How Truckside Advertising Can Help With Event Marketing Promotions

Events can be your company’s first-line of customer engagement, an opportunity for positive interaction — the kind that builds loyalty. It’s no secret that the best ROI is gained by retaining existing customers and growing new ones. But what does it take to create a successful event marketing promotion? One of your most valuable advertising assets could be driving right down the street. Here are some of the ways you can use truckside advertising for event marketing promotions.

Branding Loyalty

Consider the tone, personality or character that your brand is trying to convey. An eye-catching, cohesive look and feel helps to create a seamless brand experience. The point is to a create a presence that compels consumers to engage with your message, not let it just slide by.

One way to do this is through outdoor visuals that catch the attention of event visitors and build buzz. Truckside advertising is a great cost-effective way to capture an audience’s’ attention before they even enter the event itself.

Here’s How It Can Work

MetroPCS, a prepaid wirless provider with locations in the Twin Cities and across the country, recently used truckside advertising to promote local stores in conjunction with ticket giveaways and a sponsorship of Monster Jam. We worked with the MetroPCS local marketing team to set up directional promotion for 4 area stores. Truckside advertising was also used to promote Metro PCS around US Bank Stadium and in the pits at Monster Jam inside the stadium.

Where the Consumers Live, Work, and Play

Event promotions must keep their target audiences in mind — down to where they live, work, and play. The most important advantage of Truckside Advertising to consider is the mobility – the ability to take your message directly to the consumer where it matters most.

As part of a major media mix for national exposure and event marketing (conventions, concerts, sports, special sales/introductions), they’re also ideal for building buzz before a sample distribution. Since many consumers believe the products advertised on trucks are actually being delivered in those trucks, extra truckside ads build an extra sense of expectation.

Making a Lasting Impression

Adding truckside advertising to your next event marketing promotion mix is a smart tactic. Compared to a static billboard outside the event, truckside billboard advertising clearly delivers the most bang for the buck. The American Trucking Association and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America both report that truckside graphics cost as low as $1 per thousand impressions (CPM), as compared to $2 CPM or more for static billboards or $12 CPM for a one-day quarter-page newspaper ad.

Truckside advertising is an effective, efficient way to broaden your reach at a national, regional, or local event promotion. It can add variety, frequency, and value to a broadcast campaign, or work as a standalone campaign.