The Best Events to Use a Digital Mobile Billboard

Blank billboard on car trailer

There are thousands of reasons why billboard advertising hasn’t faded over the years. While digital advertising rakes in large sums for the likes of Google and Facebook, engagement results are mixed.

Outdoor advertising, on the other hand, is as strong as it ever was. This is thanks to numerous pros that only it can claim:

  • “Captive” audiences
  • Long campaign runs with little competition
  • Fewer distractions from your content
  • No ability to “ad block”
  • Modern digital solutions for content rotation

Gone are the days of a fraying canvas billboard beside the American highways. Here to stay are digital billboards capable of showcasing your company’s latest content. Digital billboards are often the most effective advertising strategy to get your content in front of your target audience.

But it’s not just about large jumbotrons these days. Modern digital mobile billboard solutions are typically affixed to the tops, sides, or behinds of cars, trucks, and buses. With them, you can update your content with ease and move your content to where it will be most effective.

In this article, we will explore some of the places to consider when rolling out an effective digital truck advertising campaign. These are the high volume, high engagement spaces your brand will surely see a return on investment from.

Commercial truck with empty mockup banner on a van

Concert Advertising

Think about a typical concert venue. There is likely plenty of advertising happening inside the stadium, concert hall, or arena. But what about outside?

For concerts happening in suburban areas, there are countless opportunities. Park a small truck affixed with a digital mobile billboard across the street from the stadium’s ticketing gate. This is a surefire way to get lots of eyes on your product or service. Or place a tow-hitched billboard onto the sidewalk near the gate.

For both of these examples, two design elements can help boost engagement:

  1. An active call-to-action (CTA) and
  2. A scannable QR code

As a bonus, your audience is likely to create a positive association between your brand and the event’s happy emotions!

For concerts happening in urban areas, consider a digital mobile billboard strategy that partners with the local taxi fleet. If strategically deployed, your campaign can be seen by concertgoers as they come to and from the performance. It can also be noticed by random pedestrians who just happen to be in the area, too!

Sporting Event Advertising

Sporting events are another great opportunity when legions of like-minded fans congregate for a dedicated time. This could include:

  • Regular season games
  • Finals
  • Playoffs
  • Exhibition matches
  • And more

These events have the benefit of running much more frequently than large-scale concert events and audiences tend to frequently return. As such, advertisers can get a solid sense of the audience persona near a sports stadium.

For these events, consider parking a mobile digital billboard trailer at strategic spots nearby. The most highly trafficked spaces would be around the sporting event’s parking lot or near ticketing gates. The key here is to have numerous brand engagement opportunities placed at various points of engagement.

State Fair Advertising

Who’s hungry for some funnel cake? State fairs offer fantastic opportunities for brand engagement (if you plan your digital signage well).

Thanks to their typically massive parking lots, a state fair is a great place to park your digital mobile billboard truck. While not consistently active, they tend to be perfect for passive brand awareness.

A bonus here is that, unlike concerts and sporting events, people tend to come and go from fairs all day long. So there’s not any one large bottleneck point for engagement. You are as likely to get customers at 11:00 AM as you are at 5:00 PM.

Another consideration is placing your advertising inside the state fair. Most fairs already have many exhibitors trucking in their booths, food trucks, and more. If you work with the fair planners accordingly, an exhibitor or advertiser license will likely be easily obtained. You then get all of the benefits of our earlier strategy with a higher level of event advertising foot traffic.

Consider Digital Mobile Billboard Advertising with AllOver Media

The above list is just a smattering of ideas to get your mind rolling. There are countless other spots where digital mobile billboard advertising is going to provide a great ROI.

That’s why you need a marketing partner who knows emergent spaces like digital billboard trucks. Partnering with AllOver Media means your marketing goals are likely to be met.

We can help you identify the best spots to place your advertising campaign that will minimize funnel dropoff and maximize engagement.
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