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Thanks to smartphones, we now have information at our fingertips at all times. But this can also make things a little more complicated when it comes to local advertising.

With so much media going digital these days, how does a business best advertise to their target audience? How do you catch a consumer’s attention when pop-up ads and email blasts can so easily be ignored, silenced, or deleted? The answer is geofencing advertising.

But what is geofencing? Broadly, it is , the digital marketing technique that’s making it easier than ever to reach your target audience. It is a key tool in your toolbelt to innovate and ultimately beat out the competition.

Read on to learn more about geofencing marketing. In our guide, you’ll see how you can implement this novel marketing concept in your campaign strategy.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is intuitive technology. It uses GPS, RFID, or IP technology to set up a virtual boundary around a geographical location.

What is Geofencing Marketing?

Geofencing marketing (also known as geofencing advertising), is an emergent tool in the marketing and advertising space. It is a means of using geofencing to drive consumer engagement. More specifically, it is designed to offer consumer insights through data-driven points of engagement.

How Does Geofencing Marketing Work?

A geofence marketing campaign is all about geographic parameters. Specifically, a campaign planner can set up a geofence as a sort of imaginary boundary or virtual fence. This can be around a physical location or an entire metro. Think: dropping a pin on a map and saying, “Everything three miles out from this spot is inside the fence” and you get the gist.

However, geofence marketing can also incorporate multiple specific geographic areas. For a retail chain, this could be different brick-and-mortar locations. Or for a consumer brand, it might be spots along a public transit route that align with the company’s core demographic.

Whatever the case, geofencing is a marketing tool to target people in a specific area through data collection.

Geofencing advertising involves using a mobile app or software that triggers a pre-programmed action. When a mobile device or RFID tag enters or exits the location, the action carries out. This could be anything, including:

  • A text message being sent,
  • A targeted mobile ad being displayed on social media,
  • Security monitoring being activated, or
  • Triggering the tracking of data.

There are countless triggers. But more importantly, the field is growing and evolving. So, it allows for a great deal of creativity and ingenuity. Think of how you might want to engage with an audience and geofencing ads can likely handle it.

What is Geofencing Used For?

One of the great things about geofencing marketing is it is highly amenable. Traditionally, it was thought of solely as a means of event participation. But in reality, it can be used in everything from time-sensitive promotion to augmented reality experiences.

For example, you might use geofencing ad opportunities to trigger once a customer enters your store. In this example, you could send a promotional offer to them upon triggering the geofence. You could also help the user engage in personalized experiences that drive their willingness to purchase even higher.

Businesses ranging from retail to hospitality have all started using geofencing ads to engage with consumers.

When it comes to geofence ads in retail, a geofence marketing campaign can target mobile users specifically. It can populate alerts, promotions, or coupon offers, based on the campaign designer’s preferences. These popups could be, based on their proximity to a specific location or event. Some retailers even use it against competitors, urging customers to consider their business instead.

Should I Use Geofencing in My OOH Marketing Campaigns?

From our team, it’s a resounding YES!

We’re seeing more and more industries beginning to rely more heavily on a “phygital strategy.” Those who want to reach target audiences and potentially increase sales are smart to consider this hybrid approach.

The name is just as it implies—ads and marketing material that exist both physically and digitally. These are ads that offer personalized, interactive experiences for consumers.

Geofencing is a particularly advantageous phygital strategy for out-of-home (OOH) marketing. That’s because it grabs a consumer’s attention in a relevant way. The ad is designed , based on the consumer’s real-time location and behavior.

The Advantages of Geofencing for Digital OOH Marketing

  • Alerts & Promotions: Geofencing is a popular way for retailers to deliver in-store promotions as customers enter the store. It also helps businesses target ads to a specific audience, based on users’ location data.
  • Social Media Interaction: Location-based promoted filters, stickers, and other shareable content on social media networks all use the virtual boundaries of geofencing.
  • Audience Engagement: By knowing more about your audience, you can provide them with specific, compelling advertising. For example, concert, festival, or fair organizers might use geofencing to engage with the audience. They could employ crowdsourcing social media posts. Or they could deliver information about the event or venue directly to those who crave it most.
  • Improved Inventory Management: When you have better insight into the movement of your product, you can better manage your inventory. For example, geofencing can track the movement of a product within the store. This way, you have a better idea of its popularity.
  • An Edge Against the Competition: With mobile geofencing advertising comes a competitive advantage. Geofencing provides a more personalized and convenient shopping experience for customers. This can undoubtedly bolster a stronger relationship between them and your business, which in turn can drive sales.

Here’s the bottom line: when a consumer is presented with an ad they find relevant and useful, it’s more likely that they’ll engage with it. Effective audience engagement means improved brand awareness, a higher ROI, and ultimately a lift in sales.

Build Geofencing With AllOver Media

At the end of the day, it’s about delivering the right message at the right time to the right person. And building a geofencing ads network can be your ticket to meeting your customers in the middle.

Ads that interrupt daily life don’t work and may even harm your business’s reputation. At AllOver Media, we strive to reach people in ways that add to their daily experience. We work to build compelling campaigns that are impossible to ignore, including mobile advertising.

If you’re looking to build or improve your own marketing strategy, we’re your go-to resource. Or, if you have any general questions about geofencing technology, our expert team is here to listen and help. Shoot us a message—let’s connect.

Dive Into Resort Advertising This Season

As the days grow shorter and the weather begins to cool, it is time to start thinking about your company’s winter advertising. The efficacy of marketing tactics often changes with the seasons, and it’s important to keep up!

Last winter saw 59 million skier visits in the United States. This winter that number is predicted to be just as high as people look to get out of the house! That’s right — it’s time to take your out-of-home advertising to the slopes. 

Skiing advertisements are a fantastic option for the colder months, allowing you to reach people enjoying their winter getaways! 

Why Advertise at a Ski Resort?

While highway billboards and gas station ads attract cabin-goers and vacationers in the summer, ski resorts offer similar benefits in the winter. 

With chairlift campaigns, your ad appears right next to the trail map on the ski lift’s comfort bar. This gives your ad a captive audience as skiers ride to the top of the slopes. On average, the chairlift ride lasts for 8 minutes, giving your ad viewing time well above the standard. (Plus, not many people dare to scroll on their phone while going up a ski lift!) 

By tailoring an advertisement to this audience, you grab their attention and make a lasting impression for your brand. When you create a personalized, ski-related advertisement, there is a more significant chance that riders will remember your company and become patrons.

Developing Resort Advertising Ideas

It can be tricky to create a tailored, impactful ad specifically for a ski resort. Many products and services might seem unrelated to this location, making it feel impossible to draw a connection that will make an impression.

If this resonates with you, never fear! Here at AllOver Media, we specialize in ski resort advertising and can help your company create compelling and effective resort advertising ideas. In fact, our services are exclusive, and provide our customers with top spots at the best ski resorts in the country. 

Our Resort Ads Can:

  • Tie your product or service into the resort aesthetic and lifestyle.
  • Help your product stand out using color psychology, specialized typefaces, and appealing graphics.
  • Place your ad in a location where it’s most likely to be effective.
  • Provide vital information to ski lift riders in a way that sticks with them long after they’ve dismounted!

With over 11,000 chairs at 25 different ski resorts, you are giving your brand an excellent chance of being seen (and remembered) in out-of-home methods during those colder months.

Hit the Slopes With AllOver Media

Believe it or not, now is the time to begin your winter advertising campaigns. The longer we have to develop a tactic, the stronger your ad will be. 

Let’s go! Contact AllOver Media today. 

What is Outdoor Advertising?

Person drinking iced coffee in front of a one sheet poster advertisement

In today’s fast paced world, you have to meet people where they are and outdoor advertising allows you to do just that. By putting your brand boldly out there, you expand your audience reach and make an impact. But, what exactly is outdoor advertising? AllOver Media is here to break it down, so you can understand what we do! 

So, What Are Types of Outdoor Advertising 

Out-of-home (or OOH for short) advertising refers to marketing efforts that are outside of the home. With that in mind, there are limitless ways to execute a successful OOH campaign. Here are a few types that make a difference in your overall marketing strategies: 

  • Walls & Murals. We love a good wallscape. Advertising on walls and murals turns your brand into an attention-grabbing piece of art. Perfect for high-traffic locations that reach both pedestrians and drivers.
  • Billboards. When you hear outdoor advertising, this is probably what comes to mind first. Billboards, both digital and analog, are a bold way to get your product, offering, message, or brand out there.
  • Transit. From bus wrap to truckside graphics, transit outdoor advertising reaches folks when they’re unable to simply scroll by your content. Time to grab their full attention!
  • Convenience Store Advertising. Reach potential consumers at an undistracted moment. Convenience store and gas pump advertising offers the opportunity to create real engagement, especially when you incorporate a strong Call-To-Action.
  • Digital Outdoor Advertising. From digital billboards to digital gas pump advertisements, you can strategically utilize technology to your advantage. Digital efforts give you more control about when you’re marketing so you can focus in on your target demographic. 

Other OOH Marketing Ideas: 

  • EV Charging Stations. While this platform is newer, they are growing exponentially and allow you to reach a particularly targeted audience that might just be perfect for your brand and messaging. 
  • Youth Sports Network. Signage at youth sports and little league events reach consumers in a relaxed and community driven atmosphere. Ideal for driving up conversations and promoting engagement. 

How to Use Outdoor Advertising

  • Research where your target audience is and where they’re going. 
  • Utilize geo-fencing and target specific areas where pedestrians and drivers are. 
  • Consider what makes your product unique. Communicate it in a concise and creative way. 
  • Most important? Brand consistency allows consumers to learn about, engage with, and eventually value what you have to offer by always letting them know what they can expect.

Creative outdoor advertising targets your ideal audience while strengthening brand awareness. By tapping into all that OOH strategies have to offer, you have the potential to make a splash!  

AllOver Media is Your OOH Advertising Expert 

When you’re ready to put your brand out there, we’re ready to support you. Take a peek at our work and strategize your marketing goals for 2021 (and beyond!). Whether you’re looking for creative outdoor advertising, or want to be inspired for your next campaign, AllOver Media has your back. Reach out, share your ideas, and let us put your ideas to work.

Gas Pump Advertising Do’s and Don’ts

Gas station advertising is an effective way to engage with current and potential customers as they go through their daily routine, and have a few undistracted moments. AllOver Media is here to get you pumped about gas pump advertising with our tips and tricks. 

Whether you’re advertising on a gas pump nozzle, a topper, or a one-sheet poster, using research, engaging visuals, authenticity, and call-to-action language will put your advertisements a head above the rest

Do your research 

Because consumers typically stop to fill their tanks 1-2 miles from where they live, it’s easier than ever to use consumer profiling to reach your ideal audience. You can also take a look at the most common purchases people make at rest stops to strategize about what product or service makes the most sense to advertise. Plus, the average person fills their gas tank 5-7 times per month, so there are plenty of opportunities for repeat advertising, which is a necessity for convincing new customers to give you a chance. 

Don’t assume you know what your audience wants without the research to back it up. 

Engaging visuals 

Most gas pump ads are right at eye-level, which are the perfect place to be noticed. However, to ensure they really pay attention, use engaging visuals. According to Xerox, “Colors in advertising increases readers’ attention span and recall by 82%”. Combining that with a clean layout and punchy copy is such to make an impact. By putting together content with engaging visuals and audio, you can easily attract the attention of folks filling up their gas tank. 

Don’t skip on the colors or visual layout when assembling your designs. 

Authenticity is key 

In today’s world we are inundated with messaging and because of that, studies show that people tend to tune out advertising that doesn’t feel real or relatable. Authentic storytelling in your advertising will make a genuine connection with your audience. As you put together your content for your gas station advertising, make sure there’s a clear message that represents your brand values in a genuine way. 

Don’t use language that feels artificial or salesy. 

Use call-to-action language 

Sometimes the best way to get people to engage with your product is to tell them explicitly what you want them to do. Whether it’s to give your business a phone call, schedule an appointment, or try your new product, meaningful call-to-action language gives consumers a tangible way to engage with your brand. 

Don’t use generalized language that can’t be acted upon. 

Get ready to make an impact

By utilizing and implementing our tips and tricks, you’re sure to make an impact this year. And we’re here to help! AllOver Media is ready to build up your brand with engaging and attractive gas station advertising to help you grow your business. 

Truckside Advertising in 2021

Customers all over the country are starting to venture outside and pick up where they left off on their travel plans, post shutdown. The question now is as schools slowly open up and parents begin to head back to the office, is your outdoor advertising ready for business?

At AllOver Media, our specialty is helping brands share their message with customers who are on the go. And though we offer a variety of products and services—such as convenience store and gas pump advertising—to help you expand your customer reach, our truckside advertising services continue to lead the way in creative Out of Home (OOH) ad campaigns

The Wonderful World of OOH Advertising

Back in June 2020, the Washington Post published an article on the “noticeable” increase in commuter traffic (up 90% since COVID-19 shutdowns). And this past holiday, USA Today, announced that airlines reported a surge in travel bookings, which experts believed was a direct result of “pandemic fatigue.” Let’s also not forget that last summer, there was an increase in outdoor sports, which makes it even more likely that winter activities like snowboarding and skiing will be just (if not more) popular at the beginning of 2021. 

So, what does all this mean for your business? Customers are ready to experience the great outdoors again, which means if you want to get your brand noticed and stand out from the competition, it’s time to take your advertising out in the open! 

Why Truckside Advertising Works

When you invest in truckside advertising, you can expect to generate between 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicle impressions, as well as attract at least 2.5 times more attention than if you were using static billboards. 

When you partner with AllOver Media, you have the options of truck advertising wraps, mobile billboards wrapped around the visible sides of local delivery trucks, and/or digital billboard trucks, LED mobile billboards that can play video, animated art, or static images.

Imagine having your company’s message and special promotions moving forward with traffic vs. staying behind. This allows you more exposure and the ability to target certain demographics, leading to increased points of purchase and greater sales conversions. 

To learn more about the benefits or truckside advertising, reach out to our team today. We’ll help you plan, design, and implement an effective truckside wrap campaign that puts your brand in the center of all the action! 

Ready to reach more customers in 2021? Contact us today to get started! 

Reach Your New Year’s Advertising Goals

As we witnessed in 2020, sometimes, it’s necessary to pivot your ad campaigns and messaging to suit the current situation and your customers’ needs. When it comes to marketing your business, however, one fact has proven itself to be true time and again: print is not dead. 

In fact, print is experiencing a major revival, and this actually started happening in 2020. Amazon, for instance, came out with a printed holiday catalogue that helped spark nostalgia in customers who remember the “good ole days” of receiving their seasonal Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalogs in their mailboxes. You may have also noticed an increase in mailers with advertisements and special promos to use at local restaurants, books stores, and other small businesses in your community.

Why the push to print from digital? Well, it’s clear digital is here to stay, but the cultural changes mentioned below suggest print isn’t going anywhere either:

  • The average time Americans spend online (i.e., via laptop, smartphone, tablets) has significantly increased as many people are still either working from home, practicing at-home learning, or connecting to loved ones outside of their household. And this added screen time has developed what many refer to as “digital burnout.”   
  • Because the competition of attracting the attention of users across digital media is so high, brands are discovering that what their customers really want are personalized experiences, hence the push for promotional mailers that arrive in physical, not Gmail, inboxes. In fact, since most of the physical mail we receive are bills, and an unfortunately high number of spam, receiving an authentic, well designed ad from your local merchant is well received and much appreciated. 
  • Print is tangible. This means you can hold it in your hands, and it doesn’t change. Digital, on the other hand, is abstract. It can change depending on the situation and other influences. Though sometimes, this is a great benefit, especially as we saw with the pandemic and businesses needing to inform their customers of new policies and hours of operation, when something isn’t concrete, it can feel fake or inauthentic to your users. But print, on the other hand, helps mark a moment in time that cannot be deleted or erased from public view. 

2021 Predictions in OOH Ads

It’s clear that print and Out of Home (OOH) advertising are going to be big this year.  With businesses beginning to open back up to the public, and customers looking for more personalized experiences from brands, now is the time to regroup on your current marketing efforts to get your voice heard and engage a larger audience.

Depending on your advertising goals, we recommend the following OOH ad campaigns:

Gas Pump Ads

As more Americans are heading back to work, and those who have postponed travel are now resuming their plans, you can expect more traffic (literally) at convenience stores in 2021. To learn more about the benefits of gas pumps ads, and the options available to you (i.e., gas nozzle, gas toppers, ice boxes, etc.), read our article.

Truckside Advertising

We’ve always believed in the power of truckside advertising to get your brand messaging to more people in less time. As consumers take to the streets and roads, it’s important to invest in marketing tactics that bring your advertisements directly to the customers, which then leads them right to your stores to complete a purchase. To learn more about the benefits of truckside advertising, read about our service offering

Door Hanger Ads

If you already know where your target demographic lives, consider the benefits of door hanger ads for your outdoor advertising campaigns. Door hanger ads allow you to get your brand directly in front of potential buyers, as well as spread the word about a new product launch or sale via store coupons, loyalty discounts, or promotional codes. This also allows you to combine your digital and print efforts together. For instance, customers can receive a special promo in the mail (personalized experience) and use it to shop online at your eCommerce store. To learn more about the benefits of door hanger ads, read our article

Get Connected with AllOver Media in 2021

The type of outdoor advertising you choose will depend on how you define success: Are you looking to attract more customers, convert larger sales, generate new leads, or a combination of the three?

To get started ramping up your 2021 marketing ads, contact AllOver Media. Our team has the experience, industry knowledge, and services you need to really gain traction on your 2021 ad campaigns. 

AllOver Media’s New Advertising Medium: Digital Trucks

AllOver Media continues to discover new and exciting avenues for out of home advertising. Over the past couple of months, we have introduced a new product for us into the market: digital truckside advertising. This new and exciting format of truckside advertising is excellent for event marketing as well as strategically targeted audience marketing.

Our digital trucks have not only picture capabilities but also video in high definition. Sound can also accompany the pictures and video images shown on the trucks. The excellent picture quality of the screens on the trucks can showcase your message in detail and easily catch the eye of the targeted audience. Our YouTube video briefly highlights some of the capabilities our trucks possess.

We pride ourselves as a company in expanding the reach of our advertising so that we can meet the best needs of our consumers. Digital trucks have an expansive reach that has already made an impact in the advertising community in the couple of short months the product has been live.

Sprint Captures Attention in Boston

We worked alongside Sprint in the Boston Metro on a branding campaign for the wireless provider. Sprint wanted to feature the truck around some of the common landmark sites of Boston, such as Fenway Park and around Copley Square. The truck also made appearances at Sprint stores in the area, which helped create a buzz and general excitement around different locations around the city.

Employees enjoyed the presence of the truck in the area as it draws attention to the award-winning carrier. Sprint desired to gain a stronger influence and presence in the market by utilizing digital trucks for their advertising campaign. Because of the success the campaign was in Boston, Sprint will be executing more digital truck campaigns with us in areas such as Philadelphia and Orlando to increase their brand presence as well as go after some of their closest competition.

Supercuts Uses Digital Trucks for Event Marketing

The 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four was being hosted by the city of Minneapolis, where our company is based. This gave us unique access to the event using our digital trucks. Supercuts took advantage of our capabilities and used the digital trucks for excellent branding around US Bank Stadium, where the games were being played during the weekend.

According to the Minneapolis Downtown Council, over 200,000 people attended the NCAA Final Four festivities in Downtown Minneapolis, and our digital trucks drove right into the heart of the events. (https://www.mplsdowntown.com/2019-final-four-highlights-and-numbers/). Supercuts created a buzz by using our non-traditional advertising to draw attention to their message at the event.

These are just two of the examples of successful campaigns we have run with our new product. These two campaigns highlight how to use our digital trucks not only for event marketing but also for strategic marketing to a targeted audience. Check out the link here for more information on our digital truck programs!

Booze Brands Battle for Positioning

Alcoholic beverage companies, including the beer industry, are engaged in an ongoing war for brand supremacy and business with younger generations. This battle for positioning can be seen in the multiple back and forth television ads and other advertising mediums, including in the 2019 Super Bowl and beyond. Coors Light and Bud Light have taken multiple swings at one another for using or not using healthy ingredients in their beverages.

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