Boost Your Holiday and Christmas Advertising

Christmas tree with ornament

The jack-o-lanterns are put away, temperatures continue to drop, and now holiday displays are popping up everywhere. 

Tis’ the season to bring your holiday advertising to life! And with the average American spending $906 on Christmas gifts each year, this is the perfect time to use your ads to boost sales before the ball drops on New Year’s. 

Curious how you can improve your Christmas and holiday advertising campaigns? Check out some inspirational ideas to help you build excitement for your products and attract new customers this year!

Branded Holiday Hashtags

Branded holiday hashtags are a great way to create and build social media engagement. Studies show that exactly seven hashtags generate the most likes on an Instagram post. But instead of simply using generic hashtags like #MerryChristmas, a branded hashtag has the potential to start an interactive campaign. 

Think about REI’s #OptOutside campaign. The hashtag that inspired people to spend Black Friday outdoors with loved ones grew and strengthens their brand awareness every holiday season! 

Interactive Social Media Campaigns 

Use interactive social media content to your advantage as you plan your holiday advertising. Interactive content helps boost engagement, and most folks have opinions about the holidays. 

You can choose to create an online quiz to help customers select gifts for their loved ones; post an Instagram poll asking customers whether Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie or not (spoiler: it is); or create a Facebook post asking readers about their favorite holiday decorations. Not only will this drive engagement on your page, but it will also trickle out to other social media users who may not be aware of your brand! 

While you’re thinking about social media, take some time to update your profile with a holiday overhaul, too, so it’s also celebrating the season. 


Surveys confirm that people are more likely to make a purchase based on emotions rather than fact and data, and the holidays are the perfect time to imbue your advertisements with emotion. A combination of nostalgia and joy will warm a customer’s heart and get them excited by your holiday advertising. 

There are multiple ways you can get this sentimental message across to your customers, including mobile truckside advertising and digital mobile truckside advertising. Both platforms allow you to advertise your products and services to multiple people, at more places, in less time. And with digital truckside advertising, you can even play video, animated art, or static images that are reminiscent of the holiday season! 

Get Creative 

Get creative with your Christmas and holiday advertising. If you find you’ve used the same style of content, try switching it up this year! 

Why not create a cozy video, or a hilarious meme, that will get your brand trending? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or give irony a shot.

Another idea may be to invest in a door hanger ad campaign. This may sound old school to some, but we bet you’ve noticed more mailers and door hanger ads popping up in neighborhoods near you recently. 

What’s the reason brands are rediscovering their love of print media? As most Americans are still working from home, the internet and the time we spend staring at our screens is on maximum overdrive, and quite frankly, most customers are already maxed out. What that means is older trends are starting to reemerge, like print (did you see Amazon’s holiday catalog this year?). And these trends are offering customers a much-needed break from digital media.

Think of it this way: It might be much more refreshing for a customer to receive a door hanger advertising your new product launch or promotion than seeing it on the internet. It will come as a delightful surprise, much like a gift under the tree. Plus, they’re more likely to hold onto it vs. deleting an exclusive offer that might end up in their spam folder. 

Let’s Create Magic This Season

Ready to get into the holiday spirit? From digital truckside ads to door hangers and other creative Out of Home (OOH) Advertising ideas, we can help you get your holiday and Christmas advertising to the masses.

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