Icebox Advertising

Freeze Them in Their Tracks

Use icebox marketing to grab the attention of on-the-go consumers as they move through their daily routines with visually striking ice box wraps advertisements. 

AllOver Media maintains exclusive partnerships with the biggest ice distributors in the country, prominently displaying your brand messaging on ice chest wraps around the corner or across the country.

  • Prominent, large-format icebox promotional wraps are advertising that captivates consumer attention
  • Ads placed on commuters’ daily routes are viewed multiple times, creating increased brand impressions and influence
  • Consumers spend an average of 3–5 minutes being exposed to your brand

Why Use IceBox Advertising?

  • Display your ad in a variety of locations including gas stations, liquor stores, marinas, and more
  • Engage consumers with unique and memorable 3-D advertisements
  • <liTarget consumers near their homes and workplaces, where most purchase decisions are made

Advertising on an icebox can be a smart marketing strategy for several reasons. These locations are often busy and high-traffic areas, meaning that an advertisement on an icebox can be seen by a large number of potential customers.

Icebox marketing can be an effective way to target a specific demographic. For example, if you’re advertising a sports drink or energy bar, placing the advertisement on an icebox in a location near a gym or fitness center could help you reach health-conscious consumers.

Another advantage of an icebox promotion at a convenience store or someplace similar is that it can create a strong visual impression. By using bright colors, bold graphics, and eye-catching imagery, you can grab the attention of potential customers and make a lasting impression on them.

Icebox advertising can be a cost-effective way to

  • Reach a large and diverse audience
  •  Increase brand recognition
  • Generate new business

Plan Your Icebox Advertising Campaign