Is OOH Healthcare Advertising Effective?

A bus wrapped in a healthcare advertising for Aetna.

Now, more than ever, there’s so much to communicate about healthcare plans and medical practices. From open enrollment periods to insurance coverage, new facilities to life-saving procedures, the world of healthcare is changing all of the time. 

Finding opportunities to effectively communicate what could be considered complex information can help build trust the general public, improve the overall patient experience and keep your practice name at top of mind. One way to ensure your message gets across?: Out-of-Home (OOH) Healthcare Advertising.

Is OOH Healthcare Advertising Effective?

While the COVID-19 pandemic made OOH marketing for healthcare seem like a questionable business move, it’s a smart decision to consider now that people are out and about again. Here are a few of the reasons we deem 

1. You Can Reach the General Public

OOH healthcare marketing allows you to speak directly to the general public. 

The really good news is that – more often than not – the general public is receptive to and even looking for trustworthy healthcare information. A study performed by Talon America in partnership with LoopMe examined the role of OOH advertising in healthcare updates. One of their most significant findings:

“66% of respondents are looking to the news, government resources, and PSAs for information on COVID-19 and other healthcare updates.”

With this in mind, giving the general public the information they’re looking for can make you a point of trust and may push them to look out for your name for more trustworthy resources.

2. People Trust OOH Advertising

In a world of digital misinformation, there’s still trust in OOH advertising methods. While it’s easy to post and erase misleading information online, it’s harder to get away with that on a massive billboard. That means when consumers stumble upon your health system marketing collateral, they may be more likely to absorb the information and consider it trustworthy. The aforementioned study found that of the respondents,

“45%…trust healthcare brand messaging when distributed through a combination of OOH, social, and online ads.”

And right now, building and maintaining trust with the general public is critical. 

Read the complete study “OOH Advertising is a Powerful Driver of Healthcare Brand and Business Success.”

3. OOH Advertising Leads to Increased Search

Because we only have a moment to make an impact, back up your OOH marketing health care strategy with a robust online presence. A recent study, ”Standing on the Shoulders of Giants,” conducted by Rapport, indicated a massive increase in search inspired by OOH advertisements:

“Search was the most improved as a result of OOH brand use, increasing by 80%, followed by social media at 56% and online by 31%.”

That precious moment your audience took reading your OOH messaging translated to a digital search! This means your health care marketing efforts are working, putting your name at top of mind for consumers.

The Rise of Healthcare Billboards (+ Why You Should Work with AllOver Media for Health Care Advertising)

Billboards have long been a source of information, and mobile billboards have the advantage of flexibility with messaging and location. We can be strategic about where people will come across your information as we look to maximize results. 

One of the challenges in healthcare billboards is communicating a sometimes complicated message quickly and effectively. Our team knows how to combine captivating copy with storytelling graphics. Then, your reader gets the picture and wants to learn more!

Learn more about AllOver Media’s experience with local, state, and national government agencies.

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