Access Your Audience with Indoor Advertising [VIDEO]

Indoor advertising allows you to speak to a specific audience. You can target your advertising based on the visitors who frequent specific establishments ensuring that your message is heard by the people who matter most: your customer. Here are a few examples of how indoor advertising can target specific audiences:

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Hockey Moms

Reach hockey moms in their own environment when they are in the ice arena cheering on their kids. Advertising messages can cater to topics that are important to them and their lifestyle like parenting or busy schedules.  You ad will resonate because it is personal to them; you understand what is important to them and their on-the-go lifestyle.

Female Audience

A female audience can be targeted with advertising for gender-specific services or health issues. Topics that appeal to this audience are highly successful in locations like women’s restrooms were they are captivated and open to messages.

Local Community

Reach the local community residing 1-3 miles from your retail establishment or business. When local proximity is a key factor, it’s important to focus your advertising in places where the community spends most of it’s time. Indoor advertising allows you to gain these frequent customers right in your own backyard.