OOH Advertising Is Booming in 2020!

OOH Advertising in 2020

Out of Home Advertising, or OOH, continues to gain more traffic (literally) than newspaper and magazine print ad campaigns, as well as commercial advertising. According to an article in OOH Today, “Global spending on outdoor advertising will outpace ad spending on newspapers for the first time ever in 2020.” 

Why this new trend? Many factors have contributed to the steady increase in OOH advertising, including:

  • Print to Digital: Gone are the days when billboards could only feature one advertisement at a time. As more signs are becoming digital, more businesses are able to share their air time with other vendors, cutting down on costs and also providing more transparency to showcase advertisements, increase product appeal, and engage more audiences. 
  • Static to Mobile: Today, mobile billboard trucks  are paving the way for more opportunities to spread the word about your brand and promotional products. What’s even more exciting is your mobile vehicle advertising can easily range from print banners for delivery trucks and transit buses to digital displays that feature videos, animated art, or images. More options mean more creative flexibility to promote your products.
  • Impressions to Measuring Data: According to online sources, better tools and data availability have led to increased scalability of OOH advertising and its impact on your customers’ behaviors. For instance, businesses and data experts can now collect and analyze specific metrics (e.g. age, demographic, location, etc.) to help influence their digital out of home advertising strategies than ever before. This wealth of accurate information can help you spend more time engaging the right audiences at their point of purchase and less time brainstorming how to entice your customers and get them inside your store. 

Types of Out of Home Advertising

Choosing the most effective type of OOH advertising will depend on your target audience, marketing strategy, and brand messaging. 

Popular OOH Advertising includes:

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