Person looking at a gas pump ad.

Gas station advertising is one of the best ways to show off your brand. Gas stations are highly trafficked areas, attracting nearly every demographic of customers. And thanks to captive audience times at the pump, there are countless reasons why these cost effective marketing spots are ideal.

When it comes to reaching folks, gas pump ads via gas station video advertising are especially effective. As customers wait for their car to fill up, they act as a captive audience for your advertising. This means the perfect amount of dwell time for your ad!

These ads don’t often take up a lot of space. They are also positioned on gas pump advertising displays and gas station advertising signs that are ideally placed. These ads sit right at eye level at the pump. This means that they are hard to miss, and can easily sway a viewer to make a purchase!

When creating gas pump advertising for your brand, it is important to create a campaign that makes an impression. Gas stations have lots of ads — it’s important to make yours unique. Read on for gas station promotion ideas.

Gas Station Advertising Ideas: How to Make Your Gas Pump Ad Stand Out

1. Get To The Point

As mentioned, gas station advertising screens are often not very big, so it’s important to make your words count.

Keep it simple. Choose a very focused and specific message and stick to it. Your target audience will thank you for an ad that doesn’t overburden them with needless info. Plus, an efficient ad is a cost effective one.

2. Choose Colors Carefully

Look, there is often a lot going on at gas stations. Mini billboards, convenience store guests coming and going, and nearby traffic are sure to serve as audience distractions.

Try to pick colors for your advertisements that stand out from the average atmosphere. For example, lots of gas stations use red, white, and blue in their logos or ads. If you know that you are advertising at one such location, avoid those colors.

3.  Make The Situation Fun

Though lots of people put fuel in their cars every day, few people look forward to it. All in all, it is a fairly mundane situation, so generate novel gas station advertising ideas and make your ad fun!

Try to make the viewer laugh. Give them something to think about. Or tempt them with great photos of your product (food, especially). You want to evoke a positive emotion that can intrigue and even entertain the viewer.

4. Offer A Reward

Customers love an opportunity to take advantage of an immediate benefit. By offering the opportunity to earn a reward or activate a sale, you can drive up the likelihood of a purchase. Consider creating a unique sale or promotion especially for your gas pump advertising. This allows you to track how many people are inspired to act  based on this particular campaign! 

5. Be Clever

A great way to stand out in the gas pump advertising displays game is to make your ad clever. You can refer to timely social media trends or memes. Or even break the fourth wall. Call attention to the fact that you know your audience is currently watching their gas pump topper’s digital display.

Saying something witty helps viewers remember your brand long after they’ve pulled out of the station. Even though they have left your gas station advertising screens behind them, your innovative content will stay top of mind.

AllOver Media Crafts Impactful Gas Station Advertising 

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