7 Creative Advertising Ideas For Your Next Campaign

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Creativity is the main component found in successful advertising for creative ads. Creative advertising ideas for a small business can help engage your intended audience and draw attention to your brand or product. 

They contain elements that are different from a basic ad you might see in a magazine or on a billboard. Instead, these ads can help your audience shift their attention to your product. 

1. Truckside Advertising 

Truckside ads can reach a wide audience by traveling to different locations and attracting attention through eye-catching designs and high-quality graphics.

These are versatile ads that are cost-effective and great for drawing attention and promoting action. This means brand recognition all over a market, state, and even a country. 

Best of all, mobile billboards gain 2.5 times more attention than static options. This is a professional and unique piece of creative advertising designed to get people to notice your business. 

2. Wallscapes 

A vinyl wallscape can take your brand and drop it right in front of your audience to make a lasting impact. 

Wallscape ads can be designed in various shapes and sizes, and often feature colorful and attention-grabbing images, messages, or branding. They are typically located in high-traffic areas of cities and can be used to promote a variety of products or services. 

When put in the right place with enough foot and vehicle traffic, you’re sure to draw attention and guarantee that people remember your brand. 

3. Gas Pump Ads

We’ve all seen an ad on a gas pump nozzle and screen but at All Over Media, we believe that this type of advertising literally puts your business in the hands of the consumer. Consumers spend between 3-8 minutes at a gas station so it’s a great place to get attention while they relax and recharge. 

Creative ads on gas pumps also allow you to target your audience. Advertisers can choose to display their ads in gas stations located in specific areas or neighborhoods, ensuring that their message is reaching the intended audience.

4: Misdirection

An easy way to grab your audience’s attention is by creating misdirected creative ads. For example, creating a billboard or social media ad with a picture of a woman in a bikini will direct much attention to the ad. 

However, once they read what is in the ad, they will realize it is for something else. 

The picture in the ad is attention-grabbing, which causes the person seeing the ad to continue reading. Some companies that have successfully used misdirection ads include Petco, StopVEO, Snickers, and Selvera. 

5. Nostalgic Ads

A nostalgic ad is a unique way to create attention toward your brand. Depending on your brand, you can choose a theme from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, or 2010s. The nostalgia of the video or pictures will likely grab the attention of a specific age group. 

When marketing typically focuses mainly on the future, it is nice to bring the audience back to a simpler time in their lives. 

Some companies that have created some of the best nostalgic ads include Nintendo, Spotify, Oikos, Nike, Microsoft, McDonald’s, and Motorola. Nostalgia marketing is almost equivalent to comfort food, especially for millennials. 

6. Street Art

Street art is often an overlooked form of creative advertising. These types of creative advertisements can also be known as “guerilla advertising” in the form of stickers, graffiti, or chalk art. Street art makes the audience stop and notice what is before them. 

It is designed to engage the audience from the first look, both in person and online. An example of influential street art is a hand-painted mural highlighting your brand or your company’s message while the audience can take a picture with the mural. 

Some companies with the best street art creative ads include Adidas, Axe, Nike, Playstation, Durex, Converse, and HP. 

7. Sanitizer Ads 

If you’re trying to build brand awareness, hand sanitizer ads are a great way to get attention in places other people might not think about. With a wall mounted or free standing sanitizer stand ad, you can put your business right in front of the ideal consumer. 

There are a number of ways to do this and it provides you with a great way to get a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you get creative ideas for advertising?

You can get creative ideas for advertising by looking at what your competitors are doing for their advertisements. 

Look at other companies to see what they do for their ads, or check out the social media pages of some of your favorite companies to try to understand how they like to advertise. Use your humor or creativity to direct the ads specifically to your audience.

What are 4 examples of advertising?

Four examples of advertising are display, video, mobile, and native advertising. Display advertising consists of digital billboards, websites, or blog posts. 

Video advertising consists of video ads, and mobile advertising is on a mobile device or billboard. Native advertising is considered non-disruptive and is typically sponsored content and comes in the form of videos, photos, or blog posts.

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Creative ads are the best way to draw attention to your brand. Whether you are looking for your small business to take off or are trying to find a better way of advertising your current business, creative ads can help your company get the attention you are looking for. 

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