Bus Graphic Ideas To Promote Your Business

With so many Americans on the road, bus wrap advertising is an ideal way to reach potential customers when they’re at their least distracted. This increasingly popular outdoor advertising strategy works well paired with a billboard campaign or on its own. It offers the opportunity for repeat exposure, and (thankfully) cannot be simply scrolled through. Ready to dive in? AllOver Media has ideas to inspire your next bus wrap design. 

Why Bus Wrap Advertising 

This OOH advertising provides an opportunity to connect with a wider audience. As we’ve previously noted, individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions. There’s a lot of potential out there, if you know the right way to showcase your brand and messaging. 

Colorful & Concise 

When it comes to your bus graphic, bold colors combined with a clear concise message make the biggest impact. Without much time to grab and hold your audience’s attention, it’s time to prioritize what’s important to communicate. Think about what you are trying to say, and how few words get the job done. 

A bold colorful bus wrap design helps you stand out and catch your audience’s attention. And by tying in your brand colors you can optimize a colorful design while connecting to your brand identity. This type of attention to detail will really pay off.

Brand Consistency 

With this larger canvas, pull in the aspects that make your brand unique. Whether it’s a certain color palette or slogan, now is the time to showcase your brand identity. Bus wraps are ideal for boosting brand awareness, so make sure what you’re portraying matches your in-store and digital brand presence.

Keep It Simple

Keeping your design simple and minimizing copy helps your bus wrap design make an impact. Negative space can work to draw the eye towards the relevant information, so don’t worry about filling up the entire space. By keeping the overall bus wrap design simple, your messaging will be read loud and clear. That being said…

Think Outside the Box

Outdoor advertising is successful when you think outside the box. Can you showcase a product on a larger than life scale? Is there a pun relevant to your product or brand? Utilizing humor can be a great attention getter, as can graphics that play with the shape of the bus.

Incorporate a Call to Action

A straightforward call to action helps your audience engage with your brand in a tangible way. Display your phone number inviting folks to call, or showcase your website with a reason to visit. Any action taken by a potential customer increases your chances of turning them into a loyal one. 

AllOver Media Brings Your Vision to Life

At AllOver Media, outdoor advertising is what we do. If you have a bus wrap design idea we’d love to hear about it. When a well-designed and well-executed bus advertisement reaches your target audience, you’ll love the results. Contact us to get started, to ask questions, to jump into this wonderful world of bus wrap advertising.