GPS Capabilities of Door Hanger Advertising [VIDEO]

Let’s face it. Door hangers are not a new idea. Advertisers have been using them for many years. But AllOver Media has layered on a couple pieces of technology that ensure your door hanger reaches that door and gets into your customer’s hands.

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We require all members of our door hanger delivery team to wear a GPS unit. Staff members in our office track these individuals as they make deliveries in real time via multiple computer monitors implementing geo fences. We know when, where and how fast each team member is walking. Knowing their walking speed alleviates the fear that they will just drive through the neighborhood and your door hangers will end up in a dumpster somewhere.

Upon completion of door hanger delivery, you will receive proof a delivery. This is an interactive digital map with dots for every home a door hanger was delivered to. Some of them even have photo icons you can click through to see a photo of your door hanger on their actual door.

Door Hangers are guaranteed to make an impression on your target audience. Many people sort their mail into two categories: junk mail and bills, instantly throwing the junk mail into the garbage. A door hanger doesn’t get lost in this mix. A door hanger will get into your target audience’s hands and absolutely get noticed. Door hangers are big, double-sided and full color, which guarantees they will get noticed and get you results.