Powerful Alternatives to Billboard Advertising [VIDEO]

The goal of any solid advertising campaign is to have your audience absorb your message. Unfortunately, it has grown more and more difficult to capture the attention of your consumers, forcing us to become more creative with the ways we advertise. Here are some powerful and effective alternatives to conventional billboard advertising that are sure to capture the attention of your target audience.

Indoor Advertising

Our company was founded on a concept called indoor billboard advertising. This idea is as simple as placing advertising above urinals in a men’s restroom or on the inside of stall doors in the women’s restroom. This may seem like a crazy concept, but it is also the most captive audience you are able to reach with your media.

Gas Pump Toppers

Gas pump advertising is one of our most popular media products. These ads are at thousands of gas stations across the country. The reason they are so successful is that they are viewed by a captive audience for an average of 5-8 minutes while the consumer is pumping gas. A typical gas station gets visited 20-30k times per month, most commonly from people who live or work within a 3 mile radius making it easy to reach a targeted group of individuals.

Gas Nozzle Advertising

As the perfect compliment to a gas pump topper, gas nozzle advertising literally puts your message into the hands of the consumer while they are fueling up. We recommend tying the message directly back to your gas pump topper ad.  

Truckside Advertising

Truckside advertising offers you the opportunity to have a 6 foot high by 16-20 foot wide rolling billboard traveling down the street with your message displayed proudly on both sides with additional coverage on the overcab or back panel as well. Truckside advertising can also work as a virtual fleet for your company — consumers will think you are extremely busy as they see your truck ads all over town and assume they’re actually your delivery trucks.

Door Hanger Advertising

Door hanger advertisements are placed on the door handle of homes in neighborhoods of your choice across the country. Typically 17 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall, door hangers are a high-quality, double-sided advertisement that allow you to include magnets, perforated coupons, or even scratch offs to encourage your target consumers to take action.

Ice Box Wraps

Fully wrapped ice boxes that sit prominently at convenience stores, marinas, and campgrounds all over the United States. Some have a visibility to reach consumers as far as 50 yards away guaranteeing your message is seen.

All of these products are great alternatives to traditional billboard advertising because they allow you to target the specific area and audience you would like to reach.