Door Hanger Marketing Benefits

Door hanger advertising for homes

Looking for creative ways to reach more customers where they live? Door hanger marketing may be the strategy for you.

We all know there are many benefits to Out of Home (OOH) Advertising, as these types of ad campaigns leave lasting impressions with a wider pool of audiences on the go. But did you know there’s another unique advertising solution that gets your brand even closer to your target audience? Right up to their doorstep, in fact. Door hanger marketing.

Though door hanger advertising has been around the block for decades, its ability to engage target audiences and drive more sales makes it an invaluable marketing tool for any size business. But how does door hanger advertising work, and is it even effective? In this blog, we’ll uncover the biggest door hanger advertising benefits and why you should consider it for your marketing strategy.

What Are the Benefits of Door Hangers for Marketing?

Door hanger advertising strategies involve creating door hangers to promote your brand and encourage community members to learn more about your products or services.

Door hanger marketing benefits range far and wide, from helping you localize your marketing strategy to promoting a new product or upcoming sale. Marketing door hangers offer the opportunity to meet your target audience where they already are, in the comfort of their own homes.

Here are some of the biggest door hanger advertising advantages to consider.

Target Audience by Zip Code:

Identifying who your target audience is by demographic will allow you to know exactly which neighborhoods and communities to focus your door hanger marketing campaign on for better conversions. You may also decide to use neighborhoods in close proximity to your brick-and-mortar building or nearby a local retailer who supplies your brand’s products.

Make a Bigger Impact:

Though smaller in size when compared to other popular types of OOH Advertising, including digital mobile billboards or truck wrap advertising, door hanger ads allow you to be more creative and versatile with your brand messaging and packaging. For example, you can feature graphic and design elements that help your hanger ads stand apart from the competition, including unique cuts or folds.

Or you can include a free custom memento from your company, such as a branded magnet or pen. You may even decide to feature a coupon or sampling of a promotional product to instantly put your brand’s offering in the hands of future customers!

Starbucks coffee sample bag next to a small display with Starbucks CTA words

Promote a New Sale/Offering:

Door advertising allows you to get your brand directly in front of potential buyers. They also help you spread the word about a new product launch or sale via store coupons, loyalty discounts, or promotional codes that customers can either apply during their next in-store purchase or use online at your eCommerce store.

Everyone loves a good sale. If your company is offering a new discount, but your competitors are not, what better way to entice shoppers to choose you over the competition than with a door hanger ad? Make the most of it by containing a special discount code to help them save on their favorite products.

Want More Unique Advertising Solutions?

With more customers staying at home these days, it’s essential that your brand’s marketing efforts work even harder to reach customers where they are! With door hanger ads, you can connect customers to your brand with eye-catching display graphics that won’t get lost in the junk mail pile.

To learn more about this and other OOH advertising campaigns, contact AllOver Media today! We’ll help you define your target audiences’ persona, desires, pain points, etc., so you always know how to put the right message in the right customers’ hands!

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