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Impressions vs Reach in Out of Home Advertising: What’s the Difference?

Out of home advertising

Whether you’re running a small business and taking the initiative to get your brand more exposure, or you’re simply looking for new opportunities to market your company in a convenient, efficient, and effective way, out of home advertising is the way to go. 

Reaching the consumer outside of their home offers a simple way to create brand awareness, encouraging engagement and bringing in customers that may have overlooked your products and services otherwise. But getting behind OOH advertising and trusting its effectiveness doesn’t just happen by word of mouth – it comes from understanding the research and notable metrics. 

Measuring impressions and reach, for example, gives you better insights into how many people came in contact with your advertisement and soaked it up before making (or neglecting to make) a purchasing decision. 

But what’s the difference between reach and impression, and how does it apply to OOH advertising? Let’s take a closer look at how these metrics play a part in your success, and how AllOver Media can help you track reach and impressions. 

Difference Between Reach and Impressions

When assessing the similarities and differences between impressions and reach, most are diving into their content marketing strategy or social media marketing strategy. Reach and impressions are calculated based on how many unique users came in contact with your pieces of content. 

Understanding how to improve the effectiveness of your advertising efforts starts with getting to know how many people engaged with your content to begin with. The main difference between impressions and reach, according to Sprout Social, is:

  • Reach is the number of people who came in contact with your content.
  • Impressions refer to the number of times your content was put on display. This includes your content showing up in search results, not just the total number of times your content was clicked. 

In many cases, you may be more inclined to learn about your reach metrics, but impressions are just as important. When you track impressions, you have a better idea of getting your content in front of the right people. When your impressions count rises, that means your reach count will inevitably increase as well. It’s the difference between exposure and engagement; the more exposure your brand name has, the more likely it will reach the right people. 

What’s the Difference Between Reach and Impressions in OOH Advertising?

Understanding the relationships between impressions and reach in OOH advertising is a little different than measuring social media strategies with analytics tools, however, the intentions are the same.

Impressions refer to how many eyes have been exposed to a specific message or advertisement, while reach refers to the percentage of the population that will see the message within a time frame. Reach takes more into account; targeted weights, length of the campaign, demographic, and population play a major role in the ability to accurately measure reach. 

In simpler terms, this is what reach vs impressions looks like in OOH advertising:

  • Impressions: The number of people who see your advertisement
  • Reach: How many people came in contact with your advertisement based on the timing and placement of the message

By getting ahead of these numbers, you can better formulate your advertising efforts, creating unique messaging that different audience members can absorb and take advantage of as they’re exposed to your brand.

How We Measure Reach and Impressions with OOH Advertising 

AllOver Media uses the Gallop Math Formula to estimate reach, impressions, and frequency of your advertisements. Here’s how it works:

  • Frequency = Demographic Daily GRP x Target Audience Weight x Number of Days/100
  • Reach = Demographic Daily GRP x Target Audience Weight/Frequency 

Target Audience Weights are an estimate of the number of people within that age range who are most likely to be exposed to the OOH media or advertisement. 

By better understanding metrics like reach and impressions, you can get a better grasp on your brand awareness efforts as well. When you have these metrics at your disposal, you can feel better about designing a tailored message that will reach your target audience at the right place and right time. 

Impressions and reach management allow you to continue growing as a business as you channel the marketing efforts that work best for your brand. 

Take Your OOH Advertising Measures to the Next Level 

Traditional out of home advertising methods, such as billboards and concrete signage can make a big difference in reaching your target audience and getting them to convert. If you want to stand out from the competition and wow your potential customers, consider digital out of home advertising instead. 

AllOver Media can help you get more creative with your advertising and offer an attractive, thought-provoking option that meets consumers where they work, relax, wine, and dine. 

From dedicated digital trucks to static signage and digital gas pump advertisements, we can help you create custom messages to put on display during different times and days of the week. This allows you to deliver the most accurate, timely message to specific consumers in hopes of grabbing their attention and making a strong impression.

Whether you’re looking to reach new customers at their university, catch them at the convenience store or make them turn heads in the mall or shopping center, we can help. Reach out to us today for more information on how we can plan your next advertising campaign.

Beat the Heat with Ice Box Advertising

Ice box advertising is a great way to encourage impulse shopping!

Summer is ramping up which can only mean one thing: it’s time to party. As people head to cabins and backyards for heartfelt reunions over barbecues and beer, many of them will be stopping along the way to pick up extra ice.

When it comes to ooh advertising trends, few locations receive more consistent, reliable traffic than an ice box, making them prime locations for advertising. These bright ads wrap around the surface of gas station ice boxes, so even if your customers don’t purchase ice on their stop, they’ll see your ad from their car or the pump. There is simply no better place to suggest a little bit of impulse shopping. 

Catch Customers On The Move

Ice box advertising can help your messaging stand out on a hot summer's day!

Even though we often don’t notice ice when it’s there, we absolutely notice when it’s gone. It is a necessity when it comes to summer fun, and gas station ice boxes see constant traffic when the weather is warm. Though you may not be able to predict where your customers will roam this summer, you can be sure that they’ll need ice. Using gas station advertising such as ice box ads is a great way to catch customers on the move.

Make Your Ice Box Advertising Stand Out

Even though ice box advertising gets great traffic, it is still important to make sure that your ad stands out. Some ways to do so include:

  • Use short, catchy phrasing that will get stuck in customers’ heads. If you can create a slogan that rhymes, all the better!

  • Pick bold, unique colors that aren’t normally seen in a gas station. Avoid the normal gas station palettes that include red, blue, navy, etc.

  • Show off your product. Some products, especially food-related ones, are great advertisements for themselves. Plastering a high-res picture of your famous fries on the side of an ice box will make it very difficult for customers to avoid stopping by.

  • Use the 3D nature of the ice box to your advantage. Remember that your customers will be able to see all sides of the ice box, so get creative with your design! Turning the ice box into a giant version of your product, for example, is something that audiences will likely remember. 

Brainstorm Summer Advertising Ideas With AllOver Media

If you’re ready to make your ice box advertising dreams a reality, AllOver Media has your back. We can help you maximize your marketing projects, to make sure you follow your customers wherever they go this summer. Want to get started? Check out our ice box advertising page and contact us today!

Fuel Up Your Gas Pump Ads

Gas pump ads for hot sauce.

As temperatures continue to dip and Frank Sinatra starts crooning on the radio, that can only mean one thing: the holidays are approaching fast. Now, with everyone desperate for a change of scenery, an increase in travel is expected. 

More people hitting the road (and inevitably stopping for gas) means there’s no better time to utilize gas station advertising. Trust AllOver Media to get your ads noticed!

Why Gas Pump Advertising is So Effective 

The average person stops at a gas station 5-7 times a month, and with holiday road trips on the horizon, that number is bound to increase. By targeting consumers with a gas pump ad, you have a unique opportunity to reach them in a “distraction free zone”, where they don’t have much to do besides pay attention to the advertisements on the gas pump or nozzle. 

By reaching your audience when they’re less distracted, you have a higher chance of sticking in their minds once their tank is full.

Gas Pump Toppers

These types of signs sit on top of the gas pump, strategically placed at eye level. By investing in a bold image situated in a highly visible area, you have the unique opportunity to catch the eye of whoever is tasked with filling up the tank, which can take anywhere from 2-3 undistracted minutes

Plus, these gas pump advertisements bring the customer straight to your messaging, which means it’s less invasive than other ad campaigns. 

Gas Nozzle Advertisements 

You’ve probably noticed these advertisements placed right on the gas nozzle when you’ve filled up your own tank. In addition to being placed in an ideal spot for an undistracted consumer to take in, this placement can generate 116,000 impressions per month per gas station. 

That’s a lot of eyes on your unique messaging! 

Proximity to Home/Work

Most people visit gas stations that are 1-2 miles from their home or workplace (although these days that might be the same place!) This will help you target your audience with even higher accuracy, helping you put the ideal messaging in front of your intended demographic. 

Gas pump advertisements are ideal if you’re looking to pack a better punch without taking a big hit to your wallet. Whether you choose to place your advertisement on top of the gas pump, or on the gas nozzle, these gems are a cost-effective way to place your product right in the eye of the consumer. 

Get Connected with AllOver Media

Ready to start enjoying the benefits of gas pump advertisements? Great! Contact us at AllOver Media and let’s get your product, service, or message to your customers. 

Ice is Nice – Unexpected C-Store Opportunities

As we welcome the hot summer months ahead, many customers are eager to head up north to their cabins or lake houses to spend every free moment basking outdoors in the fresh air. But there’s one stop they’ll have to make before they get there. 

Ice box advertising for the Minnesota Wild hockey team.

Convenience stores offer prime real estate for advertising your products and services to customers across the state and region. And as more businesses begin to reopen post COVID-19 shutdown, and more people are able to get outside and explore local areas, now is the perfect time to launch an effective marketing campaign that targets customers on the move! 

An alternative to Out of Home (OOH) advertising, convenience-store ad campaigns are all about bringing your brand messaging to a larger demographic of customers. In a previous post, we focused on the benefits of c-store advertising for your business, but this time, we wanted to share some unique strategies to help make your brand stand out and attract the right attention!

Unique OOH Advertising Ideas

This summer, customers will be attending smaller gatherings of barbeques, fishing at nearby lakes, and heading to their family cabins for the weekend. And while they make these plans, the summer heat will continue to climb, meaning they’ll need to grab a few bags of ice along the way. 

Ice Box Advertising wraps around the exterior of the refrigerated container, which sits strategically in front of the store’s main entrance. So, when customers enter or exit the store, grab their ice, etc., they’ll see your new product launch or promotional sale multiple times, increasing brand impressions. 

Ready to Try Something Unexpected? There’s more to ice box advertising than just displaying a banner. With such an open and large space to advertise your brand, there’s a lot of flexibility and customization you’ll want to consider. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Create a bold statement with your campaigns using memorable 3-D graphics, icons, or images that wrap smoothly around the ice box’s surface. This adds a surprising element that customers can’t help but notice and lean into for a closer look. 
  • Enhance your c-store advertising campaign with brighter colors, simple calls to action, and clear hierarchy. For instance, consider what the most important information on the ice box should be: your name, your logo, your promotion, or your image? Place items in order of importance so that you don’t have conflicting images or graphics competing for the customers’ attention. 
  • Incorporate unique designs or include typography along the edges of the ice box to create an interesting contrast. For instance, the ice box will likely contain two windows on each side for customers to open and retrieve their ice before closing shut. Use these compartments and angles to your advantage with creative design that still align with your brand messaging but also provide a unique perspective that customers aren’t used to seeing. 
Ice box advertising business

Plan Your C-Store Marketing Advertising with AllOver Media

Melt the competition this summer with effective OOH advertising from AllOver Media. Our team will help you expand your marketing efforts to the right locations, so you reach your target audience where they live, work, and play. 

To learn more about the benefits of ice box advertising or to find ideas on other c-store marketing strategies, contact us today. 

C-Store Advertising: Reach Your Customers Where They Live and Work

C-Store Advertising

Convenience stores and gas pumps offer a central hubspot for spreading the word about your brand to more customers on the go. According to the National Association of Convenience & Fuel Retailing, “Convenience stores are intensely local businesses that offer an ever-growing range of products and services. Most of all, they sell convenience, allowing customers to quickly buy what they need and get on with their day.”

With more than 1,400 transactions a day, and over 83% of all in-store merchandise consumed within the first hour of purchase (per NACS Convenience Tracking Program data), convenience stores can help you sell your products fast and more frequently.

Benefits of Convenience Store Marketing

More Convenience: On average, the majority of c-shoppers live and work within a two mile radius of convenience stores. This allows you to target your primary audience across multiple geos and in heavily populated areas.

More Engagement: Marketing your brand in distraction-free zones, like gas pumps, creates invaluable opportunities for your brand to successfully enhance experiences, drive awareness, and inspire more point-of-purchases, as your customers only need to walk inside a convenience store to complete their shopper’s journey.

Types of Convenience Store Ads

  • Gas Pump Advertising: Gas pump topper ads help target potential customers in both metropolitan and rural areas. Positioned at eye level, these types of convenience store ads easily engage customers while they’re left standing in place, filling their gas tanks. By creating a fun, engaging ad that showcases your products or new promotion, you have their full attention and are more likely to influence their transaction.
  • Gas Nozzle Advertising: Put your brand message right into the hands of your customers. As daily commuters grab the nozzle to fill up, your ad will instantly draw their attention. And because customers spend an average of 3-5 minutes at the gas pump, you have their undivided attention to promote a product or increase brand awareness.
  • One Sheet Posters: Branded poster sheets are typically located at or near the point-of-sale of your product. These types of convenience store ads have the ability to influence your customers’ behaviors at the most meaningful stage in the buying cycle.
  • Ice Box Advertising: Visually striking, ice box wraps are viewed multiple times, creating increased brand impressions and influence.

If you’re considering or already running c-store advertisements, a great supplement to this is geo-fencing mobile advertising. Geo-fencing geographically targets your brand’s advertisements to the phones of potential customers near your OOH advertising placement. This unique ad targeting paired with close proximity to additional advertisements is a powerful combination for generating fast awareness among your target consumer base.

Plan Your Convenience Store Ads with AllOver Media

Convenience stores represent high traffic areas, where the majority of consumers visit regularly and are more likely to buy at the point-of-purchase. To learn more about the benefits of convenience store marketing, contact AllOver Media to get started with your campaign.

Ready to get noticed? Discover AllOver Media’s suite of advertising solutions.

Convenience Store Advertising: What Can It Do For Your Business?

Many businesses benefit from convenience store advertising (C-Stores) because we can successfully reach the right audience for you. We can help you get a mass amount of visibility out into a market very quickly and communicate a promotion or brand message to the people you need to influence. The average consumer stops within 1-2 miles of where they live and work. We use this location information to target your ads by age, income, ethnicity, and more.

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The Great Holiday Road Trip?

How do you get to grandmother’s house? Over the river, through the woods… and likely in a car. The upcoming holidays are prime time for travel as people reconnect with family both near and far. In fact, the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s holiday periods are two of the busiest times of year for long-distance travel. (1)

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DOOH Spotlight: LA Digital Gas Pump Advertising


Gas pump advertising gives brands an opportunity to reach a captive audience at a time they are available to engage with the message. With new digital screens, you’re able to expand your brand experience a step further, immersing consumers in digital storytelling that highlights your products or services. Find more about why this matters here.

AllOver Media selected the #1 drive market for this place-based media opportunity for top brands, products and services. Read about AllOver Media’s debut of 100 premium Los Angeles & Orange County locations here.

Want to see them in action? Check out our video.

AllOver Media gives you access to the nation’s largest network of gas stations and convenience stores for maximum ROI. Deliver your brand experience directly to consumers in a way that stands out.