What Can I Expect from Door Hangers?

If you’re an advertiser, you know it’s hard to get in the front door. Newspapers may offer affordable ad rates, but most readers toss or recycle them after glancing at the headlines. And direct mail gets stuck in a bundle of other junk, meaning that by the time consumers notice the ad they’re ready to throw it out. That makes door hanger advertising an easy winner in this competition.

Door hanger advertising is unique because it will be seen, handled, and read. Still, you may have wondered, “What can I expect by adding door hangers to my next advertising campaign?” Here are your answers.

Guaranteed Delivery

One of the first things you can expect from door hangers is guaranteed delivery. A state of the art, real-time GPS tracking system guarantees delivery of each door hanger on-time and in the correct location. Each delivery person wears a GPS tracking device, allowing you to monitor your door hanger as it’s delivered.

Photos are taken of delivered door hangers providing thorough proof of a guaranteed delivery.

Targeting the Ideal Audience

Door hanger advertising is more effective than direct mail. You can target an audience as narrow as a city zip code or as broad as an entire metropolitan area, and your message doesn’t get thrown away like direct mail.

Door hangers reach the ideal audience by going after targeted demographics whether that be a broad or narrow area. You can go big by targeting a large mass audience or dial in on a market niche efficiently and reduce waste when you need it.

Valuable Offers

Die-cut door hangers add “value” for the homeowners. Whether the shape of an emergency kit for a hospital emergency room, with a magnet inside, or a cutout of a large grocery bag stuffed with fresh veggies and a coupon, die-cut hangers are more likely to be kept by the consumer.

Promoting a sale, or grand opening in the neighborhood, is especially effective when a valuable call to action, like a perforated coupon, is attached to the door hanger. The coupon can be detached easily and redeemed for a savings.

Free Product Samples

Door hangers are a great way to deliver product samples. If you’re introducing a new consumer product like shampoo or a snack, along with your branding campaign on television or radio, you can actually put your product right into the hands of the consumer to encourage them to try it.

Simply place the sample product on the consumer’s door in a poly bag and include a coupon to drive traffic to the product retailer. Many advertisers choose this type of door hanger as a way to get their produce inside the front door.

Directly into the Consumer’s Hands

There’s no more effective way of putting your message into the hands of the consumer—literally.

Door hanger advertising is effective, because the homeowner must interact with the piece.  If it’s colorful or has a strong call to action, they can’t help but look at it.

Door hangers also average a 2-3 times higher redemption rate than direct mail. They’re not buried in a thick envelope of coupons the consumer may or may not open. They’re not mixed in with other ‘junk mail.” They don’t fall out of unread magazines or remain unseen in newspapers that readers eventually toss out.

Door hangers are a great addition to a media plan that incorporates lifestyle advertising, while reaching the consumer on a one-on-one basis.