Truck Advertising and the On-the-Go Consumer [VIDEO]

In our fast paced world, successful advertising catches the eye of the on-the-go consumer. Truck advertising is one such platform that has proven track record of effectiveness in gaining targeted market attention. Here’s why truckside billboards should be incorporated into your next ad campaign:

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Moving Billboard Coverage

One of the main benefits of truckside advertising is the ability to provide billboard coverage where traditional billboards and other forms of out-of-home advertising are not available. Truck ads move with traffic and your consumer as the truck travels down the road making your message impossible to ignore.

Larger Than Life Impact

Truck advertising gives you a great way to provide street level impressions, whether it be on highways, freeways, city streets, or surface streets. This creates mobility and allows you to reach your target audience by promoting your event or brand.

Additionally, truck ads provide billboard coverage right at point of purchase for some of the key retailers that these trucks are making daily deliveries to. Whether it’s a big box retailer, gas station, restaurant, or grocery store, truck advertising will display your brand right outside the store in which your product is sold.