Convenience Stores Freshen Up For Millennials

Convenience stores are part of daily life for consumers. They are also big business – over 160,000,000 customers walk through a c-store each day, generating over $550 billion in sales in 2016. C-stores make up 34.1% of all retail outlets in the U.S.

To stay popular, convenience stores have had to shift their offerings to cater to the tastes of a majority of people. In a major shift, c-stores are trying to please people of all age groups that desire healthy alternatives but specifically millennials that don’t want to sacrifice healthy options for convenience. They are no longer just known as grab & go locations with bananas at the cash register, hot dogs on rolling pins, and greasy pizza. C-stores are now offering healthy alternatives like protein packaged products and fresh, made to order food. In-store sales increased 3.2 percent in 2016, with strong growth coming from healthier food and beverages.

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