Depending on how you interact with AllOver Media, the categories of personal information that we may collect include first and last name, date of birth, gender, email address, phone number(s), business or residential address, affiliate business addresses, job title, and if applicable, company name and role within such company, tax identification numbers, tax classification, organization classification, business hours of operation; and when applicable, handwritten or electronic signature, credit or debit card number and other payment card information, any information included in email or other messaging correspondence conducted between you and our employees or representatives, other financial account and authentication information, and billing and shipping address information. We do not collect any Geolocation data, Sensory data, or Internet or other similar network activity (although we use cookies through our web site, nothing identifiable is compiled or aggregated from such use). We do not collect any Biometric information other than your voice recordings stored on an AllOver Media voicemail box.

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