5 Tips for Pizza Box Advertising

Man giving pizza box covered with colorful advertisement to woman

Pizza delivery continues to be a popular way to grab some good grub in a hurry. In fact, research shows that Americans spent an average 17.3 billion on pizza delivery in 2022 alone. 

When getting into the hands of your target audience is half the battle, pizza box topper advertising may be the marketing strategy to consider. Think of pizza boxes as a Trojan horse for additional exposure. Your message – a delightful surprise and your name at top of mind for potential customers. 


Once you’ve designed your ad, there are two ways to execute it: 

  1. Choose pizza flyers, which are adhered to a pizza box top
  2. Or choose full pizza box advertising, which prints your messaging directly on the entire outside of the box. Both are vibrant ways to connect with your audience and can make a really big impact.

Regardless of which method you choose, your advertisement is visible on the delivered pizza box. Between leaving boxes out on the counter and storing them for leftovers, that’s a lot of time that your message is in the eyes of potential customers. 

Studies have shown that 8 out of 10 individuals can recall a specific ad they saw on a pizza box. Those are great odds for crafting a memorable ad experience!


Okay, so you’re interested in advertising your business on pizza boxes. What tips can you use to make sure your ad hits the mark and makes an impact? At AllOver Media, we’ve assembled 5 key elements to consider when designing your pizza box advertising:

  1. Capitalize on Visuals.

    By combining stunning visuals with clear copy, your ad is sure to be noticed while everyone is grabbing a slice. Make sure to stay loyal to your brand colors, fonts, and tone!

  2. Impress the Household Saver.

    Who doesn’t love a good discount? Use your Pizza Box Advertising or Pizza Flyers to promote a sale or coupon, inspiring customers to give your brand a try.

  3. Go Vintage.

    What’s old is new again. Pizza boxes can bring up a sense of nostalgia, so why not mirror that when advertising your business? Using old school fonts or references can make your pizza box advertisement stand the test of time. Cowabunga, dude!

  4. Connect with the Locals.

    Since you have an idea where your pizzas are being delivered, target your messaging to the specific neighborhood or town. Incorporating beloved or recognizable local references is great for recall and social media sharing!

  5. Make It You.

    Whatever you decide to craft with your Pizza Flyers or Pizza Box Advertising, make sure your graphics and messaging line up with your brand identity. There is no business quite like yours, and we want your audience to know that.


Ready to market alongside some cheesy pizza? We’re here to help you advertise your business in unique and impactful ways. With expertise in out-of-home-advertising, AllOver Media is your ideal marketing partner to meet marketing successes of today’s modern world.

We can help you perfect your pizza box marketing strategy and create pizza box topper advertising that packs a punch. No matter your business and industry, we can help you deliver your message as strongly as the delicious pizza scent escaping from the box. 

Excited to learn more? Check out our pizza box and flyers page and then contact us to discover how we can support your creative vision (and offer up a few of our own ideas as well). Time to make out-of-home advertising delicious! Reach out today to learn more about our pizza box advertising rates and campaign opportunities.