How 2nd Wind Partnered with AllOver Media to Grow Their Business [VIDEO]

In 1992, Dick Enrico founded 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment when he saw an opportunity in the market to sell and rent exercise equipment. Shortly thereafter, he began advertising in restrooms with AllOver Media’s indoor advertising products to help spread the word about his new company. Back then, it was one of his best advertising platforms because of its affordability and effectiveness to instill top-of-mind awareness of his business.

Today, 2nd Wind has used every media platform that AllOver Media offers from door hangers to gas pumps. Dick has found all of the products to be successful and measurable, with truck advertising standing out for effectively driving business.

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After implementing truck advertising into 2nd Wind’s campaigns, people began to take notice of the many trucks they were seeing on the road and assumed business was booming. 2nd Wind successfully established a ‘virtual’ truck fleet and the appearance of equipment being delivered, when in reality, it was simply truckside billboards at work.  2nd Wind has over 50 locations across 11 states and approximately 200 trucks on the road at all times.

While we hope that every company we work with is able to use all of our media offerings, we want to work with you to find the best solution for your business so that you too can see powerful results.