Elevate Your Brand with Ski Resort Ads


AOM’s Exclusive Chairlift Trail Map Advertising Platform is a Prime Location for Premium Brands

It can be difficult for brands to effectively reach a luxury audience. All brands struggle to engage their target audience for anything more than a few seconds. Our patented MapLink platform targets the top 2.8% of consumers by household income for 8 minutes while they ride the ski lift, unheard of via traditional and digital methods alike.  Brand messages are placed in the lap of your target audience on their way up the slopes for the duration of their ski trip. Over 15 million people will get on chairlifts during the 2017-18 ski season.

Millennials continue to enjoy the mountains, and they now make up the largest demographic of snowsport participants in the US (1). Millennials are not only the largest consumer base for luxury brands but are the driving force of visits to ski resorts.

Resort Media Benefits: 

  • Gain Undivided Attention
  • Exclusive Audience
  • Access To 20 Of The Nation’s Top Ski Resort Destinations – Our Portfolio

AllOver Mountain Group is now taking first-come first-serve reservations for the upcoming ski season (December – April) at all of our partner resorts. Contact us to discuss a strategy for 2017/2018 ski season. Discover the benefits premium brands receive from advertising in this luxury resort media.