Why Bus Advertising Works

Between the size of buses, the breadth at which they travel, and the desire for bus riders and nearby drivers to engage with anything visually stimulating, bus advertising is a productive use of your marketing budget.  

At AllOver Media, we’re here to answer all of your transit advertising questions, and get you started on the path to bigger, better consumer engagement. 

So, Why Does Bus Advertising Work? 

The simple truth is that busses are hard to miss. Whether you’re in traffic or a stop light, a bus ad is sure to catch your eye. Buses travel on the road somewhere between 10 and 18 hours a day, usually seven days a week, which is ample time for your ad to be seen by many potential consumers. 

Repeated Exposure Works 

Buses give your audience the opportunity to see your message repeatedly, which gets ingrained in their minds. This means you’re more likely to come to mind when a consumer is looking to make a point of purchase! Plus, by traveling around different areas, it’s the perfect way to boost brand awareness, helping a wider and more diverse audience engage with your ad. In fact, individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicle impressions.

External Advertising 

As you plan your transit advertising, you can choose to advertise on the front, sides or the back of the bus. Advertisements on the side of a bus are called King and Queen Signs, while those on the back are known as Tail Signs

Want to go even bigger? AllOver Media can help you rev up your Out of Home (OOH) advertising campaign with a full bus wrap solution

Placing your brand’s advertising on all sides of a passenger bus will effectively capture more attention, as it cannot be muted, flipped, or looked past. These larger-than-life advertisements cut through the ad clutter, so your message stays ahead of the competition as it is seen and shared with thousands. 

Let’s also not forget that having a full bus wrap makes it easier for pedestrians and drivers to grasp the purpose and message of your ad campaign in seconds, rather than having to lean in for a closer look, especially if your ad is on one side or on the back of the bus. Instead, you’ll be front and center and at the top of everyone’s mind. 

Quick Tips for Creating Engaging Transit Ads

When choosing the design for your external bus advertising, your best bet is to go with attractive visuals with concise messaging, as this is sure to capture and retain your audience’s attention. 

  • Too wordy or murky and you risk losing your audience. 
  • Creativity, bold colors, and easy-to-read fonts are going to help your advertising dollars go far.

Bus advertisements are a great way to reach more people, increase brand awareness, and get your message out to the masses! Have a message to share? AllOver Media would love to help you put it all out there. 

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