Door Hanger Advertising

Want to greet your potential customers at the door without being present on their front porch? Advertising door hangers work as useful marketing material that encourages homeowners to inquire about your product or service.

You don’t have to personally meet consumers at their homes to show them what you have to offer. Door hanger advertising offers a convenient way to put your brand name at top of mind when homeowners get to the front door.


Share Your Brand Door-to-Door

The average American receives as much as 69 tons of junk mail each year. Consumers throw 50% of that mail in the trash, where it is incinerated.


Unlike expensive direct mail campaigns that often go unnoticed, strategically placed door hangers in targeted neighborhoods capture the attention of potential customers at a fraction of the cost.


Door hanger marketing is a highly efficient and cost-effective advertising strategy that delivers impressive results.


  • Stand out with advertising that more effectively reaches the consumer
  • Get impactful results from busy, on-the-go consumers
  • Give customers the convenience of learning about your brand without finding you on their own
  • Leverage your knowledge of neighborhood demographics to deliver your message to the right consumers

Door Hanger Advertising is Cost Effective and Efficient

Do door hangers really work for advertising?


Yes. With precise demographic targeting and minimal material waste, door hanger distribution maximizes your marketing dollars while minimizing your environmental impact. Forget about junk mail piling up in recycling bins – door hangers ensure your message is front and center when residents return home.


Door-hanger ads are most effective for businesses that deliver regular domestic services. You’ll put your brand in the eyeline of those who are already looking for your service.


For example, consider a major telecommunications company that offers affordable, convenient mobile services across the country. Such clients have had success leveraging door hanger advertising in regions covered by their phone and internet services. Because they offer national coverage, they can distribute door hangers affordably in a diverse range of markets while still reaching their target demographic.


Door hanger advertising is also valuable for major brands with nationwide franchises, such as fast casual dining chains. Door hangers are the perfect way to announce a grand opening, showcase a new product, or deliver enticing coupons or promotions. Because the homeowners have these chains right in their communities, reminding them about their local options is an excellent way to inform their decision-making. If you place a door hanger during the day, leads will be thinking about your brand at dinnertime.


In essence, advertising with door hangers is an efficient and effective way for national brands to reach leads where they live, generating revenue with minimal effort.

Plan Your Advertising Campaign

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