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Are Pizza Box Flyers Right for My Business?

Pizza. Pizza box flyers can be affective forms of advertising.

If you’re looking to get your brand’s message straight into the homes of potential customers, consider showcasing your offerings on pizza box flyers. This medium is an incredibly effective way to get inside the homes and minds of your audience. But a couple of advertising missions work extra well for this strategy. Let’s take a look at a few of them! 

First: The Unique Benefits of Pizza Box Flyers 

Whether it’s a Friday night sleepover, a birthday party, a work function, or the big Sunday game, pizza is a trusted American staple you can use for your upcoming advertising campaign. 

When you attach attractive flyers to these boxes, you have an opportunity to make an impact. Pizza boxes sit inside the home, typically giving you an average of 45 minutes of brand exposure. This exposure means your audience has a much higher chance of brand recall, meaning they’ll remember you long after the box lands in the recycling bin. 

Who Gets the Most Out of Pizza Box Advertising

While we create pizza box flyers for a range of industries, there are a couple of specific strategies we at AllOver Media find to be extra effective. 

Deals. If you’re running an exciting promotion, let folks know about it with big, bold designs. Increase urgency by giving it an end date or connecting the deal to a holiday, such as Father’s Day or Labor Day. 

Technology. From cell phones to the internet, technology has a place on top of pizza boxes. Encourage your audience to upgrade their world and enjoy their favorite entertainment – movies, games, and social media – even faster. 

Local Businesses. This is an excellent opportunity to partner with a local pizza joint! When you call out your ties to the surrounding community, folks are more likely to notice, save, and remember your advertising. 

Rebranding. Whether you recently changed your name, logo, or branding altogether, these flyers effectively communicate that while you may look different, you still deliver the same results. 

Entertainment. Pizza orders often accompany different forms of entertainment. If you’re looking to promote your new movie, television series, or video game, why not inspire these pizza-lovers to check out your latest creation?

Complementary Foods. If your audience is hungry, why not appeal to other foods they might enjoy, such as ice cream, sodas, or even future pizza orders. This works exceptionally well if you have appetizing imagery to accompany your message! 

Learn more about our pizza box advertising. 

Hungry for More?

Hopefully, you’re ready to try a new advertising strategy this summer! Our experts at AllOver Media would love to help create something memorable. We’ll guide you through the entire process, including: 

  • Developing and refining your messaging.
  • Creating dynamic designs that reflect your branding in highly engaging ways. 
  • Executing the ads with our trusted partners.

If you’ve been hesitant to invest in unique advertising ideas, let’s get this (pizza) party started. Contact us today to begin!