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Reach the “Public” in Your Public Service Announcements

PSA for Seatbelts

With all the ever changing information in our world today, there’s a reason why public service announcements are gaining traction. Have an important message that needs to be shared with others around the world?  At AllOver Media, we want to help ensure your public service or government ad campaigns are getting to the eyes and ears who need it most! 

So, what do you need to reach the “public” in your public service announcements? Here are some tips to consider as you build your campaign. 

A Focused Message

Regardless of what medium you choose to publish your public service ad campaign, create a message that is focused. If it’s too broad, overwhelming, or confusing, for instance, it’ll be harder for you to keep and retain the focus of your intended audience (and remember, you definitely want their attention!). 

Make sure your message is short and to the point! Once you’ve hooked your audience in with clear messaging, you can expand and add in the finer details. 

What Does Each Media Outlet Want? 

When it comes to public service announcement advertising, the media outlets you choose to work with will have unique specifications of how they want information packaged. Research their requirements first—you’ll save a lot of time and energy by presenting your messaging in their preferred format. 

Top Notch Materials 

High quality materials are likely to be given more exposure so ensure your public service announcement looks and sounds professional and engaging. You’ll be competing with other PSAs, so you’ll want materials exceptionally put together, so they stand out and receive plenty of air time. 

Steer clear of more controversial topics, which often aren’t given as much air time or exposure.

Timing is Key 

Organizing different campaign elements and setting up communication takes time, so plan your public service ad campaign with a projected “go live” date in mind. If you have an end date for your announcement, ensure your media contact is aware of it (and highlight it in your materials). 

Keep in mind: an end date can add a sense of urgency to your messaging, so if it’s appropriate, include it in your advertising. 

Update Your Digital Content

Keep in mind that in 2020, online presence is key. Keep your website and social media pages up to date so that they reflect (and maybe expand upon) your public service announcement advertising! 

A consistent color palette and messaging, for example, will help your audience track the information you’re presenting. And don’t forget, a picture can pack a punch, too, so consider adding an image or infographic to your materials. 

Contact AllOver Media

Need help getting your public service announcement into the public sphere? We’ve got you covered. Give AllOver Media a call, so we can get your important messages to the eyes and ears of your audience. 

Boost Your Holiday and Christmas Advertising

Christmas tree with ornament

The jack-o-lanterns are put away, temperatures continue to drop, and now holiday displays are popping up everywhere. 

Tis’ the season to bring your holiday advertising to life! And with the average American spending $906 on Christmas gifts each year, this is the perfect time to use your ads to boost sales before the ball drops on New Year’s. 

Curious how you can improve your Christmas and holiday advertising campaigns? Check out some inspirational ideas to help you build excitement for your products and attract new customers this year!

Branded Holiday Hashtags

Branded holiday hashtags are a great way to create and build social media engagement. Studies show that exactly seven hashtags generate the most likes on an Instagram post. But instead of simply using generic hashtags like #MerryChristmas, a branded hashtag has the potential to start an interactive campaign. 

Think about REI’s #OptOutside campaign. The hashtag that inspired people to spend Black Friday outdoors with loved ones grew and strengthens their brand awareness every holiday season! 

Interactive Social Media Campaigns 

Use interactive social media content to your advantage as you plan your holiday advertising. Interactive content helps boost engagement, and most folks have opinions about the holidays. 

You can choose to create an online quiz to help customers select gifts for their loved ones; post an Instagram poll asking customers whether Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie or not (spoiler: it is); or create a Facebook post asking readers about their favorite holiday decorations. Not only will this drive engagement on your page, but it will also trickle out to other social media users who may not be aware of your brand! 

While you’re thinking about social media, take some time to update your profile with a holiday overhaul, too, so it’s also celebrating the season. 


Surveys confirm that people are more likely to make a purchase based on emotions rather than fact and data, and the holidays are the perfect time to imbue your advertisements with emotion. A combination of nostalgia and joy will warm a customer’s heart and get them excited by your holiday advertising. 

There are multiple ways you can get this sentimental message across to your customers, including mobile truckside advertising and digital mobile truckside advertising. Both platforms allow you to advertise your products and services to multiple people, at more places, in less time. And with digital truckside advertising, you can even play video, animated art, or static images that are reminiscent of the holiday season! 

Get Creative 

Get creative with your Christmas and holiday advertising. If you find you’ve used the same style of content, try switching it up this year! 

Why not create a cozy video, or a hilarious meme, that will get your brand trending? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or give irony a shot.

Another idea may be to invest in a door hanger ad campaign. This may sound old school to some, but we bet you’ve noticed more mailers and door hanger ads popping up in neighborhoods near you recently. 

What’s the reason brands are rediscovering their love of print media? As most Americans are still working from home, the internet and the time we spend staring at our screens is on maximum overdrive, and quite frankly, most customers are already maxed out. What that means is older trends are starting to reemerge, like print (did you see Amazon’s holiday catalog this year?). And these trends are offering customers a much-needed break from digital media.

Think of it this way: It might be much more refreshing for a customer to receive a door hanger advertising your new product launch or promotion than seeing it on the internet. It will come as a delightful surprise, much like a gift under the tree. Plus, they’re more likely to hold onto it vs. deleting an exclusive offer that might end up in their spam folder. 

Let’s Create Magic This Season

Ready to get into the holiday spirit? From digital truckside ads to door hangers and other creative Out of Home (OOH) Advertising ideas, we can help you get your holiday and Christmas advertising to the masses.

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Why Bus Advertising Works

Between the size of buses, the breadth at which they travel, and the desire for bus riders and nearby drivers to engage with anything visually stimulating, bus advertising is a productive use of your marketing budget.  

At AllOver Media, we’re here to answer all of your transit advertising questions, and get you started on the path to bigger, better consumer engagement. 

So, Why Does Bus Advertising Work? 

The simple truth is that busses are hard to miss. Whether you’re in traffic or a stop light, a bus ad is sure to catch your eye. Buses travel on the road somewhere between 10 and 18 hours a day, usually seven days a week, which is ample time for your ad to be seen by many potential consumers. 

Repeated Exposure Works 

Buses give your audience the opportunity to see your message repeatedly, which gets ingrained in their minds. This means you’re more likely to come to mind when a consumer is looking to make a point of purchase! Plus, by traveling around different areas, it’s the perfect way to boost brand awareness, helping a wider and more diverse audience engage with your ad. In fact, individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicle impressions.

External Advertising 

As you plan your transit advertising, you can choose to advertise on the front, sides or the back of the bus. Advertisements on the side of a bus are called King and Queen Signs, while those on the back are known as Tail Signs

Want to go even bigger? AllOver Media can help you rev up your Out of Home (OOH) advertising campaign with a full bus wrap solution

Placing your brand’s advertising on all sides of a passenger bus will effectively capture more attention, as it cannot be muted, flipped, or looked past. These larger-than-life advertisements cut through the ad clutter, so your message stays ahead of the competition as it is seen and shared with thousands. 

Let’s also not forget that having a full bus wrap makes it easier for pedestrians and drivers to grasp the purpose and message of your ad campaign in seconds, rather than having to lean in for a closer look, especially if your ad is on one side or on the back of the bus. Instead, you’ll be front and center and at the top of everyone’s mind. 

Quick Tips for Creating Engaging Transit Ads

When choosing the design for your external bus advertising, your best bet is to go with attractive visuals with concise messaging, as this is sure to capture and retain your audience’s attention. 

  • Too wordy or murky and you risk losing your audience. 
  • Creativity, bold colors, and easy-to-read fonts are going to help your advertising dollars go far.

Bus advertisements are a great way to reach more people, increase brand awareness, and get your message out to the masses! Have a message to share? AllOver Media would love to help you put it all out there. 

Contact us to learn how we can help!  

5 Creative Billboard Ads to Get You Inspired

mobile billboard truck ads

In an age of constant stimulus, we’re always on the lookout for better ways to engage more customers. And because folks are staying home these days, billboard advertising may not have crossed your mind. But it should! 

Billboards are a great way to efficiently connect consumers with your products, services, and standards. On average, 71% of Americans report that they “consciously” look at billboards, and over 50% report to being highly engaged by a billboard ad they’ve seen in the last month. 

Whether it’s on a daily train commute, a road trip, or an evening jaunt, billboards have the capacity to influence a point of purchase in real-time. 

With so much advertising happening, creative billboards ads are more likely to get and keep your audience’s attention. Luckily, there are tons of ways to get creative with your Out of Home (OOH) advertising, and AllOver Media is here to help! We’ve pulled together five of the best billboard ad ideas to help you get inspired!

5 Creative Billboard Ad Ideas

  1. Think Outside the Box – Go beyond the four corners of your billboard ad display and imagine ways you can incorporate a stronger brand message in fewer words. You may choose to use a stunning image as a focus point to draw viewers in for a closer look.  A great example of this is Mike Sicam’s Pond’s Facial Wash OOH campaign in 2007. The message is clear, and the visuals help demonstrate that billboards no longer need to be two dimensional. 
  1. Always Keep the Message Simple – Using a strong visual to help convey your brand’s unique selling point is much more effective than cluttering your ad campaign with distracting words. Check out the simplicity of Penline Stationery: Strong Tape. The message is simple and the only words on the ad are the company’s logo, which is strategically placed, so it never takes away from the powerful impact of the display. 
  1. Consider the Color – Using bright colors can help catch (and keep) your audience’s attention. In areas where the scenery is often green (highways, rural areas, etc.), take advantage of oranges, yellows, reds, and even pinks. In the reverse situation, where buildings are brick, metal, or glass, try using colors that contrast with these materials. We love the example of Leo Burnett’s “Fresh Salads” in 2008. The vibrant greens bring life and excitement to the dreary backdrop of buildings surrounding this popular Chicago billboard.  
  1. Don’t Be Afraid of a Little Humor: Everyone can always use a good laugh, especially these days. By infusing humor into your billboard ad campaign, you can create an instant and memorable connection with your audience. The 2008 Cadbury ad campaign is a great example. We all love chocolate. Some of us so much that we’d climb on top of a giant chocolate bar ad to get a piece of the chewy goodness inside. This playful ad demonstrates that having a little fun can still get your message across! 
  1. Keep Your Message Moving: Did you know mobile billboards receive 2.5x more attention than static billboards? By adding mobility, your creative billboard ad will get more people excited about what you have to offer. Digital truck billboards provide you more opportunities to get a better bang for your buck, as it helps you market multiple messages and reach more people in more places, in less time! At AllOver Media, we specialize in mobile truck advertising and digital billboard trucks. These forms of OOH ads offer more flexibility and allow you to incorporate all the creative billboard ad ideas we’ve listed above—and then some! Because rather than settling for static images, digital billboard trucks use LED technology to play videos, showcase animated art, and so much more! 

To see our trucks in action, check out our portfolio of work!

Hit the Road with Your Billboard Advertising

Ready to create a stunningly simple ad campaign to catch even the busiest eye. Partner with AllOver Media to get the message you want delivered to the right audience at the best time with mobile digital billboards! Together, we’ll help you create an effective ad campaign to engage customers…even the ones late for work!

4 Benefits of OOH Media

Most of us are familiar with the term Out of Home Advertising. But what many people don’t realize is how this platform has (and continues to) take over the digital landscape. Out of Home (OOH) media, like OOH advertising, allows businesses to showcase their brand’s products, personas, and messaging to customers in larger geographic areas, where they’re more inclined to make a point of purchase. 

Think about seeing a giant billboard advertisement on the side of a building. It’s showcasing a happy couple enjoying a refreshing caffeinated drink. Having this billboard advertisement strategically placed near major retail centers may entice pedestrians to stop in and grab the same beverage on the way to their next destination.

Now, imagine seeing this same advertisement but rather than it staying in one place, it’s able to move along with you and span a larger area, creating more brand impressions than you ever thought possible. This is how OOH advertising has evolved into OOH media, or more simply put, digital advertising on the go!

Digital Billboard Trucks, C-Store Advertising, Bar Media, and More!

These days there are countless media platforms you can utilize to promote your products and connect more customers to your brand. At AllOver Media, we specialize in helping businesses find effective marketing solutions using creative OOH media advertising, such as:

Digital Billboard Trucks: Plan for higher customer engagement with LED billboard trucks. From playing videos to displaying animated art or static images, our mobile digital billboard trucks offer more custom options and keep your brand messaging on the move, so you reach more neighborhoods around your targeted areas. 

C-Store Advertising: Gas station advertising has revolutionized the way brands market to their customers. From gas pump and nozzle displays to ice box ads, if you’re looking to test your marketing campaigns in higher trafficked areas, c-store advertising creates a central hub, where you’re able to capture your customers’ attention longer to build better brand awareness.  

Bar Media: Believe it or not, those branded coasters you set your beer glass on at restaurants are another clever form of OOH media. Consider this: have you ever “not” noticed the logo or promotions printed on the coaster label? It’s hard to miss brand messaging that’s literally sitting right in front of you, and because most patrons like to take their time while dining out, there’s a much greater chance that the brand printed on that coaster is getting more positive exposure. 

Remember, people go out to enjoy an evening with close friends, good food, and entertainment. What better place to showcase your brand than a setting where customers are having a good time and are likely to stay longer in the same place? 

Other types of bar media we offer, include:

  • Indoor Posters
  • Table Tents
  • Coasters
  • Door & Mirror Clings
  • Branded Items

Digital Indoor Ads: Whether you’ve attended a restaurant, sports bar, shopping center, or airport, you’ve likely had your attention captured by digital indoor ads. These types of OOH media allow you to showcase your brand with vibrant static messages or positive videos, all strategically placed in distraction-free areas to deliver each message directly to your consumers.

To recap, let’s breakdown the top 4 benefits of OOH Media from the examples listed above:

  1. Better Customer Engagement
  2. More Brand Exposure (i.e. impressions)
  3. Greater Flexibility
  4. More Customization

Experience the Benefits of OOH Media

The realm of OOH is constantly changing, but with help from AllOver Media, you’ll know exactly which platforms and ad campaigns will give you the greatest return on investment. We’ve helped many brands and industry leaders make a bigger impact by getting their message to customers where they are and when they need it. 

To get started planning your brand marketing strategy, contact AllOver Media.

Make a Splash with Large Scale Outdoor Advertising

Looking to catch your audience’s eye? Since the early twentieth century, business owners have been utilizing their brick-and-mortar surroundings to advertise their brand’s unique offerings.

Examples include painting murals on walls, brick buildings, and nearby skyscrapers (OOH Today)! And though some may consider this an older form of Out of Home (OOH) Advertising, having hand-painted murals or vinyl wallscapes in high traffic areas never goes out of style! 

Why Are Ads on Buildings So Effective?

Large scale outdoor ads create a major impact for your business, helping you build brand awareness and increase customer interactions with each driver and pedestrian who passes by. And because of their massive size, they’re hard to ignore, which means having them located in heavily trafficked areas equals more impressions for your products and brand image. 

To create you a “bigger” picture of how large scale outdoor ads can benefit your OOH marketing efforts, here are three ways you can optimize your vinyl wallscapes and/or murals to create more exposure and better goal conversions: 

  1. Creative Customization: Because wallscapes can be designed using different materials (vinyl, paint, etc.) and sizes, it’s easy to customize your large scale outdoor ads to represent your brand’s image and spark curiosity and engagement from your customers. In a previous post, we discussed our favorite creative strategies for bus wrap advertising. Number one on our list was to utilize your ads’ existing surroundings to make a bolder statement. You can do the same for building ads. 

For instance, buildings can be narrow, wide, include windows, bridges, or sharp corners. At AllOver Media, we’ve helped brands transform these limitations into creative opportunities by designing eye-catching visual ads that work around awkward spaces (pictured below: Vinyl mesh wallscape located on the main artery of Lincoln Boulevard between South Bay LA and Santa Monica).

Vinyl wallscape of Toy Story in busy LA neighborhood
  1. Cross-Channel Marketing: If you follow our blog, then you already know the benefits of cross-channel marketing, but did you know that vinyl wallscapes and murals can offer other channels to optimize? You may decide to use your vinyl building advertisement to share a branded image and website link or hashtag for people to follow and learn more about your new product launch. Though very simple, offering a bit of mystery can entice customers to want to learn more about you (pictured below: hand-painted mural in West Hollywood).
Building Advertising | All Over Media

Another idea is to promote your products or advertise discounts using a special code that customers need to enter on your website or in store. This will also allow you to track metrics on the success of your building ads. 

  1. Cultural Components: The truth is both vinyl wallscapes and painted murals are some of the most attractive forms of OOH advertising. Why? They’re embedded in our culture norms. For centuries, big cities have displayed giant ad campaigns across large skyscrapers and city buildings. It’s a part of the metropolitan scene that people have come to expect, and it’s also a form of artistic expression. 

Let’s not forget that creating a painted mural that advertises your brand can become a unique staple in your community that people go to see, take pictures with, and share on social media, thus gaining you more exposure and awareness for your ad campaign (pictured below: Adhesive vinyl and Matte Laminate on Venice Beach Boardwalk).  

Painted Mural in LA

Ready to Make a Bigger Impact?

Learn how to leave a lasting impression with AllOver Media. Our team can help you design a creative OOH ad campaign that promotes your brand and drives more customers to you. 

If you’d like to see more samples of successful wallscape and mural advertising we’ve created for some of the most iconic neighborhoods in Los Angeles, reach out to us today for more details! 

The Benefits of Cross-Channel Ad Campaigns

Mobile and Out of Home (OOH) advertising continues to influence how we market our products and brand image to new and existing customers. But with the majority of people staying at home these days, it’s even more crucial that you’re using multiple touchpoints (i.e. marketing channels) on mobile and other OOH platforms to connect and engage your audiences, so they’re more likely to buy from you over competitors.

Woman sitting cross-legged on bed looking at laptop while holding glasses

What is Cross-Channel Advertising?

Cross-channel advertising is a simple yet effective way for businesses to showcase their brands, unique messaging, and product offerings to a wider pool of customers. Let’s say, for example, you have a company website and Facebook profile. Though this is a great starting point, it’s not enough to compete with other brands that may advertise their products or services using social media, mobile geo-targeting campaigns, podcasts, digital mobile billboards, and other popular channels. That’s because businesses that implement more cross-channel touchpoints have a greater chance of connecting with larger demographics, increasing brand loyalty, and influencing more customer engagement.

Top 3 Benefit of Cross-Channel Ad Campaigns

Running a business takes time, money, and an effective marketing strategy to ensure your brand messaging reaches the right target audience at the most opportune time to complete a sale or goal conversion.

As a business owner, it may sound intimidating to manage multiple touchpoints and deliver quality ads or campaigns that engage shoppers. But whether you decide to go at this alone or partner with an experienced marketing team to plan and implement a strategy, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better Brand Loyalty: Customers will see and interact with your company across multiple devices and user platforms, which means they become more familiar with your brand, your products, and your service offerings.
  • Better Customer Engagement: Now, more than ever, it’s essential that you’re reaching customers with positive brand messaging, so they stay informed about any new promotions, discounts, hours, or changes to your store policies. The more information you give your customers, the better equipped they are to feel confident in completing a purchase with your company.
  • Better Data Analysis: The truth is not every channel will benefit your company. You may discover that your target demographic is more active on one or two channels than they are on the rest. Using cross-channel advertising, you can review real-time data to see what’s working, what’s not, and which channels you need to invest more time and energy into for the best return on your investment.

Partner with AllOver Media!

Looking for effective mobile and OOH advertising solutions? Connect with AllOver Media to plan your advertising campaign and start reaching a wider pool of customers. Our team will work with you to design and implement a marketing strategy that helps showcase your products and attract the right customer attention and engagement.

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Reach Consumers at Home with Mobile Geo-Targeting

With recent news on many state’s stay-at-home orders being extended out further, local business owners are quickly seeing the incredible value of geo-targeted mobile ad campaigns. 

As the majority of brick-and-mortar buildings remain closed to the public, or limited to only offering curbside pickup and delivery, the need to stay locally relevant, competitive, and connected to your customers is now more crucial than ever! Your customers, for instance, may have questions about whether they can order your products online or stop into your location for pick up. With effective mobile ad solutions available to you, such as geo-targeting, you can answer these questions and engage more shoppers with new product promotions, online specials, and exclusive discounts—right from their smart devices. 

Why is Geo-Targeting so Effective?

Geo-targeting allows you to target a certain demographic in a particular location at the most opportune time, resulting in the competition of a goal conversion (e.g. online order). At AllOver Media, we help you reach potential customers with creative banner ads delivered in-app (on mobile devices) to customers throughout a particular zip code, state, city, or larger region. We can even target ads to potential customers at concerts, festivals, sporting events, and more. 

This is all achieved through location data, which continues to represent a cornerstone of Out of Home (OOH) Advertising. Today, companies are using this same information to help boost brand awareness via mobile advertising and digital marketing. 

In the past, mobile advertising and geo-fencing allowed you to engage customers when they were nearby or about to enter a retail space selling your products. You could also set up your ad campaigns to target customers who were nearby one of your competitors. Though this is still an effective feature, it may not be the solution you’re looking for right now with more customers staying at home these days. Nevertheless, having the right tools, resources, and experienced advertising team to help you push the right mobile ad campaigns, at the right time, to the right customer is a smarter way to reach your target audience and stay at the top of their minds!  

Want more audience to pull out their wallets? Why not put your ads right in their pocket? Reach future customers fast with location-targeted mobile ads through AllOver Media!

Partner with AllOver Media

If you’re looking for creative OOH advertising solutions to gain more brand awareness, complete more points of purchases, and improve your company revenue, AllOver Media is here to help!

Get started today by reaching out to our team for a professional consultation. We’ll work with you to understand your needs, provide you with creative marketing solutions, and design for you a mobile geo-targeting strategy that helps you stay relevant and engages more users, so both existing and new customers continue to choose your brand over the competition! 

Reach out to us today! 

Creative Strategies for Bus Wrap Advertising in the Twin Cities

Planning to launch a new product? Or need help positioning your brand, so it’s always right in front of all the action? Bus wrap advertising is an effective marketing solution to help you grab the attention of commuters, busy shoppers, pedestrians, and tourists in more places and in less time.

Bus wrap advertising has been around since the early 1900s, beginning with Milton Hershey of the Hershey Chocolate Company. Hershey was considered the first businessman to paint his company’s logo on the side of his vehicle, allowing other motorists and pedestrians to see his brand and think, “chocolate!” Since then, mobile billboard advertising has evolved and appeared on transit buses, metro trains, semi-trucks, and more to help businesses promote their products on the go. 

Why is Bus Wrap Advertising so Effective?

As with many Out of Home (OOH) advertising strategies, bus wrap advertising helps bring your brand directly to customers, where they’re more likely to engage (i.e. complete a purchase). 

For example, let’s say you’re planning to launch a new energy drink, and you want to get the word out to more people, specifically in targeted areas (metropolitan cities), where customers have a shorter distance to make a transaction. Having a mobile, visual representation of your product on display ensures more people see your advertisement and feel the urge to find out more (i.e. go to their local retailer to learn more or potentially make a final point of purchase).

Other benefits of bus advertising include:

  • Because we live in a world of instant gratification, there are many other brands also competing for your customers’ attention. Bus wrap advertising allows you to seamlessly broadcast your products and services, using strong visuals and clear messaging, to engage more people on the spot, meaning you send the right message at the most opportune time for better engagement. 
  • Let’s not forget that while walking or driving, customers are also more aware of their surroundings and are trying to concentrate on what’s moving in front of them. When they see your banner moving along the Metro area, they will instantly recognize your brand and form a connection.
  • It’s estimated that individual vehicle advertising can generate anywhere between 30,000 to 70,000 vehicle impressions a day. Therefore, having your advertisement wrapped partially or completely around a bus can ensure that more people see your message and that you leave a lasting impression with them for the rest of the day. 

Creative Strategies for Bus Wrap Advertising

As mentioned, bus wrap advertising continues to grow and evolve in major metropolitan areas, meaning you have more creative options to consider when planning the design, layout, and implementation of your banner. 

Here are some of our favorite creative strategies to inspire your design:

Utilize Surroundings: This strategy is especially popular in Europe, where brands often utilize the places around the bus (e.g. doorways, tires, back windows, articulation joints, etc.) to creatively drive their message to the viewer. An example may include having the bus’ doorways create two separate images: one when they open to let passengers on and off and another when the doors close. This helps create excitement and more engagement for your brand that people can’t help but pay attention to. 

Clear, Simple Messaging: Though bus wrap advertising allows you to reach more customers in a broader area, you do have limited time to get your message across. Bus wraps with more graphical elements and less wording tend to engage customers more, as they only need to look at the advertisement for a few short seconds to make the connection to your brand and to the products/services you are advertising. 

Keep it Local: Another creative strategy might be to hone in on the local Twin Cities look and feel. When people see an advertisement that includes images or messaging related to their local area, they are more likely to connect with the advertisement immediately, as they already share something in common with your brand. This might include having verbiage that includes, “Minnesota’s top choice for…” or “The Best…in the Twin Cities.” 

Is Bus Advertising Right for Your Brand?

Having a larger-than-life advertisement can help you cut through the ad clutter and instantly connect customers to your brand. To learn more about the benefits of bus advertising, truckside advertising, mobile digital billboards for trucks, and more, contact AllOver Media today. 

As experienced OOH advertisers in the Twin Cities, we’ll help you build better brand awareness and ensure your message gets to the right people at the right time. 

C-Store Advertising: Reach Your Customers Where They Live and Work

C-Store Advertising

Convenience stores and gas pumps offer a central hubspot for spreading the word about your brand to more customers on the go. According to the National Association of Convenience & Fuel Retailing, “Convenience stores are intensely local businesses that offer an ever-growing range of products and services. Most of all, they sell convenience, allowing customers to quickly buy what they need and get on with their day.”

With more than 1,400 transactions a day, and over 83% of all in-store merchandise consumed within the first hour of purchase (per NACS Convenience Tracking Program data), convenience stores can help you sell your products fast and more frequently.

Benefits of Convenience Store Marketing

More Convenience: On average, the majority of c-shoppers live and work within a two mile radius of convenience stores. This allows you to target your primary audience across multiple geos and in heavily populated areas.

More Engagement: Marketing your brand in distraction-free zones, like gas pumps, creates invaluable opportunities for your brand to successfully enhance experiences, drive awareness, and inspire more point-of-purchases, as your customers only need to walk inside a convenience store to complete their shopper’s journey.

Types of Convenience Store Ads

  • Gas Pump Advertising: Gas pump topper ads help target potential customers in both metropolitan and rural areas. Positioned at eye level, these types of convenience store ads easily engage customers while they’re left standing in place, filling their gas tanks. By creating a fun, engaging ad that showcases your products or new promotion, you have their full attention and are more likely to influence their transaction.
  • Gas Nozzle Advertising: Put your brand message right into the hands of your customers. As daily commuters grab the nozzle to fill up, your ad will instantly draw their attention. And because customers spend an average of 3-5 minutes at the gas pump, you have their undivided attention to promote a product or increase brand awareness.
  • One Sheet Posters: Branded poster sheets are typically located at or near the point-of-sale of your product. These types of convenience store ads have the ability to influence your customers’ behaviors at the most meaningful stage in the buying cycle.
  • Ice Box Advertising: Visually striking, ice box wraps are viewed multiple times, creating increased brand impressions and influence.

If you’re considering or already running c-store advertisements, a great supplement to this is geo-fencing mobile advertising. Geo-fencing geographically targets your brand’s advertisements to the phones of potential customers near your OOH advertising placement. This unique ad targeting paired with close proximity to additional advertisements is a powerful combination for generating fast awareness among your target consumer base.

Plan Your Convenience Store Ads with AllOver Media

Convenience stores represent high traffic areas, where the majority of consumers visit regularly and are more likely to buy at the point-of-purchase. To learn more about the benefits of convenience store marketing, contact AllOver Media to get started with your campaign.

Ready to get noticed? Discover AllOver Media’s suite of advertising solutions.