The Great Holiday Road Trip?

How do you get to grandmother’s house? Over the river, through the woods… and likely in a car. The upcoming holidays are prime time for travel as people reconnect with family both near and far. In fact, the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s holiday periods are two of the busiest times of year for long-distance travel. (1)

We’ve all seen Planes, Trains & Automobiles but the truth is for most long-distance holiday travel, the clear choice is auto. The percentage of long-distance trips taken by personal vehicle during the holidays is not statistically different from the 89 percent who make long-distance trips by personal vehicle during the rest of the year. (1)

Over 99% of long-distance trips during Thanksgiving and 97% during Christmas and New Year’s are to destinations within the United States. The US Department of Transportation found that people tend to travel farther and stay an extra day (an average of four nights rather than three) over Christmas and New Year’s compared to Thanksgiving. (2)

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