The Growing Value of Gas Station Advertising Amidst COVID19

gas station advertising

Despite many Americans being encouraged to stay at home during this time, gas stations are one of the essential services still in business. Even as store fronts close and people work from home, gas stations are continuing to operate as usual to serve the needs of their communities. Because of this, gas station advertising poses a unique opportunity to reach customers effectively during this time. 

It’s reported that the average person stops at a gas station to refuel their vehicle at least 5–7 times per month. While this statistic may be lower during this time, drivers that are filling up remain static (i.e. stand idle at the gas pump) for at least 3 minutes. This affords you an uninterrupted time slot to advertise your products and engage more customers with your unique brand messaging.

In a previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of Convenience Store Advertising and lightly touched on which platforms help boost better brand recognition and point of purchase sales, including gas pump advertising. Here, we’ll dive a little deeper on the different types of gas pump ads and how they can help you connect more customers, in less time and in more areas, to your brand.

Types of Gas Pump Advertising

Gas Pump Toppers: Gas pump toppers sit conveniently at eye level of potential customers. Drivers see your ad the first time, when approaching the pump to insert their credit card before refueling, and they see it again while they stand there waiting for the nozzle to let them know their tank is full. This type of brand exposure is so effective because it positions your ad to be seen multiple times throughout a single transaction, and it brings the customer directly to you, making it less invasive than other ad campaigns.

Gas-Nozzle Advertising: An increasingly popular method for advertising your company, gas-nozzle ads get you even closer to your target audience. Through engaging brand messaging and creative visual elements, you can instantly attract the attention of customers and keep their focus on you throughout the entire refueling process. In fact, this type of gas pump advertising can generate up to 116,000 impressions per month, per gas station, which means you’ll reach more customers across each location.

Other Creative Options: A unique aspect to gas station advertising is the option to be creative with each location’s specific layout. For example, an advertising banner placed on a gas station’s ice chest may be a great option to get in front of shoppers while they fill up. Floor decals, door tags, and other in-store advertising are effective ways to ensure your brand gets noticed near the point of sale. Be sure to ask your advertising representative about all the options available at a gas station. You may uncover some truly creative opportunities!

Getting Started with Gas Pump Advertising

According to, “The first step in advertising at local gas stations requires knowing everything possible about your target market…” At AllOver Media, we’ll work with you to identify your customer’s C-store personas and habits, so you can utilize gas pump advertising in either rural, metropolitan, local areas, or a combination of all three. One of the best things about this type of OOH advertising is that the majority of drivers visit gas stations that are approximately 1-2 miles away from where they live or work. This single fact allows us to help you profile target consumers with higher accuracy to ensure you bring your message to the right demographic in the right location.

To start planning and designing your gas pump advertising campaign, connect with us today for a consultation!