Truckside Billboards and Bus Wraps: Two Alternatives to Mobile Billboards

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Truckside billboards and bus wraps, are two different yet creative and effective mobile billboard alternatives to reach your targeted audiences. Both are becoming increasingly attractive as media audiences get splintered across more channels. So why do truckside billboards and bus wraps matter and how do you use them?

Out Where the Customers Are

Truckside billboards and bus wraps work so well because they appear in many areas of your customers’ daily lives — on the commute to work, where they shop and congregate, where they travel — providing large format, high-impact coverage all day, every day.

In addition, they are always out where your customers are, and those customers are out there more and more often. The amount of time Americans have spent in their cars has increased by more than 30%, and the US Department of Transportation predicts that highway miles will continue to climb.

Lastly, they outperform with the lowest average cost per impression of any other media. They overtake traditional media by reaching consumers within the same half-hour they consider purchases, decide on purchases, and make purchases, usually while they are traveling.

  • Eye-Catching
    Your advertising is impossible to ignore when it appears on fully-wrapped trucks and buses. It has creative impact that breaks through the clutter. 
  • Audience Targeting
    Just like mobile billboards, truckside billboards and bus wraps go where your audience lives, shops, and works. Your ad can be targeted to the specific regions that are most applicable for your campaign, exactly where you need it.
  • Trackable ROI
    The return-on-investment for your advertising campaign comes through tracking your ad via detailed GPS mapping. You can literally see what freeways, frontage roads, and city streets your advertisement has been seen.

Truckside advertising is most utilized for market-wide coverage, while bus wraps are utilized in urban and metropolitan areas.

  • Truckside Advertising
    Truckside advertising displays have specialized adhesive-backed masking films or non-adhesive, stretched vinyl banners affixed to special frames on the sides or rear on trucks running regular routes in metropolitan areas or tractor trailers running interstate routes. Truckside broadens the reach of a national, regional, or local campaign. It can provide bold design and add variety, frequency, and value to a broadcast campaign, or as a standalone campaign. You can also use truckside advertising to penetrate markets with restricted or limited outdoor advertising, as well as in saturated markets.
  • Bus Wraps
    Bus wraps cover municipal buses in bold, full-color advertising designs. Two different vinyls are used: one for the bus body and one for the windows, so inside passengers can view out windows while the overall outer design remains continuous.Bus wrap advertising includes double-decker style buses that effectively drive both brand recognition and sales. Your message will reach both consumers that drive as well as consumers who ride the bus.

Mobile advertising puts your message where your customers live, commute, travel, and shop. Your message goes directly to them, for as long as you need to.