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5 Key Benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertising

Commercial truck with empty mockup banner on a van.

There is no better means of capturing a markets attention than bringing an ad straight to your customers.  One of the emergent ways savvy advertisers are bringing their campaigns to market is with mobile advertising billboards. With mobile billboards, advertising can see 45% higher engagement than static advertising, according to APN

But how does a mobile billboard advertising differ from a traditional campaign? And why should your business consider using this novel approach? Let’s talk through why mobile billboards should be a priority for your next media plan. 

1. Increased Visibility

With a static billboard, you are beholden to the foot or car traffic that passes it. Many advertisers pick their billboard spots carefully. Yet they will only ever capture the attention of those who happen to pass by. 

In contrast, mobile billboards can travel throughout a city or even state. A mobile billboard is a great way to capture the maximum amount of attention by targeting natural crowding patterns. 

2. Targeted Deployment

Imagine you have a business and want to drive foot traffic to it. Now imagine you have rolled out a traditional ad spend. Plenty of prospective customers can learn that your business exists through your traditional ads but the ads do little to no good in actually guiding your customers to your store. 

Now imagine you have rolled out mobile billboards in the vicinity of your store. Your truck ad could circle the block, letting customers know where you are. A sample tagline might be something like, “Just one block east!” 

Or they could go further afield, promoting the nearest public transit station to your business. The possibilities are endless as far as your campaign is concerned. But by making your content both geographically and audience-minded, you can evolve your advertising from awareness into action-driven. 

3. Simple Campaign Updates

Unlike traditional static banner advertising, digital mobile billboard advertising has the benefit of easy content swaps. That is because, unlike static billboards that need to be physically replaced, a digital mobile billboard screen can display updates immediately. 

Like a website, content can be updated and uploaded simply (and even, in some cases, from remote locations). Your digital mobile billboard campaign can show the latest campaign creative with the click of a button. 

4. Capitalize on Rush Hour

Two words: captive audience.

Traditional billboards usually only have a few seconds of impression time. But a mobile billboard that travels alongside travelers is likely to see a far higher length of impression. By strategically positioning your mobile billboard’s advertising in gridlock, visibility is a given. You can ensure those who are stuck alongside your ad will see and remember it. 

It might seem cruel to target audiences who have no means of getting away from your ad. But consider this. Perhaps your ad campaign can brighten weary drivers’ days. 

Pick a campaign creative that acknowledges the misery of the daily commute or pick a theme that puts a smile on a commuter’s face. Whatever your strategy, pick something memorable that is a pleasure to see, and your campaign is sure to be a hit. 

5. Broader Demographics

There is no better way to grow your audience margin than by maximizing who your ads are served to. This is the cornerstone thinking behind mobile ad strategies like social media marketing and search engine display ads. 

But what if traditional advertising could capitalize on the same methodology? Consider this: when a traditional billboard is placed in a neighborhood, its reach is limited. The only people who will see it are the people who live and work in that neighborhood. By contrast, digital mobile billboard advertising can cross an entire city in a single afternoon. 

With greater exposure, your company’s ad has the potential to impress multiple demographics and with greater exposure, your potential sales have a greater chance of growing. 

Develop Winning Digital Mobile Billboard Advertising

At AllOver Media, we work with clients of all kinds to roll out smart, targeted mobile billboard advertising strategies that work. If you are ready to bring the benefit of mobile billboards into your marketing stack, reach out to us. See how AllOver Media can help!