Reaching Hispanic Consumers – Convenience Stores

Food Mart Horizontal.jpgUnderstanding the behavioral patterns and interests of your target audience is a key initial step to effectively market your product or service. Differences in lifestyle can dramatically affect media consumption along with opportunities and preferences for communication from brands.

For example, Hispanics in the U.S. are more likely to purchase multiple items from convenience stores than non-Hispanics. According to a survey by the The NPD Group, Hispanics also more frequently visit major oil chain convenience stores than non-Hispanics, and average nearly one more visit to traditional convenience stores than non-Hispanics each month (1).

With this knowledge brands can focus more attention on reaching an Hispanic audience at c-stores where they will be making point-of-purchase decisions more frequently and spending more time overall. They can also tailor advertising specifically to this audience knowing that they can deliver the right message at the right time with a greater degree of frequency.