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Recruit New Talent with OOH Advertising

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Looking to expand your team with talented individuals who share your company’s passion? You might be tempted to rely on job posting sites or social media to advertise new job openings. But finding qualified candidates can be difficult and time consuming—especially since online job postings don’t leave much room for creativity. 

In fact, cookie cutter online listings often yield cookie cutter applicants.

Try These 3 Creative Job Posting Ideas

If you want creative ways to engage and recruit a broader pool of skilled employees, AllOver Media has a solution for you! Using our out-of-home (OOH) advertising options, you’ll quickly discover that running your next recruitment campaign is both easy and effective. 

Here are three OOH advertising ideas you may want to consider:

Mobile Billboards

Advertising on the side of trucks is an effective way to reach your target audience. In fact, Marketing Dive states that mobile billboards yield 4.5 times the amount of results as online postings. 

Putting your now hiring ads on a large scale moving truck can widen your talent pool tremendously, as well. Think of it this way: as employees slowly migrate from home to the office, the amount of commuters is steadily increasing. Mobile billboards will be on route with these same individuals, who may not be actively looking for a job (i.e., searing online job postings), but interested in exploring new career opportunities.

For example, if you’re looking for pizza delivery drivers for your restaurant, advertising on mobile billboards puts your messaging in front of individuals already on the road. If you list your rates and hours, you may even steal a few employees from other food delivery services who were unknowingly making much less than you offer.

Pizza Box Ads 

Speaking of pizza, pizza flyers are another great way to get the word out about your job posting. No matter what your industry is, you can access a large amount of people through a pizza flyer. 

According to Fortune, pizza delivery increased between 28% and 55% last year, depending on the restaurant. This means that putting your job posting on a pizza box is reaching 28-55% more people than it previously would have. 

Creating a simple, eye-catching ad to arrive with a pizza delivery box is a subtle, yet powerful move. As the family gathers to eat, or the pizza box sits on the table, your ad will remain in view. 

Door Hangers 

Standard mail advertisements can get lost in the shuffle. Door hangers give you the unique opportunity to put your information right at the fingertips of your audience. As they reach for their doorknob, they’ll run right into your door hanger ad

Using creative and unique designs to your advantage, you can also advertise the perks and benefits of joining your team. Grabbing customer attention with the appealing parts of the job make them all the more likely to apply. 

Attract the Best Candidates with AllOver Media

Are you ready to start a recruitment campaign that really works? Get in contact with our team! We’ll work to understand your goals and target audience so that we can build a strategy that offers the best ROI.

No matter what your advertising needs may be, AllOver Media is here to ensure it reaches the right audience and makes the biggest impact.

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