck wrap advertising, door hanger ads allow you to be more creative and versatile with your brand messaging and packaging. For example, you can feature graphic and design elements that help your hanger ads stand apart from the competition, including unique cuts or folds.

Or you can include a free custom memento from your company, such as a branded magnet or pen. You may even decide to feature a coupon or sampling of a promotional product to instantly put your brand’s offering in the hands of future customers!

Starbucks coffee sample bag next to a small display with Starbucks CTA words

Promote a New Sale/Offering:

Door advertising allows you to get your brand directly in front of potential buyers. They also help you spread the word about a new product launch or sale via store coupons, loyalty discounts, or promotional codes that customers can either apply during their next in-store purchase or use online at your eCommerce store.

Everyone loves a good sale. If your company is offering a new discount, but your competitors are not, what better way to entice shoppers to choose you over the competition than with a door hanger ad? Make the most of it by containing a special discount code to help them save on their favorite products.

Want More Unique Advertising Solutions?

With more customers staying at home these days, it’s essential that your brand’s marketing efforts work even harder to reach customers where they are! With door hanger ads, you can connect customers to your brand with eye-catching display graphics that won’t get lost in the junk mail pile.

To learn more about this and other OOH advertising campaigns, contact AllOver Media today! We’ll help you define your target audiences’ persona, desires, pain points, etc., so you always know how to put the right message in the right customers’ hands!

Request more information on door hanger marketing and other OOH Advertising opportunities from AllOver Media today.

3 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Door Hanger Advertising Campaign

Before you launch your next door hanger campaign, check out these 3 tips to help you make the most out of it:

#1. Keep in mind your Audience with multiple messages on the front and back of your door hanger or use one side for bilingual messaging to broaden your reach.

#2. Leave Behinds:
Consider a leave behind like a magnet, a product or even a menu. It’s a highly effective way to engage your consumer at their home and can dramatically extend the duration of your message.

#3. Attract Traffic to your Business:
Lastly get them in your door with a coupon or make it fun with a scratch off discount.

Door hangers are an eye-catching resource to display your brand’s message without getting lost in the junk mail pile. Connect your brand to consumers more effectively by bypassing traditional direct mail that gets thrown out; use door hanger advertising to set you apart from the crowd.

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What Can I Expect from Door Hangers?

If you’re an advertiser, you know it’s hard to get in the front door. Newspapers may offer affordable ad rates, but most readers toss or recycle them after glancing at the headlines. And direct mail gets stuck in a bundle of other junk, meaning that by the time consumers notice the ad they’re ready to throw it out. That makes door hanger advertising an easy winner in this competition.

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