3 Ways Bar Advertising Reaches Millennials

Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials are the consumers every advertiser needs to keep a sharp eye on. They’re expected to spend $200 billion in 2017, when the last few members come of age and enjoy increased spending power.

That’s an estimated 69.2 million young adults (between 18–35 years old in 2016) — almost equal to the 69.7 million Baby Boomers (ages 52–70), according to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.

And where will all these millennials be found? Out on the town, at their local nightclubs, restaurants, and bars!

The following are three ways bar advertising can effectively reach millennials when they’re out at their favorite watering hole.

They Love Feel-Good Environments

This generation believes they deserve the best and won’t settle for anything else. Millennials focus on quality food, more choices, customizing options, and trying new ethnic food and drink. Millennials will repeatedly choose venues that make them feel good.

Once they’re in the bar or restaurant, there are multiple ways to get your ad message in front of them.

Restroom advertising, as both digital and print boards, is the ultimate in captive audience marketing. Research shows that the average male spends up to 40 seconds at a urinal, providing an average rate of 84{7dd1416ee44d296125d5309095d205871b45e29241d016cbe67a952aece7c226} consumer attention, meaning that 84{7dd1416ee44d296125d5309095d205871b45e29241d016cbe67a952aece7c226} of consumers remembered details of the ads.

Restroom advertising also allows better gender targeting than any other kind of advertising. After all, if you’re trying to reach millennial women, you can be assured that 100{7dd1416ee44d296125d5309095d205871b45e29241d016cbe67a952aece7c226} of the views of an ad in the women’s restroom will be viewed by women.

They’re Connected and Creative

Back in the bar or restaurant, millennials will be ordering food and drinks — and be on their smartphones or other devices.

This generation will often search social media sites before selecting where they will go. Using a marketing approach that includes multiple touch points, both online and within the venue, works well with millennials. There are tons of creative ways to do this.

Items such as indoor posters (which can be found in the restrooms or in common areas), table tents, floor graphics (at bar entrances), mirror clings, bar towels, coasters, check presenters or bill inserts, and even matchboxes and beer pint glasses, are all effective ways to reach Millennials while they’re at the bar.

For example, Spike TV looked for creative ways to raise awareness of the new season of its original hit series “Bar Rescue,” by targeting younger audiences in major cities across the U.S. They focused on a multi-platform Bar Media campaign that cost-effectively achieved positive buzz and enhanced engagement in their target markets.

They’re Loyal

Customer loyalty programs are big with millennials — provided they feel they’re being treated right. Venues that give back to their communities and provide a clean, welcoming environment will be more successful with them than using quick, flash-in-the-pan approaches. And offering deals and special offers only adds to their loyalty.

Millennials will show loyalty to bars that donate to causes they cherish. 75{7dd1416ee44d296125d5309095d205871b45e29241d016cbe67a952aece7c226} of them say it’s important that companies give back to society.

At first glance, millennials may seem fickle, glued to their smartphones and spending money only at venues with the best Instagrams, but that’s an inaccurate viewpoint, according to recent reports. Give them a good value and make them feel welcome and your millennial customers will keep coming back for more.