The Dos and Don’ts of Compelling Brand Storytelling

A typewriter with a piece of paper that says "stories matter" on it.

Since the dawn of time, storytelling has been used to bring people together, to forge bonds, and to share lessons. One of the biggest advertising trends in 2021 is brand storytelling, which is the perfect opportunity to showcase your values and share what drives you.

But, how do you tell your story effectively?

AllOver Media has compiled our list of dos and don’ts to help you on your journey to compelling brand storytelling so you can turn potential customers into lifelong ones. 

Do Construct a Unique Narrative

Time to think about how your brand can improve the lives of your customers. What separates your brand from your competitors? Can you translate that into a cohesive and short storyline? When you’re able to create messaging with a unique perspective, you have the potential to stand out as a memorable ad experience. 

Don’t Forget the Plot

As you may remember from your middle school days, every story needs an introduction, conflict or issue, and a resolution at the end. The same is true in brand storytelling. The story structure doesn’t need to be too complicated — try showcasing a relatable problem that your brand can help solve! By keeping the conflict relatable your audience will recognize themselves and start to connect to your brand. 

Do Invest in the Visuals 

Captivating visuals help draw your audience into the story, which is vital in this age of overstimulation. The higher quality your advertising, the more professional and reliable your brand comes across. Be sure to incorporate your brand imagery (color, logo, fonts) as you decide on the colors, textures, mood, and feel of your advertisement. 

Don’t Focus on You.

You can create a memorable brand story by focusing on the value you provide your customers. Whatever problem or need your brand solves, highlight how you provide something uniquely positive to society. When you make the story about your customers, you help them recognize themselves in the narrative and invest more readily. 

Do Be Honest

When it comes to brand storytelling, honesty goes a long way. Consumers can often pick up if you’re being dishonest and you’ll lose out on that potential loyalty. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your fears, failures, or struggles (and show how you’re overcoming them). Authenticity and vulnerability can create a strong bond between you and your new customer! 

Don’t Forget a Call to Action 

Conclude your advertising with a compelling call to action to get your audience involved! Match the call to action with the resolution of the story. Use strong verbs to make a clear case for your product and inspire your audience. 

Brand Storytelling is On the Rise 

Inspired to jump in and tell your story? AllOver Media is here to keep you informed on the latest advertising trends and assist you with your outdoor advertising needs. Connect with us so we can help you craft, refine, and share a story that’ll take your brand to the next level.