Product Launch Strategies with Digital Mobile Billboard Ads

Did you know that the average American spends up to 26.1 minutes commuting to work, one-way? And that’s not taking into account travel time for running errands (e.g. grocery shopping, carpooling the kids to hockey practice, etc.) and leisurely activities (e.g. travel, entertainment, dinner, etc.). It’s an undeniable fact that people spend a good fraction of their day inside their vehicles, on the go.  

While this time in your car might be an annoyance as a commuter; as a business owner, it creates a unique opportunity for marketing your products and building better brand awareness with an even wider pool of customers! 

Why Is Mobile Vehicle Advertising Effective?

Mobile billboard advertising offers an effective product launch strategy for businesses looking to get the word out about their new products and services. Compared to more static types of product advertising, such as highway billboards or display signage on street corners, digital billboards on trucks and city transit bus lines help you cover more ground, delivering news and creating familiarity about your products directly into the hands of potential customers. 

And unlike other digital advertisements your customers might receive on their smartphones or through email, digital billboard trucks won’t get sidetracked by ad blockers or mistaken as spam in your customers’ inboxes. 

Key Benefits of Mobile Vehicle Advertising:

  • In a study conducted by Product Acceptance and Research, Inc.—comparing static advertising to digital mobile billboards—mobile billboards generated an increase of 107% in sales. 
  • The OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of American) confirms that digital mobile billboards geared towards drivers and passengers can reach up to 95% of Americans.
  • According to research, two-thirds of motorists have a favorable opinion of companies putting graphics on their trucks.

Tips to Include in Your Digital Mobile Billboard Strategy

Simple & Clear Message: A key strategy to creating effective mobile billboard advertising is to keep your message simple, so it’s easy to interpret on the go. Though your advertisement is getting to more places, and reaching more people, in less time, your target audience is also trying to focus on the road in front of them. Therefore, ensure your brand message sparks interest and engagement in fewer words and has a clear focal point.

Consistent Tone/Brand Style: Remember that your brand’s messaging will also need to be consistent. The goal is to ensure customers associate your truck advertising display with your brand’s identity. Therefore, be sure everything from brand voice and tone to brand colors, fonts, and style is consistent across all media channels, especially digital billboards on trucks.  

Ready to Go Mobile with Your Digital Billboards?

Partnering with AllOver Media’s digital billboard trucks will allow you to take control of your product launches and enhance your brand’s advertising. We offer many advanced solutions for digital billboards on trucks that include LED billboard vehicles that play video, animated art, or static images.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you prepare for your next product launch.