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Consider These 5 Indoor Advertising Concepts for Your Next Campaign

Blank billboard posters in the airport,Empty advertising billboard at aerodrome

Digital in-hand advertising is all the range. But with costly pay-per-click (PPC) structures and greedy digital companies, they’re not always worth their set-up time. 

There is simply something to be said for good old-fashioned indoor advertisements. These advertising strategies have been around for a long time, and with good reason. They are cost-effective, immediately editable, and can drive high engagement. 

If you have a product or service that deserves attention, indoor advertising is a great way of attracting it. According to the Indoor Billboard Advertising Bureau, indoor advertising is 22 times more likely to drive audience captivation. According to the study, this is when compared with other print ads. 

But not all indoor advertisement concepts are created equal. Simply featuring your product or service in a ho-hum way is sure to bore prospective customers. 

Instead, put your effort into designing creative indoor advertising that is sure to be memorable. Here are just five indoor advertising ideas for your brand.  

1. The Blanket Approach

Sure, a single, well-designed indoor advertisement is likely to attract some attention. But the best ads are the ones that are the most memorable. 

Sometimes it’s because an ad has an indelible tagline. Sometimes it’s because the product or company is just so hot that it attracts attention on its own. But sometimes, the ad placement itself can attract customer attention. 

In confined spaces, your ad placement can maximize impressions through the process of repetition. Place your ads every few feet, or dominate a single venue with multiple ad placements. The key to this concept is more: more placements, more ads, and more impressions. 

With a single ad, your customers may forget they even saw it. But with intentionally repetitious ad placements, each new ad will serve as a reminder of your offering. 

This concept, when executed well, is perfect for high foot traffic areas, such as:  

  • Bars & Restaurants 
  • Laundromats 
  • Salons 
  • Grocery Stores 
  • And more 

2. Ads that Echo Each Other

Repetition, as discussed in our last bullet, has its place. However, if done poorly ads such as these tend to irritate rather than activate. To capitalize on this approach without risking over-saturation, consider an approach that adds subtle variation to your placements. 

You can let your design team truly shine with concepts that bleed looks from one ad to the next. Or, let your copywriting team develop some playful copy that offers up a call and response between your spots. 

The key to this concept is that your ads should, whether aesthetically or syntactically, almost have a conversation amongst themselves.  

3. Digital Installations

Creative indoor advertising doesn’t simply refer to static posters or billboards. These days, ad placements can take all sorts of forms, including digital displays. 

Indoor digital advertising is great for companies that have a lot of information to share in a short amount of time. It’s also perfect for companies who want to showcase multiple products or services in the context of a single ad. 

Much like banner or popup advertising, this form of advertising is best served by attention-grabbing animations. A well-designed indoor advertisement campaign is key with this one. 

However, one benefit of that more popular ad vehicle is customers can’t simply scroll past your ad with their finger. While indoor digital advertising isn’t exactly a captive audience style, it’s about as close as indoor digital advertising gets. 

4. Interactive Elements 

Give your customers something to do with your ad by layering in interactive elements. These touchable moments could allow customers to see your product in 3D. Or they could offer a simple quiz to determine which of your service offerings is best for them. 

By putting your customers in your ad’s driver’s seat, you allow them to form a relationship with your brand. And all on their terms. 

5. Layer in Online Experiences

Your customer journey doesn’t need to stop at the indoor advertisement’s borders. Unique web experiences are a great way of continuing your customer’s discovery period after they’ve walked away. 

However, don’t confuse this suggestion with a simple URL to your homepage. Instead, create a unique online experience or microsite that is intended to offer a dynamic means of interacting with your brand. By placing a QR code to that experience within your ad, the handoff can happen instantly. Plus, you can be more assured of customer engagement. 

Utilize an Indoor Advertising Leader 

When launching your indoor advertising campaign, it is important to partner with an expert in indoor advertising media. At AllOver Media, we work with brands of all sizes to create winning ad placements that convert. If you are ready to launch your creative indoor advertising campaign, see how AllOver Media can help

Indoor Advertising Advantages for Your Brand

Bar mug advertisement for Bar Rescue TV Show - Someone filling mug with beer

As winter approaches, it’s safe to assume that more people will flock inside for entertainment, dining, and essential errands. According to the British Journal of Dermatology, indoor activity increases up to 100% in the winter.

During such drastic seasonal changes, it’s important to consider how you can alter your advertising strategy to accommodate new customer behaviors and needs. Understanding the benefits of digital indoor advertising and creating an indoor advertising branding strategy can lead you to success, even during the drearier months.

Benefits of Indoor Advertising

Why consider indoor media advertising?

Indoor advertisements are an effective way to capitalize on this steady increase in traffic during the colder months of the year. And because individuals are more likely to linger inside these spaces for longer periods of time—after all, who wants to rush back out into that cold?!—you have more time to grab their attention! No matter what type of indoor advertising you want to showcase, you’ll likely have more eyes on your collateral during those cold months.

Audiences are becoming more splintered—not to mention more wary— of ads filling up their inboxes or online search queries. Indoor advertising helps engage consumers from an uncluttered, eye-level vantage point. This makes it a knockout when it comes to winter advertising tactics.

Consider these major advantages of indoor advertising as you plan your next campaign.

1. Your Audience is Already There

Advertising in restaurants, bars, and digital indoor ads catches customers in locations that are naturally appealing. Advertisers do not need to ask for consumers to listen to or watch an ad with indoor advertising. Instead, they are able to bring their advertisement to locations where individuals already gather.

Bathroom advertising, for example, attempts to engage an audience that has nothing else to look at. Placing an ad in a restroom can capitalize on the lack of conversation or personal interaction that customers experience in these spaces. This not only ensures you grab their attention, but it also ensures your message is received.

According to the Indoor Billboard Advertising Association, 75% of restaurant visitors use the restroom during their stay. In a bar or a nightclub, the average customer uses the restroom almost three times per stay. That translates into multiple impressions per consumer.

2. Practice Precision with an Indoor Marketing Strategy

Although consumers view as many as 5,000+ ads a day—approaching 2 million annually—they usually remember only 1-3 percent of those digital marketing advertisements without prompting.

Restroom advertising is so appealing because it doesn’t get mixed in with all the other messages they experience. In fact, a remarkable 64% of restroom visitors recall seeing one or more indoor ads.

3. Get To Know Your Clientele Even Better

With indoor advertising, you also have the luxury of knowing more about your clients. Precision in advertising helps increase impact; if an individual connects with the material, they are more likely to remember it.

For example, if you advertise in a music venue, you can tailor your ad to the type of music lovers that would attend the venue’s concerts. If you know the club hosts mostly jazz ensembles, for instance, you can work jazz content into your advertising. This can create a connection on the basis of music interest, and it helps the individual recall the ad much later.

Here are a few examples of how consumer targeting can be achieved by:

  • Gender — In men’s and women’s restrooms, with separate messaging for each.
  • Lifestyle — Like sports fans in sports bars or arenas. Or moms with young kids at baby changing stations or other family-friendly venues such as fast-food restaurants, bowling alleys, day care, or play centers.
  • Other demographics such as ethnicity — For example, a Hispanic demographic can be targeted within neighborhoods that have Spanish grocery stores, laundromats, or check-cashing locations.

The possibility of the target demographic extends beyond what is mentioned here. The endless location potential can be precisely targeted by gender, lifestyle, age, zip code, DMA, or state.

4. Indoor Advertising Is A Good Branding Strategy

Indoor advertising gives brands the unique experience of having 1-3 minutes to spend with each individual consumer. 

In a study, it was reported that 3 out of 4 people considered a change in habit or behavior right after seeing an indoor advertisement. In addition, 98% of individuals interviewed in this same study said that they reacted positively or neutrally to indoor advertisements.

This seems to apply across the gender binary, as well. Men and women seemed to respond the same way in their polling research.

Indoor advertising takes branding to a new level. When creating a campaign, the best plan of action is not focusing on where the ads are placed, but rather on the target audience. 

Indoor advertising can provide you with a more precise target and positive result, as demonstrated above.

5. Your Indoor Advertisements Get Repeat Exposure

Advertising in bars and restaurants gives you the opportunity to attract the same customers multiple times. Most people have a favorite bar or restaurant they frequent a few times a month (or more). Your indoor ads will create repeat impressions on these individuals, making them more likely to remember and act on your ad (Brand ME Advertising).

6. You Can Be Creative With Indoor Advertising

Indoor advertising is not limited to restrooms. There are many creative options for style and placement of your indoor advertisements. Unlike billboards or gas pump ads, you can vary the style, shape, and placement of your indoor campaigns. This is the place to get creative and stand out—and capitalize on the benefits of indoor advertising

Other creative solutions can be found in items such as bar media, which are great enhancements to any indoor advertising campaign.

Additional conversations at the bar, or around the table, can be had with ads on coasters, table tents, and check presenters. Bar media items can also include posters with audio and motion sensors that react whenever patrons walk by. 

When it comes to bar media, AllOver Media has endless options for you.

7. Indoor Advertising Media Can Go All Over Town

Indoor advertising can bring success to businesses regardless of the industry, and it’s a great way to spread the word about your brand across town. This form of advertising is a great way to meet current customers in the middle and get your name around to potential customers, too. If you’re interested in digital indoor advertising, consider the following:

  • Grocery store advertising
  • Pharmacy advertising
  • Bar advertising
  • Restaurant advertising

Is Your Brand Ready for Indoor Advertising?

Looking to maximize your business’s exposure this winter? We’re ready to help and now is the time to get started. 

These campaigns can take time to create and execute. The sooner you begin the discovery process, the sooner your ads can appear in indoor spaces. 

Explore our resources and contact our team to get started!

4 Benefits of OOH Media

Mobile billboard truck.

Most of us are familiar with the term Out of Home Advertising. But what many people don’t realize is how this platform has (and continues to) take over the digital landscape. Out of Home (OOH) media, like OOH advertising, allows businesses to showcase their brand’s products, personas, and messaging to customers in larger geographic areas, where they’re more inclined to make a point of purchase. 

Think about seeing a giant billboard advertisement on the side of a building. It’s showcasing a happy couple enjoying a refreshing caffeinated drink. Having this billboard advertisement strategically placed near major retail centers may entice pedestrians to stop in and grab the same beverage on the way to their next destination.

Now, imagine seeing this same advertisement but rather than it staying in one place, it’s able to move along with you and span a larger area, creating more brand impressions than you ever thought possible. This is how OOH advertising has evolved into OOH media, or more simply put, digital advertising on the go!

Digital Billboard Trucks, C-Store Advertising, Bar Media, and More!

These days there are countless media platforms you can utilize to promote your products and connect more customers to your brand. At AllOver Media, we specialize in helping businesses find effective marketing solutions using creative OOH media advertising, such as:

Digital Billboard Trucks: Plan for higher customer engagement with LED billboard trucks. From playing videos to displaying animated art or static images, our mobile digital billboard trucks offer more custom options and keep your brand messaging on the move, so you reach more neighborhoods around your targeted areas. 

C-Store Advertising: Gas station advertising has revolutionized the way brands market to their customers. From gas pump and nozzle displays to ice box ads, if you’re looking to test your marketing campaigns in higher trafficked areas, c-store advertising creates a central hub, where you’re able to capture your customers’ attention longer to build better brand awareness.  

Bar Media: Believe it or not, those branded coasters you set your beer glass on at restaurants are another clever form of OOH media. Consider this: have you ever “not” noticed the logo or promotions printed on the coaster label? It’s hard to miss brand messaging that’s literally sitting right in front of you, and because most patrons like to take their time while dining out, there’s a much greater chance that the brand printed on that coaster is getting more positive exposure. 

Remember, people go out to enjoy an evening with close friends, good food, and entertainment. What better place to showcase your brand than a setting where customers are having a good time and are likely to stay longer in the same place? 

Other types of bar media we offer, include:

  • Indoor Posters
  • Table Tents
  • Coasters
  • Door & Mirror Clings
  • Branded Items

Digital Indoor Ads: Whether you’ve attended a restaurant, sports bar, shopping center, or airport, you’ve likely had your attention captured by digital indoor ads. These types of OOH media allow you to showcase your brand with vibrant static messages or positive videos, all strategically placed in distraction-free areas to deliver each message directly to your consumers.

To recap, let’s breakdown the top 4 benefits of OOH Media from the examples listed above:

  1. Better Customer Engagement
  2. More Brand Exposure (i.e. impressions)
  3. Greater Flexibility
  4. More Customization

Experience the Benefits of OOH Media

The realm of OOH is constantly changing, but with help from AllOver Media, you’ll know exactly which platforms and ad campaigns will give you the greatest return on investment. We’ve helped many brands and industry leaders make a bigger impact by getting their message to customers where they are and when they need it. 

To get started planning your brand marketing strategy, contact AllOver Media.

Using Indoor Advertising for HIV Prevention Education

State programs have been ramping up advertising. Their health campaigns provide crucial messaging to raise awareness and promote preventable care for HIV. Many are including Indoor Advertising in their media mix, an engaging option that efficiently reaches the right audience.

Focused Targeting 

The LGBTQ community has the highest HIV transmission rate among any demographic group and is a priority for these programs. The CDC has found gay and bisexual men account for 70% of new HIV infections. Programs focus on steering the community to talk more opening about HIV. One in six gay and bisexual men living with HIV are unaware they have it. Many of the messages encourage prevention education, testing, treatment and directing to available resources.

Indoor Advertising - Poster

Multiple Touch Points

Indoor ads are a straightforward way to put the message directly in front of an audience. Government groups are working with AllOver Media to concentrate on cities, zip codes, and neighborhoods throughout the country. We assist with selecting well-known gay bars and restaurants utilizing indoor advertising and place multiple messages across the venue. Options include messaging on coasters, table tents at their seat and posters in the restroom. Indoor ads are introduced throughout their experience without being annoying.

Indoor Advertising - Coasters

In 2009, the CDC released the value of preventable care and the impact it has had on the community. Between 1991 – 2006, the medical cost savings from prevention is estimated at $129.9 billion including avoiding 361,878 new HIV infections. Continuous education will only help increase those numbers. To learn more information about preventable care, go to

Indoor Advertising - Poster

Venue Spotlight: TCF Stadium in Minneapolis, MN

On March 17, a crowd will start a mile away and chant their way to TCF Stadium on the University of Minnesota campus. That Saturday will be the home opener for Major League Soccer team Minnesota United FC kicking off their second year at TCF Stadium. Last year MN United brought in an average of 20,538 supporters per game, totaling 349,138 fans their inaugural season. The stadium will host 17 home games and 1 international friendly (opponent yet to be announced) between March and October.

MN United Supporters, Credit: Jeremy Olson –

MN United FC draws a unique collection of supporters from all different backgrounds around the Twin Cities. On game day you’ll find the diehard supporters in the Dark Cloud section, corporate outings, families who are experiencing the game for the first time, as well as groups of international fans there to see their favorite players.

NCAA Football: Air Force v Minnesota

In addition to the events and concerts TCF Stadium hosts throughout the year, it is primarily the home of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers Football team. First home game of the season is Aug 30, 2018 and running through the end of November. The Gophers drew 310,506 fans for the 2017 season, averaging an attendance of 44,358 per game. A partnership with AllOver Media allows access to an exclusive advertising space within TCF Stadium, including standard indoor advertising sizes and large format wallscapes.

Contact us today to learn about our limited ad packages currently available for the March – December season!

Minnesota Gophers Stats
2017 MLS Attendance

Venue Spotlight: Pepsi Center in Denver, CO

The ultimate venue for events in Denver, the Pepsi Center is home to some of the most popular sporting teams in Colorado including the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, and Colorado Mammoth. It also plays host to major concerts and events throughout the year, generating a constant stream of entertainment-seekers that are highly valued by brands looking to reach an audience with disposable income. Through our unique partnership AllOver Media is able to place ads in restrooms throughout the venue, including standard indoor advertising sizes and large format wallscapes.

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Customer Focus: Millennials At Play and How to Reach Them

Capture Millennials Where They Play

If your customer focus is on the nation’s largest living generation, the Millennials, read this blog.

Millennials (ages 18-34) now number 75.4 million surpassing the 74,9 million Baby Boomers (ages 51-69). (1)

The great nocturnal spectrum of bars, clubs and lounges now belongs to a whole new crowd — and in whose collective hands the fortunes of many a food, beverage and entertainment entrepreneur depend. (1)
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